How to Monetize Bengali Blogs and Websites

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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 07:37 am

Blogging and having a own website is the best way to express yourself to the world. As technology has taken over, huge chance has came to an individual or group to be accessible to the world and spreading ideas and knowledge. As in 21st century people are very much busy with their piece of cake, after a loge tiring day many people follow Blogs as an interest or hobby. For a blogger it becomes necessary to present his work such that the reader gets entertained by reading. For an Indian blogger it becomes necessary to blog or design a website according to the easy accessibility of readers. India is a vast country with variety of languages .If a blogger plans to run the blog in regional language he/she has to pre plan and execute it in as demand of traffic. Bengali is considered as one of the most sweet language of India but is spoken and read by a certain percentage of people. Considering the total population of India only 8.10%(9,11,15,079) of the total population can speak Bengali and the proportion is very low. So for a blogger to use Bengali as blogging language becomes difficult in terms of monetization. To monetize Adsence is the best option but Bengali in not available as language in Ad sence . So a blogger faces some difficulties to monetize blog or websites. The solution for this is to use different ad networks. Here I will aware you how and what to use as ad networks to monetize your Bengali websites.

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  • List of ad network are-

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    1.Spoutable-It is basically a  “mixed media monetization” platform. If is capable of doing advanced zone optimization. The advanced zone optimization helps to  increases the ROI for the advertisers. The spoutable offers higher revenue to the premium publishers. This is achieved due to advanced zone optimization. It offers high flexibility and much more stability and is a very new ad network in the market. Its smart concept makes it user-friendly. Essentially, Spoutable uses exit intent technology. It is designed such that when a visitor tries or intends to leave the site and puts his/her cursor on the browser address bar, instantly the spoutable ads pops up and the visitor can observe it. For a blogger who writes in Bengali it is very helpful as when a visitor visits there is a sure percentage of income from that. The spoutable offers commission in the type CPC Native Overlay+Top+Bottom. It offers a minimum payment of $50.

    2.Disqus– Disqus is an ad network which tends to show all the links from your post and just before the comment section.The monetizing methods were slightly reduced by the Ad blocking.But Disqus being less spammy as compared to the other ad networks so it has very less chance to get filtered.A Bengali blogger has the opportunity to monetize with Disqus without any trouble. Disqus commenting platform has asynchronous content service which doesn’t affect the loading time of your blog intern will not disgust the visitors. , It gives you option to apply for the discovery promotion feature which will be helpful to the blogger. . Disqus is unique with its sponsored listing on blogs. Disqus pays you via PayPal or Wire Transfer, once your earning reaches $100 every 30 days. Which will in turn increase the number of traffic. Simultaneously the Monetization will be done. For Bengali blogs it becomes very helpful as it catches the maximum traffic interest.

    4. Popads– net is one of the best advertising network for all kinds of blogs and websites. The pop ads can bring a very good amount if the traffic is high.Ths ad network becomes a life saver when all other ad network reject your website or blog. offer a CPM rate of around 4$ for every 1000 visitors as said by them.Pop ads pays you by PayPal and Payza, also accept Payoneer now You can receive a minimum amount of 5$ and you can get instant payment .The web space requirement is very less as it can provide pop-under advertisement. This space can be used for some other networks. It supports 10% referral income that is bonus. The best part with this is if users click anywhere in the page, Pounder occurs and it does disturb the users. Users will continuously read your contents. And for a Bengali blogger it becomes a boon of monetizing their websites and blogs..

    5.Propeller Ads-It is an ad network. Its working order is to get high international traffic. It can get the highest amount of CPM that are available. The maximum number of CPM are available from U.S. & Canada, U.K., and Australia. Unlike Google AdSense the Propeller Ads is basically a CPM ad network which basically means that it pays for every 1,000 ad impressions that you generate. So it doesn’t matter whether the users are clicking your ads or not — you get paid! That is it can generate or monetize your bog and website whenever there is a visitor and only with visit the income generates. For a Bengali blog or website it becomes very helpful as when there is a visitor the website or blog gets Monetized.

    6.Facebook Audience Network– It is a monetization solution by facebook for publishers. The basic working principle is that it creates a platform for peoples and delivers relevant and engaging ads. The bloggers can use this as their main monetization method by connecting with over 3 million advertisers on facebook.It also has the better ability to create a better interface for readers. With immersive and engaging ad formats, like video, ads fit seamlessly into the Instant Article experience. Using rich, people-based targeting, Audience Network ads help publishers increase revenue and create long term value by delivering the right ad to the right person. So a Bengali blogger can have his blog with right ads for the right people so that no one gets annoyed with the ads. This would be a good way of income keeping the visitors satisfied and having a very good traffic. And finally to measure success, publishers can employ their existing reporting and analytics tools.

    1. 7. Direct ads– The direct ads may be called sponsored ads are one of the bet ways of monetizing your blog and most effective way. Their direct ads have sufficient advantages which a blogger wants and which will make their work very solved and easy. They can either be set up on the basis of CPC, or CPA according to the advertiser’s and publisher’s desires. The direct ads has a plus point that it is independent of adsence. For a Bengali blogger or website publisher it is one the best ad network and would monetize easily.
    2. Infolinks– Infolinks is a global advertising platform which offers ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers it’s easy to set up and once you have set it up, you don’t have to do much. It will automatically start showing ads on your blog, and you will start making money right away. It is a very effective replacement of adSence .If there is high traffic and Infolink is present monetization is easily done on Bengali websites and blogs.
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    With the help of the above-mentioned ad networks a blogger or website publisher can now express his/her views by means of their desired language. Bengali websites and blogs can be monetized easily and the bloggers can have their income simultaneous by publishing in Bengali language .Blogging in own language becomes easy and productive.

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