MGID Payment Proof 2020

About The Network

MGID is a Native Advertising Solution, based in Santa Monica, California. MGID was founded in 2004, so it has been over a decade of MGID in the market. It offers multiple traffic and monetization offer to the Advertisers and Publishers.  MGID has two different option for publishers, one is to monetize the website with the help of traffic, and the other is the ‘Recirculating Visitors’. Recirculating means one website sends traffic to another website and they send back traffic to that website in return; which is a good way to get more fresh traffic that can lead to conversion. They use promoted content widget, which appears at then end of the post that leads traffic to another website.Another very useful and crowning addition to the features provided by MGID is publishers can customize the widgets as per the website niche. So that in a Men’s fashion website you are not forced to see any old age caregiver’s story. They have a guaranteed 100% fill order worldwide, and it can easily be shown on all devices and location. MDIG can easily be integrated with WordPress.

Ad Network Type: Native

MGID works on a CPM model, which means they pay the publisher on every 1000 impression. MGID is one of the oldest internet company and it used to be a traffic exchange network and transformed into a Native Advertising Company.The recirculating process with MGID is a simple work, the publishers are given several options of where to place the ad and customize them. The available widgets are in the header, under the article, and on the sidebar, and the Exit-pop widget is available as well. The only thing that one has to keep in mind is if the widgets are not violating their terms and conditions.

Years of Operation

MGID is actually one of the oldest operating networks, it was founded in the year 2004, when very few people were aware of it. And it is still operating successfully in market, and it has been 17 years that MGID is working. They have 53-200 employees.



MGID provides CPC clicks ranging from 1 to 5 cents. But it is much more for tier 1 traffic. It prefers news or viral sites, and these niches. MGID ads have a 100% fill rate worldwide and it can be shown in all devices. MGID has a very flexible minimum traffic requirement, with 10,000 page views per month and 300,000 monthly views on the website is eligible to collaborate with MGID. It works with publishers like, blinkbox, Tradedoubler, snakkle and Organic Authority.  The network is often used by arbitrage site owners for traffic arbitrage. 

Mgid Minimum Payout

MGID have a minimum payout threshold of $100, and the run on a NET 30 model. They pay the publisher on a monthly basis, so your request of payment of this month would be responded on the next month after they have attained the $100 threshold. MGID works really good with news and viral websites, they make good revenue with their ads in these kinds if websites.

Mgid Payment Methods

MGID uses Paypal and Bank Wire transfer as the methods of payment. There are personal account managers to help you out if there is any problem.

Mgid Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof for MGID. It is pretty consistent with payments and pays its publishers on time. 


Timely payments

MGID is consistent with their payments, they use only a couple of methods of payments, so even if the transfer may take time it would come to you in few days.


MGID has the best way to get fresh traffic. Publisher can customize the widgets as per their niche, and can also choose from a wide range of ad types. They have different CPM rates fr different areas, but they are pretty fair. And with the easy integration process in WordPress MGID is one of the best Ad networks in the market.

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