5 Best Product Video Maker Tools Online for Free 2020 Edition

The Importance of Creating Product Videos for Marketing

The place where customers can be lured by social media marketing and the best way to engage your target customers is by videos. Video can put a great impact in a short duration with large information and leaves a trail for a long period.about 76% of social media marketing are done to lure mobile phone user, thus in other way video can engage a maximum number of the customer.

Here are the effects it might have :

  • Engagement and conversion ratio.
  • Great video ~ Great impact
  • Greater impact ~ more shares
  • Withstand in any competitive market
  • Encounters more mobile phone user.
  • Increase sales

How to Choose the Best Online Video Making Tool for Product Videos?

While choosing the online video making tool the following points need to be kept in mind:

  • User-friendly and interactive
  • Best media inventory
  • Affordable price range
  • Efficient marketing
  • Engage maximum consumer
  • Caters formal and informal needs of the product

5 Best Online Video Making Tools for Product Videos

1. Invideo

InVideo is one of the best product video maker tools. Focuses majorly on video editing which can either be for personal or professional purpose. As amongst the best online video maker, it has some of the big clients like Quint, Scoopwhoop as their media partner. Aims to make videos as the future of the content world.


  • Watermarked
  • Huge media library
  • Enhanced UI with advanced editing features
  • Flexible templates
  • Built-in components pre-installed
  • Intellectual framework recommendation


  • FREE – 0$/month  – 5 videos/month
    720p videos-upto 2min.
    Standard library
    Invideo branding

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe spark also among the best online video maker developed by Adobe systems meant for story telling by short videos. Later with 3.5 million downloads on iOS app store, it was named to be the best video maker app by Apple.

Undoubtedly is the most interactive platform with enormous template library which is viewable publicly. The platform aims to put up a story/post as short video/graphics post.


  • Professional layouts
  • Calligraphy library
  • Adobe Feeds community
  • Easy synchronization
  • Big media library
  • Remove Adobe spark watermark forever.


FREE – access to free images and icons.

3. Renderforest

Renderforest stands amongst the top 100 software companies is also a professional online video maker platform. The company offers all kinds of template tools from creating logos for any kind of business. This online video maker is easy to use, create your videos in minutes with masterstroke and the best part is its free product maker tool even for trial version.


  • Uses ML algorithms to find the best-suited logo.
  • Get a professional website in an hour.
  • Animation platform categorized.


  • FREE  – for starters
  • 3-minute videos,500 MB storage, Watermarks, png logos

4. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a product video maker online that to create a video, edit, compress convert also save any video directly to cloud memory.

This online product creator started in headquartered in Brisbane. Before this video maker tool, the company launched 3 more software-based products.

This video product is integrated into Gsuite infrastructure such that it can work with google drive and other google apps.


  • Compress, convert and record easily.
  • Stock library with enormous video template gallery
  • Webcam recording
  • Instant collection of video over any platform to your cloud storage.


  1. FREE – (billed annually) -limited features.
  2. PRO – $14/month – (billed annually)
  3. BUSINESS – custom

5. Motionden (https://motionden.com/)

Motionden is a free video maker tool that can turn out to be really helpful in the creation of attractive and flashy intro to your video content. It has a video library with a massive variation of templates. This free video maker is also a satisfactory certified partner for many firms at an affordable price.


  • Catalog of templates
  • Top quality designs
  • Full editing controls


Pay at the start when opting for free – $9/video


Marketing through videos has become the latest trend in this growing world  & to complete this

Creativity and passion play a major role. Videos indeed have the best outcome due to its versatility,  outrageous sharing of an enormous content. Boosting your business with a correct hit at crucial times is the key and this skill can give you a kick start.

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