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In today’s post we will discuss the monetization strategies for Asian traffic. Unlike US, UK and Canadian traffic, it is difficult to monetize Asian traffic unless you’ve a proper strategy at place.

Advertisers buy differently across various DSPs, thus routing the impression from the busiest DSP will automatically increase the CPM of the ad served due to high competition. Also, certain ad networks perform better in particular geographies compared to AdSense. In this post, we will discuss the best ad networks for Asian traffic and discuss an effective monetization solution.

Majority of Asian traffic comes from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines and Russia. We have tried to find the top media (display) buying ad network for the following geographies and have listed them as the recommended ad networks respectively. Additionally, there are a few more networks mentioned later that can be tried.


Recommended Ad Networks for Indian Traffic

Google AdSense AdSense is recommended for display advertising. There aren’t much ad networks that can monetize Indian traffic better than AdSense, so this is going to be your first bet.

InMobi- InMobi might work well on certain niches like movie streaming gaming etc especially mobile web. InMobi has a strong buying record for display in Indian subcontinent.

RevContent– RevContent is quickly growing as one of the preferred native ad network for Indian publishers and a lot of them are using their widget which fetches an RPM equivalent and at times more than AdSense for Indian traffic.

Edomz- It is a CPA ad network which serves pop-unders and has been one of the preferred ad network for Indian publishers for sites which are either adsense banned or whose content is not acceptable to show adsense ads.


[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Signup” title=”Edomz- High Paying Popup Network” description=”Edomz is a high paying CPM and popunder ad network which particularly works well with Indian traffic.” thumb=””]

Recommended Ad Networks for Indonesian Traffic

Appnext– If you’ve app traffic or mobile web traffic, Appnext can help you monetize it with interstitial, video widget and video banner. Their demand for Indonesian traffic is a sign that you can monetize your mobile visitors from their geography with Appnext at premium CPM rates.

Geniee- Geniee conduct real-time revenue evaluation of more than 150 network around the world and always serve ads that deliver the highest revenue. Geniee has a strong presence in Japan and South Asia. If you have significant amount of traffic from South Asia and Japan, you can monetize your reveneue with Geniee.

Exoclick- Exoclick is one of the fastest growing performance based ad network from Europe. Exoclick buys significant volume of Indonesian traffic, making it one of the top recommendations. They mostly serve pop-unders, interstitials which other ad formats along with banner ads. However, their banner ads won’t get you high CPMs.

Adsterra- Adsterra has a number of ad formats and is one of the fastest growing ad network based on the volume of media buying. Originally from Russia, this ad network can fill 100% geo including adult traffic and can help you earn additional revenue.

Recommended Ad Networks for Vietnamese Traffic

AdNow- AdNow has a strong advertiser presence in Vietnam. This native advertising network can help you make additional dollars and they pay on time as well.

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”″ button_text=”Signup” title=”Adnow- Native Ad Network” description=”Adnow will help you make additional revenue from your existing traffic by simply putting an ad widget anywhere on your content. Suitable for mid sized publishers and bloggers.” thumb=””]

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CPMStar- CPMStar is an ad network that is devoted to games only. If you’ve good amount of teenage traffic, this ad network might actually work for you, giving higher returns.

YuMe- YuMe provides multi-screen video advertising solution for brands. Additionally, Exoclick and InMobi also have demand for Vietnamese traffic.

Recommended Ad Networks for Filipino Traffic Teads is the world’s first native advertising marketplace which provides extremely high CPMs to brands and quality publishers. As such, Teads follow a high-quality standard across its network and only works with the best. You can run innovative ad formats like in-video native ads.

Vertoz-Vertoz brands itself as a programmatic plex, a complete advertising and monetizing suite. It is programmatic to the core with tools that can effectively increase the overall revenue of publishers.

There are some additional networks like Opera Mediaworks, Openx, Criteo (well known for re-targeting), PubGalaxy, Sovrn and Sonobi which you may additionally try.

Guide to Monetize Asian Traffic

The CPC of banner ads are not very high for Asian traffic. As a result, we need to depend on other ad formats along with banner ads. Firstly, it is very important to choose the right ad networks for your traffic and after that, you need to see the scope of your site. If you’ve in-house and direct ads which pay well, you’re all good. However, in most cases, we have to optimize the revenue by adding new ad formats like interstitial, in-line native ads and other ad formats.

  • Run mobile interstitial with Appnext, Mobicow, YUMe
  • Adnow and RevContent are the recommended native ads networks for Asian traffic
  • Use or Undertone/Codefuel to run in-video ads
  • Exoclick and Adsterra are good for running pop-unders for Asian traffic
  • Along with AdSense, you can try PubGalaxy and Criteo to additionally monetize your traffic.
  • Audience Network ads from Facebook works well for selective niches and hence a try is recommended.
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Continuous optimization is the best solution for maximizing the revenue from Asian traffic. Also creating a separate ad layout for mobile and desktop can actually help you better monetize your overall traffic. Recommend plugin: Advanced ads.

Note: Brands are focusing on video ads for engagement and as such publishers should take this as an opportunity to make money by showing video ads. In the coming article, I will be discussing how you can make money from your site using video ad networks. Do share if you know good ad networks that can monetize Asian traffic!

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