How to Make More Money from Native Ad Networks

I was browsing the web and couldn’t find much info about how you can optimize native ads to make more revenue. In this tutorial, we will discuss some opportunities that can help premium publishers make more revenue from native ads. The services that are discussed here would require publishers to have at least $2000 and more in monthly earnings across their ad networks. The reason behind this is, native ads have comparatively low CPC rates and most of the popular native ad networks don’t accept publishers with less than 1 million page views.

A note about native ad networks:

Native ad networks are still evolving, and as such they don’t provide premium rates if they are taking 100% of your traffic. The CPC rates vary based on the advertisers, availability of inventorynative and more. As a result, the best rule of thumb is to know the best performing geos for any native ad network. The ops team can tell you about the best performing geos under their network. You might further take a week’s time to evaluate their ad performance and then based on the combined insights you should take a call on which geos/countries you want to serve their ads.

Here are some of the recommended native ad networks with higher CPC rates compared to others.

  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • RevContent
  • Adnow
  • Mgid
  • Adblade

Both Outbrain and Adblade can give you high CPC for US traffic. Taboola and RevContent typically performs well for EU and global traffic. Adnow works well on Brazil, Vietnam, and few EU countries, Mgid is popular in India and south Asia.

So, if you’re able to test these networks based on their top performing geo, you can eventually almost double your revenue from native ads.

Spoutable is a native ad network that monetizes exit traffic and performs well for all geos.

Spoutable- Premium Native Ad Network

One of the top performing native ad network which can make you additional revenue. Earn high CPMs with Spoutable. Highly Recommended

You may use a native ad exchange like Sharethrough to do the setup or you may use any ad server like Doubleclick or AdZerk. You might also use a plugin like Advanced ads which has the option to show ad units based on country/city.


Signup with Ezoic. The ezoic platform offers integration capabilities with a number of native ad platforms. With Ezoic, you can increase the CTR of these native ad networks and their overall ad revenue. A lot of websites including BrightHub are using Ezoic to increase their overall ad revenue by more than 200%. Ezoic is free to use for 30 days, following which you need to pay $150 per month if your ad revenue is less than $5000 or you can opt for the option of displaying a small banner ad in the bottom.

Sharethrough, as discussed above, can also be an option, since, it is a native ad exchange and can connect you to advertisers and other native ad networks. However, I haven’t really explored the monetization opportunities with Sharethrough, so you may take a look at them directly and see if it that helps.

Native ads work well for non-niche sites where AdSense really find it difficult to monetize. If you’ve millions of views on your site, you can make more money from native ad networks. Spoutable is a native ad network that give $0.50 CPM for a relatively mixed traffic with majority coming from tier 2, 3. The CPM will increase if you’ve more tier 1 traffic. Their ads are powered by exit-intent can this can act as an additional source of monetization. Give Spoutable a try.

We wish you make more money from native ad networks in 2017.

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