10 Best Ad Networks for Traffic Arbitrage in 2020

Arbitrage continues to be the lifeline of a number of online and offline business. If you take a closer look at arbitrage– it exists everywhere be it in retail, insurance, real estate, forex, or others. The notion of ever changing demand-supply curve and the opportunities in unexplored market segments make arbitrage possible and in fact successful. Online arbitrage can be extended to a number of business across retail, crypto, finance, and others. In the adtech ecosystem, there are a few ways arbitrage can be done which included- content or traffic arbitrage, search arbitrage, ad network arbitrage. In this post, we are going to discuss the best ad networks which you should be using for traffic arbitrage.

10 Best Ad Networks for Traffic or Content Arbitrage in 2020

So finally wrapping up one of the most sought after topics at blognife. Most of the publishers who are getting started with content arbitrage or even experience ones are constantly looking for ways to increase their overall revenue so that they really better ROI (and in some cases profitability). The right ad stack for monetization can significantly increase your overall earning capacity and ensure a positive ROI. Here are discussing the networks which can help you reach this goal. These recommended ad networks are spread across display, native, video, exit, and outstream formats.

Google AdSense

For specific niche websites, AdSense is one of the best ad networks that can contextually target ads and based on the advertiser conversions, the CPCs can hugely vary from a few cents to a few dollars. AdSense should be at the top of your ad stack if you’re planning to do niche based content arbitrage. The CPCs accrued from AdSense should be able to compensate for your media buying


Media.net has the direct demand coming from Yahoo Bing advertiser pool. The network has a strong advertiser presence in the US, UK, and Canada. Some of the best performing niches for Media.net include health, finance, loans, education, insurance, products, etc. Based on the conversion, the page CPMs can go as high as USD 30. Usually, media.net CPM rates hover between USD 2 to USD 5 as an average on most websites.


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Google ADX

Doubleclick Ad Exchange

As a publisher, you can take advantage of the recently updated first price auction mechanism of Google ADX and also open your inventory to a huge demand pool of advertisers who are willing to pay premium rates for your traffic. ADX continues to be one of the major media buying exchanges for many SSPs and having your ADX tags can help you with better revenue potential if you allow a good competition.


Taboola can offer good CPMs across native units especially below the article content and their outstream video slider is able to perform well on websites which have a good volume of tier one traffic. It should be able to bring around 10-15% of your media buying spent. However, these days, Taboola is requiring exclusivity in terms of native display ads and native video ads if you’re planning to work with then so you need to be a little tricky on this part.


Revcontent has been one of the fastest growing content recommendation network with a huge advertiser pool. They do offer a number of native and video widgets that can perfectly blend with your site’s content and open a source of monetization for your website. Revcontent provides monetization opportunities with its native and video widget. The network performs well on specific niches and across a number of geos, and so you need to start A/B testing to see the best performing niches for Revcontent.


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The vdo.ai native video widget offers additional revenue for publishers who do not have video content on their website. It comes as a complete video monetizing suite with in-built video player, content, and ad tags. Once you’re approved by the system which is essentially within 2-4 days, you’re all set to get started with vdo.ai. Do note that the majority of their demand is 3rd party and ADX is one of the top demand sources. So, if you’ve already using ADX video tags on your site, you won’t be able to run vdo.ai widget since the ADX policy disapproves running the ADX video tags on the same page.


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If you’re looking to reach profitability in your traffic arbitrage business, you need to have a push notification partner that can generate your an ongoing revenue with a minimum churn rate. The very fact that you can show ads to your push subscribers on an ongoing basis can be a great source of revenue for your website. If you design your website and content that can generate a push subscription rate of close to 10%, and a low churn rate, this monetization platform in itself should be able to bring you good revenue in the next 6 months.

iZooto- Push Notification and Monetization Network

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Division D

Division D needs a special mention since they have some ad formats which would be particularly helpful in monetizing exit traffic for arbitragers. Their custom leave behind full-page takeovers guarantee high CPMs for US traffic and will be an additional source of revenue for your blog or website. Even if this contributes as little as 5-8% of your total revenue, the increment is significant if you see this from an ROI point of view.


Exit Bee introduces the next generation of online ads. It uses the most premium placement, make sure that visitors actually see and engage with your ad to maximize your ROI, and thus the rewards for the publishers are equally lucrative. It offers a mix of intent based exit ads that can be helpful in monetizing your drop-off traffic. So, if you’ve a 30% drop-off, you will not be able to monetize that % of traffic as the visitor leaves the site after the first interaction. It is crucial for you to ensure that you’re getting some revenue from those traffic (as you optimize the way to minimize such traffic sources).


Setup can help you monetize your traffic impressions at CPMs higher than Google ADX. This is because they run on a header bidding model where all of their 15 SSPs and Exchanges compete with ADX and display the impression that receives the highest bid. Their system can also auto refresh the ad units which are visible, thereby increasing the overall revenue per visitor. Alternatively, you can run them via DFP setting up a price priority line item and let ADX beat the CPMs.  


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Outstream ad Networks

There are a number of outstream ad providers which you can make to compete if you’ve the demand tags. A good solution would be to get the outstream demand tags from these providers, use your own custom outstream player (you can build an easy one using brid.tv) and can incorporate a header bidding auction to generate the maximum yield across these partners. Since prebid has started supporting native and video apart from display, this would be an interesting monetization opportunity for publishers. Some of the recommended outstream partners are outstream.com, Google ADX, Teads, Spotx, Freewheel, and others.  


Traffic arbitrage is a mix of art, science, and analytics. You need to constantly understand and optimize your campaigns to reach profitability. Once a campaign reaches profitability, you need to scale it as fast as you can. Optimize your campaigns in the media buying side and ensure the revenue is tracked across each network and channels in the media selling side so that you have a clear understanding on what type of audience and content is giving the highest return for every penny spent. Hope this listicle on 10 best ad networks for traffic arbitrage was helpful to you.

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