Top Ecommerce Trends That Will Shape the Industry

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Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 03:51 am

Ecommerce changes every year. There are new trends that shape the market, and one has to be up at the top of the game to make sure that they are keeping up with the changes. Otherwise, it will not be too long before the competition takes over.

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  • While things seem to be quite settled at the moment, it is only a matter of time before a new feature or technology emerges and reshapes ecommerce. Here are some trends that you can expect to make a difference in the near future, or that have been gaining a lot of momentum recently.

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    Trend #1 – Print on Demand

    Custom-made merchandise has been around for a while. However, it would seem that online brands have started to take advantage of that recently. One might have questions, like how does print on demand work, or why it is worth bothering with it in the first place?

    You can create simple knick-knacks, like key chains or phone cases, and add them as a gift to regular order. Giving away t-shirts in some big event will also be a good method to advertise a brand. 

    Finally, you can make money by opening a print on demand store and offering customers various merchandise. It does not have to be your sole source of income, but adding something extra on the side will help with thriving for any business or person.

    Trend #2 – AI Customer Sourcing

    You must have noticed that more and more stores are providing you with shopping recommendations. Browsing online a few times will mean that there is a system that collects information about your habits and bombards you with suggestions. Social media is a good example of this. Add techniques to create the fear of missing out, and people are more eager to spend their money.

    Personalized content shows customers that they are appreciated by the store. The sense of belongingness and relatability means that you can expect these people to become one of the most loyal customers. And it is not a stretch to say that plenty of website visitors expect to get personalized content when they visit any online store. 

    Trend #3 – Offline Ecommerce

    It might not seem like that big of a trend at the moment, especially if you are still relatively small, but offline commerce is one to watch out for in the next few years. Companies that make it online are looking to expand their network by building physical stores.

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    Some suggest that brick and mortar stores are dying out, but the reality is quite different. Sure, they might not be as popular because of the internet, but there are still plenty of people who prefer to go to a real store rather than shop online.

    Trend #4 – Shoppable TV Ads

    Have you ever seen a TV series character wearing something and thinking that it would look great on you? This is just one of the examples of how shoppable TV ads can create even more revenue for brands that are investing in this marketing channel.

    This does not even have to be television. Online streaming has grown a lot recently, and you can expect to be bombarded by similar ads while enjoying your favourite shows. 

    Trend #5 – Advanced Customization

    People like personalized content that comes from suggestions companies provide after gathering data. However, it would not be a stretch to suggest that a number of people like to be the ones to decide what they want to customize.

    For example, take trainers or any other sports shoes. You should be able to pick colours and other customization options. Limiting what the customer can choose should not be a policy of a brand that is looking to expand and attract as many customers as they can. 

    Trend #6 – Mobile Optimization

    Do not neglect the importance of providing everything to mobile users. Smartphones and tablets make for about 50 percent of all internet traffic, and it seems like this trend will continue to gain more momentum in the future.

    It does not necessarily mean that you need to start developing an app. While that is a big advantage thanks to simplifying everything for mobile shoppers, even more, it is the website that should take priority.

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    There are still plenty of sites that are not mobile-friendly, making it almost impossible to navigate them while using a smartphone or tablet. Do not underestimate how many customers you are potentially losing every day because of this.

    Trend #7 – Chatbots

    Chatbots are not something that can replace real humans quite yet, but it is only a matter of time. The technology is definitely there, and it continues to receive improvements.

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    The advantage of chatbots is that you do not have to hire customer support reps and pay them salaries. And these bots will be able to respond immediately, saving the time of customers. It is a win-win situation.

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