How to Setup ADX Video Ads on Your WordPress Blog?

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Last updated on July 19th, 2022 at 06:45 pm

In the previous post, we’ve discussed about some popular video ad networks both for mobile and desktop traffic. In this tutorial, we will be summing up the ways on how we can monetize desktop traffic with ADX video ads (or video ads from any other network). Now, the first question which publishers generally have is, “I don’t have ample video content on my site, so how can I run video ads”. You don’t need to have ample content on your site to run video ads i.e. a separate video for each of the webpages. A few videos/tutorials which are relevant to your site would do. To run video ads on your site, you’d require the following:-

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  • A Step-by-step Guide to Video Ad Implementation

    1. A few videos (at least one to get started with). You can have a promo video of your site or an app of the site or anything else which your visitors can connect with.
    2. A video player to embed the video.
    3. Sufficient bandwidth of your server that can take the video playing bandwidth.
    4. AdX video ad tags or video ad tags from similar network.
    5. A consultant who can assist you with the entire setup.

    Why Monetize Your Desktop Traffic with ADX Video Ads?

    Depending on your traffic source, video ads can give you a CPM of anywhere between $2-$10 which is good money. Generally, video ads are initiated as auto-play on desktop, however, iOS and Android have aggressively blocked autoplay of video content. So, on mobile devices, the video ads must be triggered by a user action. This results in lower ad requests on mobile devices and therefore low revenue. The case isn’t the same for desktop. So, most of the time ad requests serve a video on desktop and on mobile a request isn’t initiated since the visitor doesn’t click on the play button. SO, if you’re looking to monetize your traffic with video ads, it is imperative that you have good traffic from desktop.

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    CPMs tend to be around $1.5-$2 for Asian/Indian traffic and $5 and above for US traffic.

    Getting Started with a Video

    You need video content for the ads to be displayed. Normally, you can get started by creating a promo video of your website, app or Facebook page or any other video which you think users will be interested in, based on your site’s niche. There are a lot of free tools that can get you started with video creation.

    If you don’t want to take that much hassle, you can use any video licensed under creative commons and use it as the video content for your site. You can select videos from Youtube just by filtering the search option to ‘creative commons’. Thus, we have covered the video production part.

    Note: I would suggest you to use a software like Format factory to reduce the size of the video so that it won’t consume too much hosting bandwidth.

    A Video Player to Embed your Videos

    There are a lot of video players in the market. A lot of players are free but they are chargeable when you want to integrate your own ads on them. After researching several players, the only player which I can finally settle with is RadiantMediaPlayer.

    It comes with a $99 pricing tag, but it allows what other video players including Flowplayer doesn’t. RadiantPlayer comes with an inbuilt fall back mechanism. If you’ve used DoubleClick, you must be knowing about the waterfall model. A waterfall model allows higher CPMs compared to AdX tags since it increases the competition and returns the ad with the highest CPM.

    A Web-host to Manage your Bandwidth

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    Most webhost says that they offer unlimited bandwidth, however, the resources are capped. If you have less than 10,000 desktop viewers and the video size is 4-5 MB. Then, you’re consuming 50 GB bandwidth a day. That’s 1.5 TB approx. per month. So, you need to have a bandwidth capacity of at least 2 TB to support your video plays which would cost you around $20 a month if you purchase a Digital Ocean SSD server.

    Now, lets discuss about the earning potential

    Say, you have 50% traffic from US, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia and 50% from India and South Asia. Also, you average daily traffic from desktop views is 10,000

    So, for 50% of your tier one traffic, you will earn $5 x (5000/1000) = $25

    For 50% of your Asian traffic, you will earn $2 x (5000/1000) = $10

    Net = $35. Assuming that some impressions are not served properly, even then you can earn around $30  and more a day from 10k desktop traffic. So, a monthly additional revenue of $900. Whereas, the expense will be $99 (for RadiantMediaPlayer), $20-$30 for hosting.

    Applying for ADX for video

    You can apply to any of the Google AdSense partners and ask them to give you a sub-ADX account. Once your ADX application is approved (for which you need to fill a form), you can then ask for the video ad tags.  You should ask for the following Ad tags- Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll. Pre-roll means ads which will be player in the beginning of the video; mid-roll means ads which will be player in between the video and post-roll means ads which will be placed after the video ends. You should ask for all the 3 ads and then create your player and optimize the ads according to the performance. Also, you should ask for overlay ads (text, image and flash) since this increases the competition and an overlay ad will appear whenever its CPM rate is high enough to beat the in-stream ad.

    Integrating the player with the videos and ad tags

    This is the final step of the setup. You need to integrate the ads with the video player and host the videos. The integration step is technical and is out of the scope of the article. However, if you need to setup the player, I can provide you with the required customization. It’s a one-time setup and you can use the code in any of your website where you want the video to be integrated.

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    Monetizing your desktop traffic with video ads will help you make more revenue from your existing content. I was looking online for video integration guide and couldn’t find a single relevant article that can outline the steps and thus it took me sometime to figure out the best players, the right ad networks and more. However, I hope this article provides a comprehensive outline on how you can host your own videos and enable VAST complaint ads.

    Finally, wrapping-up with a few keynotes:

    • Your website should be in compliance with ADX for videos.
    • You cannot promote hate content with your videos
    • The duration of the videos should be more than the combined duration of the ads.

    Feel free to connect with me if you’ve any queries with video ad setup or need any assistance with the same. My skype id is: ronniedey

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