Adskeeper Review 2018- Native Ad Network for Publishers

Adskeeper is one of the fastest growing native content ad network from the UK. It is similar to other native ad networks like Mgid, Taboola, and Revcontent and help publishers monetize their ad inventory by showing native content recommendations on sidebar, after content or in-line on publisher websites. This network works on a CPC basis and has a good volume of advertisers across Europe. In this article, we are going to discuss the CPM rates offered by this network and shall also see the list of ad formats available to publishers. Hope you can take a better decision to join this network after reading our Adskeeper review.

About the Company: Adskeeper is one of the first ad tech company to adjust the needs of affiliate marketers and start content recommendation network in the year 2013. Since they it has been instrumental in help affiliate marketers promote their offers across a plethora of Adskeeper partner sites which provides high quality content.

Adskeeper for Advertisers

Adskeeper provides a set of tools for advertisers like- macros, re targeting ability, and selective bidding. These in together help marketers to make better revenue from their investment. With Adskeeper, advertiser has the option to work with traffic that converts, hands on optimization tools to further enrich your campaigns, wide range of targeting options and finally attractive bids to ensure highest return on investment.

Adskeeper for Publishers

Adskeeper is an additional source of revenue and can help publishers monetize their traffic and gain extra income apart from AdSense and other native ad networks. The Adskeeper’s AI tool automatically selects the best performing campaigns from a database of 1000s of advertiser campaigns for your website traffic and thus it ensures higher click-through-rates, engagements and better revenue potential for publishers. The Adskeeper ad unit is flexible and responsive and thus can effectively fix a website of any screen size and resolution.

Benefits for Publishers on Joining Adskeeper

Publishers are benefited with the following once they join Adskeeper native ad network.

  • Have the highest fill rate in the industry. Thus the network is able to monetize all traffic across any geography.
  • Earn attractive revenue for high converting traffic
  • Enjoy scheduled payouts every month.

Adskeeper Ad Formats

Adskeeper is a native ad network and thus offers widget ad types which can blend well with the style of the website. The widget offers deep customization to provide a truly native experience to the users. Their ad formats are similar to the ones like Mgid, Taboola, and Revcontent. Here you can take a look at the ad format offered by Adskeeper.

Adskeeper Dashboard Overview

Adskeeper provides an intuitive dashboard for this publishers and advertisers. You need to sign up to Adskeeper via the signup link. Once done, you will be receiving a confirmation and activation email with the password. Login to your Adskeeper account with the password. Now, you can see two tabs- Advertiser and Publisher. Click on the publisher tab and then add your domain name. It would take some time for the domain to get approved, usually 24 hours. Once approved you can create the widget ad codes and implement them on your site and start making money from it.

Adskeeper Publisher Dashboard

Adskeeper Publisher Dashboard

However, we would like to inform you that you monitor the CPC rates with Adskeeper and get in touch with their account manager as to discuss how your site is performing in terms of ROI for affiliates. This is crucial since Adskeeper, although a CPC ad network, can ban your account if your traffic is not converting for the affiliates to ensure their advertisers stay with them. This is something which you need to keep in mind before sending huge volumes to any native ad network, especially the ones that are into affiliates.

On the right you have the payout tab that contains additional payment methods and information that you would require. Once your traffic starts coming in, you can see the stats on the reporting section, and you should be able to monitor the performance well.

Adskeeper CPM Rates 2018

The CPM rates offered by Adskeeper is similar to what is being offered by other native ad networks like Mgid. Most of their ads are either directed to arbitrage sites or are directed towards affiliate campaigns, a substantial volume of which can be sweepstakes, apps installs and more. The CPC rates for asian and tier 3 traffic is around 1-3 cents while the CPC rates for tier 1 traffic would be around 8-10 cents, if not less. If substantial volume of your traffic is from India, you can expect the revenue to be around 1 cents per click. So, your overall widget CPM will be around 10 cents and if you’re using 3 ads widgets on your website, the aggregate CPM will be around 30 dents for Indian traffic. This might go over to $3 if you are having good volume of US and UK traffic in the mix. Also, if your traffic is converting for any specific niche, your earnings can skyrocket and you can earn huge bucks from Adskeeper. So, it is always advised to keep testing new ad networks for maximizing your overall ad revenue. We believe that our Adskeeper review is incomplete if we can’t provide a CPM rate card and we are looking forward to update this section once we complete our test with one of our blogs. However, we tested Adskeeper via our native SSP- Whizzo and the CPC rates were around 2 cents. Here, as you can see, Adskeeper is one of the participating networks. 

Adskeeper Payment Proof

Now, let us take a look at the payment proof of Adskeeper. Any network which doesn’t have a payment proof is likely to scam and thus we ensure that we provide a screenshot of payments on our Adskeeper review article here.

You can make good bucks with Adskeeper if you’ve substantial traffic coming for top geographies. Also, viral content sites can make good revenue from Adskeeper. Here, you can see the payment proof of Adskeeper. One of their publishers is earning huge bucks from them.

Adskeeper Payout Information

To start getting paid you will first need to set up your payment method. Do this by first adding the payment method; PayPal, Bank Wire transfer, etc. After that, select the preferred payment method. Make sure to do this by the end of the month. If it isn’t done by month’s end payment will not be made until the next payout.

Here is an example of how it works. Let’s say for instance that you started using the system today. If you set up your preferred method of payment by the end of this current month, you will receive your revenue by the end of next month. However, if you wait until the beginning of next month to set it up, you wouldn’t receive payment until the end of the month after next.

Payment Schedule:  All payments are issued once a month according to the NET 30 payment terms. This means that this month you will get paid for earnings from last month. Once issued, payment may take up to 3 business days to arrive. Weekends and holidays do not count as business days. Once payment has been sent, you will receive a notification via email.

Changing and editing the active payment method While the payout status is ‘pending’ you can change the payment method. At the end of each month payout requests are reviewed. To ensure that the changes get processed in time submit any changes during the first half of the month. If you still have questions which haven’t been answered reach out to [email protected]


Overall, Adskeeper is a great network if you’re planning to monetize your website with native ads. Since, these native ad networks have much lower restrictions than AdSense, you can monetize from networks like Adskeeper if you’re creating viral content. While AdSense works best for niche content, native ad networks and content recommendation networks work best with viral content ads. We at Blognife wish you all the best for your endeavors to achieve success with your blog! Hope this Adskeeper review has been helpful for you! Keep optimizing your ads, and earn more!

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