How to Monetize Bengali Traffic Blogs and Sites?

AdSense is one of the primary source to monetize blogs and websites. However, AdSense supports a limited number of languages and unfortunately, Bengali is still not an AdSense supported language. Publishers need to search for other ad networks to monetize their Bengali audience and traffic. In today’s post, we’ll discuss about the ad networks that will help you monetize your Bengali traffic and sites.

Things to Keep in Mind While Monetizing Regional Content Blogs

It is heard that Tamil and Bengali will be the next AdSense supported regional Indian languages. Till then, blogs with regional content in Bengali needs to be monetized with other ad networks.

  • Use more than one ad network
  • Try direct advertisers
  • Try to promote services, sell software, ebooks for additional revenue.
  • Don’t overpopulate your site with ads

Best Ad Networks for Bengali Traffic Blogs and Sites?

Here is the list of recommended ad networks for Bengali content sites

1) Taboola

Tabools supports native languages. However, you need to have more than 1 million page views to be accepted under the Taboola network. If you’ve this volume of traffic, go ahead with them. Taboola provides some of the best rates for native ads. You can use one Taboola ad widget after content, one on sidebar and one within the content to generate maximum revenue. Since, it’s a CPC network, your main objective is to increase the CTR.

2) Adnow

Adnow accepts small and mid-sized publishers. They are essentially a CPC network with per clicks starting at around 1 cent for Indian traffic. If you’ve volume traffic, Adnow can be a good option to monetize your site. The approval process doesn’t take more than 2 days. Once signed up, you will get a confirmation email. Upon validating your email id, you’ll be able to login to their publisher section, and add your site. Once your site is added, you need to create a widget and implement the ad code on your site. You may use more than 1 widget to increase the overall CTR of your Adnow widget and boost your ad revenue.

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[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”″ button_text=”Signup” title=”Adnow- Native Ad Network” description=”Adnow will help you make additional revenue from your existing traffic by simply putting an ad widget anywhere on your content. Suitable for mid sized publishers and bloggers.” thumb=””]

3) PayClick

Payclick is a native ad network which works well with woman traffic. They have advertisers across major countries and runs on a mix of CPM vs CPA model. It is quickly growing as a preferred ad network for a lot of publishers. You can take a look at few of their interesting case studies.

4) Spoutable

Spoutable is an exit intent native ad network which helps publishers monetize their exit traffic. While, not one of the best ad network for Indian and Bangladeshi traffic, Spoutable can still provide $0.30- $0.50 CPMs for Bengali websites. So, this should be another ad network which you should be keeping an eye. Note that Spoutable performs very well for US traffic. The beauty of Spoutable is that it integrates well with other ad networks, be it native or display and serves as an additional source of revenue.

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Signup” title=”Spoutable- Premium Native Ad Network” description=”One of the top performing native ad network which can make you additional revenue. Earn high CPMs with Spoutable. Highly Recommended ” thumb=””]

5) Poptm

If you’ve looking for a good pop-under ad network that can bring good revenue, Poptm is a choice for you. If you’ve significant desktop traffic, try Poptm. They have a significant number of browser-based campaigns with global fill and good rates on conversion. So, Poptm can help you earn a few extra bucks apart from the above mention native ads for your Bangla traffic blogs.

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6) Exoclick

I have found Exoclick banners ads to be performing better than other ad networks. Obviously, banner ads are an additional source of ad revenue for any publisher. I recommend putting 3-4 exoclick banner ads and monitor their performance. Although the reporting is based on CPM, the rates will hugely vary since they are a CPA ad network at core and uses data learning to show the best performing ads for your site. You can also try Exoclick’s video ad solution and interstitial ads.

7) Revenuehits

Revenuehits is another performance-based ad network that can work well for publishers. They do offer a lot of ad types. However, some of their ads for hijack the browser and are not recommended. Revenuehits is particularly good for some niche, however, you need to test their formats to see which works the best for you. Banner ads don’t work well, you may try their other ad formats.

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”[email protected]@q7GchPCBqTslsRfX-oIbwQ” button_text=”Signup” title=”Revenuehits- High Paying Pop-under Network” description=”Revenuehits is a high paying pop-under ad network providing multiple ad formats and can monetize global traffic” thumb=””]

Combining the following ad networks, you can expect good revenue from your Bengali traffic blogs. If you have a niche blog, you may additionally place affiliate banners. You can also try mobile interstitial networks like MobiCow if you’ve good mobile traffic.

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