Best Video Ad Exchanges List 2020 for Publishers- Top 6

Ad exchanges are digital platforms which are generally preferred for brand advertising and marketing. Ad exchanges make it possible for advertisers, agencies and ad networks to buy digital ads across a number of publisher sites in automated auctions. Taking into consideration, the required no of factors, we bring you the top 6 best video ad exchanges of 2020. This year holds better promise for publishers who have good video ad inventory since they video ad CPMs will still remain high and programmatic can make things happen better.

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image2 3 has been transforming the way programmatic video advertising is bought and sold. Since its acquisition into the one by AOL it has grown by leaps and bounds. AOL Platforms enables the world’s top marketers and media brands to reach consumers across desktop, mobile and TV through premium experiences, programmatic buying, and performance-driven campaigns. It is the global partner of choice for leading publishers, advertisers and agencies seeking to maximize the value of their brands online.

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  • Year of Operation- 2006
  • Services Offer- Link to media kit, Creative showcase, minimum spend etc
  • Clients- Adsafe, Sizmek, Vizu, Nielsen etc.
  • Contact Details- 650-286-4420

Spot Xchange

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The SpotX Platform features modern ad serving and programmatic infrastructure, and other monetization tools, like solutions for OTT and out stream video ad units, to give media owners complete control and actionable insights to maximize revenue.

  • Year of Operation- 2007
  • Services Offers- Cross-section fulfilment, Strategic Audience planning, Transparency and informed control etc
  • Clients- Audience Science, Profero, MEC etc.
  • Contact Details- 888.910.6650


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DoubleClick, a subsidiary of Google, develops and provides Internet ad serving services. DoubleClick is a provider of digital marketing technology and services. Companies come to DoubleClick for expertise in ad serving, media, video, search and affiliate marketing to help them make the most of the digital medium.

  • Year of Operation- 1995
  • Services Offers- Bid manager, campaign manager, creative solutions, ad exchange etc
  • Clients- Zoopla, Scout24 etc.
  • Contact Details- 650-253-0000
  • CPM rate- 30 cents to $5.
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 50 million page views per month.
  • Payment Method- NET 30 days, Minimum $100


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AdBrite, an advertising exchange platform, provides site-level transparency, display, and video capabilities for advertisers and publishers. AdBrite is the largest independent advertising exchange. AdBrite first started taking advertising for external sites in 2003 and raised $4 million in venture capital from Sequoia in 2004. In 2006, AdBrite raised another $8 million from Sequoia and Artis Capital, the same pair that invested together in YouTube.

  • Year of Operation- 2003
  • Services Offers- Hyper-local targeting, Strategic integrations, raving fan service etc
  • Clients- BBQ franchise, Beauty supply retailer etc.
  • Contact Details- 415-995-3330


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OpenX exists to help publishers grow their businesses by monetizing great content. We do this by creating highly efficient, high-quality programmatic advertising marketplaces that deliver optimal value to all buyers and sellers of digital advertising.Today, OpenX operates one of the largest, most efficient and highest quality programmatic markets in the world.

  • Year of Operation- 2007
  • Services Offers- Marketplace quality, Technical support and account management etc
  • Clients- Index Ventures, Sapphire Ventures etc.
  • Contact Details- (626) 466-1141
  • CPM rate-  $1 (higher for video)
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 50 million page views per month
  • Payment Method- They pay on a NET 60 days basis, and the minimum payout threshold is $100.


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RhythmOne is a technology-enabled digital media company that connects online audiences with brands through premium content across devices. Founded in 2004, RhythmOne pioneered Internet video search and works with digital advertisers, publishers and content providers to offer fully integrated, cross-screen solutions that span desktop and mobile video, rich media, display, social and native advertising, and content formats.

  • Year of Operation- 2004
  • Services Offers- Influencer marketing, Analytics Suite, Tech Stacketc
  • Clients- Toyota, Pepsi etc.
  • Contact Details- +44 (0)20 3727 1000

Monetizing your website/ company/ blog through these video ad exchanges is now one of the most popular paths for overall revenue upliftment. So there isn’t any reason to not try them out this year? If you need any assistance with video ad setup, feel free to get in touch with us. We hope this article on top video ad exchanges list of 2018 was helpful for you.

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