Carambola Review- Earn Incremental Revenue

What, if you get a little additional revenue from your site with content your users would love to engage and interact with? Quizzes, tips, additional info are some of the most engaging content forms and Carambola’s native, interactive content enrichment units boost user engagement and create instant new revenue sources.

What is particularly interesting about Carambola is, their content enrichment units boost average time on site along with exploring additional revenue streams.


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Carambola Content Library

Carambola’s content library host more than 500K+ original, brand safe content pieces written by professional content creators over a diverse range of 25 categories. Their quiz, polls, quotes, bio are artfully created to engage users. Carambola’s built-in technology scans the content of a webpage and understands the context in a fly and then recommends the most relevant from their library. The widget is highly optimized to fit any size, color and layout of the site, thus giving it a real native experience.

Minimum Traffic Requirement for Carambola

You need to have a minimum of 1 million traffic to see some revenue opportunity with Carambola. Since the revenue is an additional proposition, while the primary is high engagement and time on site. If your time on site is increased, you may consider auto-refresh ad units from ADX. This will increase your overall revenue from ADX and other ad networks.

About Carambola

Carambola, which was founded back in 2011 and raised a $1 million seed this July, has built a platform to automate the process of making online video content interactive — by scanning the video and using proprietary algorithms to determine contextually relevant additional content to serve up for users to interact with.

The platform does away with the need to manually enter interactive content into the ad unit, making it easier to augment videos with additional content designed to encourage users to spend more time eyeballing the video — such as contextual quizzes, recommendations for recipes, ecommerce offers, information about the host of the show and so on. The idea being that this sort of interactive content is stickier and more engaging for video viewers than traditional video ads (such as pre-roll or interstitials).

On the advertising side, advertisers can either sponsor the content enrichment, use Carambola’s trivia platform for user research, or deploy the tech solely to enrich their existing branded videos in the hopes of making them stickier. Carambola’s interactive unit does not display content automatically but requires users to click to activate it. On average, it said users interact with the unit for 24 seconds.

Summing up

Carambola is a unique, publisher focused platform that creates new revenue streams for premium publishers, while enhancing the experience on their pages – rather than damaging it. Their service is meant for premium publishers and the CPMs hugely depends on the niche. Typically, blogs related to parenting, lifestyle, mommy results in better CPMs with Carambola’s unit.


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