5 Best Tools for Traffic Arbitrage: 2023

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Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 04:26 pm

Traffic arbitrage is a business model where you buy traffic at a lower cost and make money out of it. The difference in revenue is the profit. Ask.com has been using this model to monetize its paid search results for over a decade. There are many success stories on traffic arbitrage and today, in this article, we are going to discuss how you too can create a successful traffic arbitrage model and make money from it. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the tools that are necessary for running a successful traffic arbitrage business. 

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  • Benefits of Traffic Arbitrage

    A lot of publishers use traffic arbitrage to make quick revenue from ad networks like AdSense, Media.net, Taboola etc. While it might seem daunting at first go, traffic arbitrage is a tried and tested model and numerous publishers are earning good revenue from this. The main benefits of the traffic arbitrage model are-

    • Getting started requires low investment.
    • Good and quick money if you can crack the niche.
    • An even green business model which works in several niches. 

    How to Do Traffic Arbitrage?

    The first step is to identify a high paying niche which has a higher CPC. There are certain niches where the page RPM can go as high as $50 for AdSense. Buying traffic becomes much easier for these niches as the net profit always remain high. Secondly, you need to understand your ad stack and use display, native, and video ads to increase the overall page CPM of your articles. While this might be a continuous process, you also need to monitor the quality of the traffic you’re buying and the source of your traffic. Once you reach an optimized threshold of profit, the next step is to scale the campaigns and maximize your revenue from the same. Also, you can create niche viral content and promote those on your Facebook page to drive traffic to your blog. This is again one of the successful methods of arbitrage which uses the viral nature of blog posts. However, for this, you need to know what type of topics and article headlines are performing well on social media and are been promoted by other marketers and blog owners. The best part of getting started with this is to monitor the competitors using native ad spying tools. Listed below are the top 5 recommended native ad spying tools for traffic arbitrage.

    Top 5 Tools for Traffic Arbitrage in 2023

    To get started with traffic arbitrage, you need to have a few tools under your kitty. These tools will help you spy on popular ads on native ad networks and Facebook. This would give insights on keywords, topics, and headlines which other advertisers are running on native networks and thus, be making better ROI. These insights are crucial for framing your own arbitrage strategy. Without initial research, it would be very difficult to find the actual niche, headlines, etc which would perform well for any arbitrage sites. So, here we have listed some ad spying tools that can get you started.

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    1) Native Ad Buzz: Top Tool for Native Traffic Arbitrage

    Nativeadbuzz helps you reverse engineer your competitor’s success and make high ROI. They spy 10 native ad networks across 12 countries. With more than 47,000 advertisers, you can connect with the right advertisers. Feel free to get started as low as $7 for the first seven days and they choose the right plan based on your business requirements. Native ad buzz provides a powerful search and filter option with duration, network, device, country, landing pages, time was seen, ad keyword, and advertiser URL as the metrics to choose from. They have a special members forum to help you get the most out of native ads and Native Ad Buzz. It is a great tool for those who already know how to pick and optimize winning campaigns. It’ll save you time and money. Native Ad Buzz doesn’t provide landing page download option and affiliate network details.

    Native Ad Buzz is available in two forms – Basic and Pro. The Basic version costs $47 per month after the $7 for the initial 7 days. In the Pro version, it is $97 per month after the first week. In the Basic version, publishers have access to desktop ads from Taboola and Outbrain in the USA and UK, while the Pro version lets the publishers access both desktop and mobile ads across 10 other native ad networks along with Taboola and Outbrain in the USA, UK, and 10 other countries.

    You can sign up for Native Ad Buzz by clicking here.

    2) Advault.io: Top Spy Tool for Traffic Arbitrage

    Advault.io is one of the most popular native ad spying tools which spies over more than 13 native ad network across 20 countries including India. An adult can help you uncover top landing pages and channels, collect your favorite native ads across desktops and mobiles, find new advertisers and use native ad credits which are bundled with its subscription. Also, you just need to pay $1 to explore their offering for 3 days. Sounds good!  The Basic version of Advault.io costs $179 per month and the Pro version costs $249 per month. We have used Advault and so far has been satisfied with the product. 

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    You can sign up for Advault by clicking here.

    3) Buddy Ad: Best Marketing Tool for Traffic Arbitrage

    BuddyAd is the first and only widget-based native spy tool, now with widget ID Finder on pop, native and adult. For Native, access the database of adverts and discover exactly the widget IDs where they run. Use the Widget ID Finder on Native, Adult and Pop to scan any placement and get the relative widget/site ID. This network spies over 34 networks in 14 countries. The network provides chat support and costs €147 per month after paying €7.99 during the trial period. Payment is made through PayPal. 

    You can sign up for Buddy Ad by clicking here.

    4) Ad Spider: Top Fraud Detection Tool for Traffic Arbitrage

    Ad Spider is yet another native ad spying tool that is currently spying on 11 networks across 28 countries. It is great for affiliates and direct marketers. The tool can track any device including desktops, tablets, iPad, iPhones and Android phones. Their 3 days trial starts at $1 and their paid plans are flexible according to the needs of the marketers. The Starter version, which costs $150 per month, spies on desktop ads from Taboola and Outbrain across the USA and UK. The Professional version, which costs $350 per month, spies over both desktop and mobile ads from 11 native ad networks (including Taboola and Outbrain) in 28 countries. 

    You can sign up for Ad Spider by clicking here.

    5) Ad Espresso: Best Optimization Tool for Traffic Arbitrage

    With the AdEspresso Campaign Editor, you can create and test hundreds of ads in minutes instead of hours. Making new experiments to test can increase your returns on advertising up to 100% and is as easy as one click. The pricing in this network is quite expansive and it’s better than you hear about straight from the horse’s mouth here.

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    You can sign up for AdEspresso by clicking here.

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    Native ad spying tools are crucial for traffic arbitrage since you get great insights on the type of campaigns, the duration and on which networks these campaigns are running. Spying on the best native ads and replicating them helps you to eliminate the guesswork and get your ad copies ready which are high CTR based. However, you also need to devise a plan to buy traffic from legitimate sources and monetize them from your existing ad networks or new ad network. Our next article in the series where we have discussed in detail how one can get started with Traffic Arbitrage is here for you to take a read. Know the best sources of buying traffic and the top networks that can effectively monetize your site and a lot more insights. Hope this article on “Top 5 Tools to Do Traffic Arbitrage” was useful. There are several dropshipping arbitrage tools, retail arbitrage tools for amazon and ebay, online arbitrage tools and amazon arbitrage software tools you might find helpful. Do feel free to get in touch with us if you need any custom consultation to increase your ad revenue. We have been helping publishers both big and small increase their ad revenue. ([email protected]). Interested in Amazon Arbitrage? Looking for more arbitrage business types and ideas? Check out the list of recommended Amazon arbitrage tools, retail arbitrage tools, tactical arbitrage tools and, eBay to amazon arbitrage tools.

    Our Recommended Tools for Publishers:

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