OpenX CPM Rates 2020

The OpenX Ad Server network is an open source ad serving platform. It can be run on either a local server or from a hosted service. The network is used by more 150,000 and more than 300 billion ads run through the server monthly. In this post, we will be discussing the OpenX CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its payment proof and earnings report to help you make a more informed decision on monetizing your website.


Brief of the Company

The OpenX Ad Server Network is a programmatic advertising technology company. It is based on an integrated technology platform which combines ad server and a Real Time Bidding (RTB) exchange. This uses the Standard Supply-side Platform (SSP) thus ensuring the highest real-time value for any trade. The company was founded in 2008 and has raised over USD 75 million from investors like Accel, Index, Samsung, and Dentsu among others. It is one of the most popular ad serving platforms and is used by a number of big publishers. It has an easy plug-in for advertisers.

Ad Unit Types


While using the OpenX Ad Server Network, a different ad unit has to be created for each piece of ad space on the website. The network uses the attribute settings for the container site as well as default for the ad unit’s attribute settings. The ad unit type’s cannot be changed once it is saved. Multiple content topics can be saved. All the names have to be unique. Video ads of up to 10 MB can be uploaded. There are no specific setup options. The Ad Server delivers all the ad HTML code to a site. The dynamic resizing and the ad’s responsiveness would have to be developed. An asynchronous javascript ad tag can also be used. This particular approach would require some coding from the publisher’s part to manage advertisements in the required view. The various ad units available are Mobile, Non-linear Video, Native, Web, Email,  and Linear Video.

Earning Model

The earning model of OpenX is based on Cost per 1000 Impressions or CPM. The traffic is targeted based on content, device type, geography, OS, and carrier connection. CPM can be increased by increasing the ad inventory.

CPM Rates in 2017

The Floor CPM value can be set by the publishers. This represents the lowest CPM that the ad product can be sold for on their website. This value is used as a guide for sales. During analysis of the traffic, this value is used as a default price for line items created from the ad product. Although, it is possible to override this value with that from an actual insertion order. If the majority of the traffic comes in from the USA then the CPM rate can be as high as, or more than, USD 1.For European traffic, it is the range of a few cents to about fifty-five cents.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report


The OpenX Ad Server network has a minimum payout threshold of USD 100, which is stated in the OpenX Ad Exchange Supply Agreement. If the monthly earning of the publisher is less than the specified amount then the earnings get carried over to the next month, and/or until USD 100 is reached. The network offers only two options available for receiving the payment or ad exchange disbursement:

  • Automated Clearing House or ACH (applicable only for residents of the USA)
  • Bank Wire (applicable for US residents as well as the rest. This method may incur extra charges in the form of fee.

The OpenX reporting interface provides many kinds of reports to the publishers for a deeper analysis of the results. The reports are based on your account access and the product that you’re using. The various reports available are Exchange Revenue, Price Bands, Bid Landscape, Bid Performance, Custom Key, Audience Segment by Site, Audience Segment by Account, and Domain Performance. The viewability performance for the inventory can be analyzed by adding the Viewability Percentage metric into the reports. The reported statistics get updated in real time. The only exception to this is Geo (Country/DMA) and conversion data, which takes an additional time of around an hour to process. The network also employs an hour delayed true-up process to find out all the spider/bot traffic and to ensure that all stats conform to IAB standards.


OpenX Ad Server Network can prove useful for ad management. It has a large number of management tools which help the publishers to serve to specific sites, zones, and channels. With the management console, you can manage your individual ad banners, campaigns, zones, and more. The system allows you to serve as many or as few ads as you want. We hope that you’ve found this discussion on OpenX CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its earning model, and payment proof and earnings report useful in providing you an alternative platform to monetize your website. Try considering along with other CPM networks for additional ad revenue. High Paying Contextual Ad Network

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