Top 8 Video Ad Creation Platforms for Advertisers

Last updated on April 28th, 2022 at 11:10 am

In the evolving world of the 21st century, traditional methods for brand publicity and advertising have been left far behind to be replaced by modern video ads. The term video advertising encompasses online display advertisements that have video within them, but it is generally accepted that it refers to advertising that occurs before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet. Taking into consideration all the necessary factors, we bring to the best 10 ad creation platforms of the year. Video advertising is becoming extremely essential

Top Video Ad Creation Platforms for Advertisers

These are some of the top video ad creation platforms that can help you easily create powerful and engaging video ads.

Spongecell: Top Dynamic Video Ad Creation Platform

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Spongecell is a dynamic creative platform focused on making data-driven advertising simple, effective and scalable by integrating data, machine learning and automation in the creative process.

  • Year of Operation-2006
  • Services Offers- Self-service platform, Dynamic creative optimization, Decision engine etc.
  • Clients- Gillette, Svedka, Amtrak etc.
  • Contact Details- 212 220 8995

Sunday Sky: Top Personalized Video Ad Creation Platform 

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SundaySky is transforming the relationship between brand and customer through personalized video. Built on proprietary SmartVideo technology, SundaySky combines the power of video with personalized storytelling at scale to foster long-term customer relationships.

  • Year of Operation-2006
  • Services Offers- Optimized, personalised, real-time scalable SmartVideos
  • Clients- Paradise islands, T Rowe Price etc.
  • Contact Details- (212) 929-8111

Panache: Top Digital Video Ad Creation Platform 

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Panache provides digital video ad fulfilment software and services that help premium publishers accelerate ad revenues through ad planning, innovative ad formats, workflow processes and performance metrics. Paired with professional services and unparalleled domain expertise, Panache enables premium publishers to grow their digital video advertising business with ease.

  • Year of Operation-2006
  • Services Offers- Ad planning; Innovative ad formats; Workflow fulfilment; Performance measurement etc.
  • Clients- Fox News, CBS, MTV etc.
  • Contact Details- (818) 986-3302
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Spot Runner: Top Video Ad Creation Agency

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Spot Runner is an Internet-based ad agency that focuses on making it easy and affordable for local businesses to advertise on TV. Traditionally making commercials has been too expensive and complex for small businesses. Spot Runner is looking to change the television ad industry by offering everything needed to get your commercial on TV at a reasonable price.

  • Year of Operation-2004
  • Services Offers- Automated platform, transparent marketplace target etc.
  • Clients- Cendant Real estate, Tudor investment etc.
  • Contact Details- [email protected]

Jivox: Top Global Video Ad Creation Platform 

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Jivox enables the world’s top brands to produce and deliver personalized advertising. The company’s flagship product, Jivox IQ is a data-driven dynamic ad platform that delivers advertisements assembled on the fly across all screens.

  • Year of Operation-2007
  • Services Offer- Omnichannel personalization, Practical AI less conversion etc.
  • Clients- Sony, Franklin Templeton, Mindshare etc.
  • Contact Details- (650)412-1125

Mixpo: Top Reliable Video Ad Creation Platform  

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Mixpo provides the best video advertising solutions for Media Companies and Agencies. They have the most advanced cross-screen capabilities, most responsive and reliable technology and service, and the broadest and deepest data insights. They furnish Big Data insights including ad verification and campaign performance segmented by DMA, audience, and mobile device.

  • Year of Operation-2002
  • Services Offer- Premium ad products, Creative studio, centralized workflow, best in class support etc.
  • Clients- EMC, ESPN, Breaking Bad etc.
  • Contact Details- (206)407-3704

Animato: Top Professional Video Ad Creation Platform  

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Animato makes it easy to create professional-quality videos on your computer and mobile device. At our core, we believe that video is the most powerful way to communicate what you care most deeply about — whether that’s your family, business, or a cause — and that making videos shouldn’t be limited to only those with technical know-how and expensive production equipment.

  • Year of Operation-2006
  • Services Offer- Cloud hosting, customizable features, the go & easy to use software etc.
  • Clients- Amazon, Spectrum Equity, Uncork Capital etc.
  • Contact Details- 1 800 209 1444
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Adobe (Premiere Pro): Top Video Ad Creation Software

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Adobe is a software company that provides its users with digital marketing and media solutions. Its famous software Adobe Premiere Pro allows its user to create videos according to their own needs and publishes them in the required forums to create groundbreaking content.

  •  Year of Operation-1982
  • Services Offered- Responsive design, All format compatible videos, Immersive 360/VR video and surround sound audio etc.
  • Clients- Apple, Tesla etc.
  • Contact Details- 408-536-6000

Keeping pace with the changing situations and scenarios can certainly be difficult in the brand advertising sector, however, you have got all the tools to keep you in competition. So what are you waiting for, start utilizing video ads and make video ad creation effortless with these tools?

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The above-given list demonstrates some of the top video ad creation platforms there is. These will help you easily and efficiently create video ads that help you get better engagement and conversion.

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