5 Best Native Ads Spying Tools: 2023

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Last updated on April 27th, 2023 at 09:42 am

Ad spying is becoming more common among publishers and marketers these days. Ad Spying helps you reverse engineer the best performing ads across various display networks like Google AdWords, Facebook and even on Native networks like Adnow, Taboola, RevContent etc. This ensures that you’re free from the guess work and your ad creatives are in-line with the best performing creatives.

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  • Native ads spying is becoming more popular these days due to a lot of publishers going for traffic arbitrage. To simply put in, traffic arbitrage is a process where you buy traffic at a cheap rate and monetize it at a higher rate. There are a lot of publishers who are making good revenue with traffic arbitrage and in fact, it has now become a big industry altogether. For an effective arbitrage strategy, it is very important that you have a know-how of the best performing native ads. By that, I mean

    If these two criteria are fulfilled, then you can assume that an ad similar to the one under review will get you clicks at cheap rates. The cost per click for native ads drastically reduce when the CTR/Impression ratio becomes high. For a higher CTR/Impression ratio, you need to spend less on cost per click. It means that automatically, the CPC of your native ads will go down.

    The case is a reverse scenario for native ads which get low CTR, as the ads are shown more number of times to generate the same number of clicks, automatically the CPC goes up. This is where native spying tools come into play.

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    Native Ads Spying Tools- How they Work?

    Native ads spying tools spy on the adverts from various native ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Dianomi, RevContent, Mgid, EngageYa, AdBlade, Yahoo etc and collect information about their adverts including their duration, no.of shares, impressions etc. They can be segmented based on country or platform to have a more clear picture of what type of advertorials are doing good on which demographics.

    List of Native Ads Spying Tools

    1) BuddyAd

    BuddyAd is the first and only widget-based native spy tool, now with widget ID Finder on pop, native and adult.

    ➡ For Native, access the database of adverts and discover exactly the widget IDs where they run.
    ➡ Use the Widget ID Finder on Native, Adult and Pop to scan any placement and get the relative widget/side ID.
    The tool can match a widget or site ID with the relative publisher if it is on their database. They are constantly scanning the web for more placements, as well as constantly adding more networks and countries to their platform.

    2) Advault.io

    Advault.io is one of the most popular native ad spying tools which spies over more than 14 native ad network across 19 countries including India. Advault can help you uncover top landing pages and channels, collect your favorite native ads, find new advertisers and use native ad credits which are bundled with its subscription. Also, you just need to pay $1 to explore their offering. Sounds good! Huh!

    3) Native Ad Buzz

    Native ad buzz helps you reverse engineer your competitor’s success and make high ROI. They spy 10 native ad networks across 12 countries. With more than 47,000 advertisers, you can connect with the right advertisers. Feel free to get started as low as $7 for the first seven days and they choose the right plan based on your business requirements. Native ad buzz provides a powerful search and filter option with duration, network, device, country, landing pages, time seen, ad keyword, advertiser URL as the metrics to choose from.

    4) Ad Spider

    Ad Spider is yet another native ad spying tool that is currently spying on 11 networks across 28 countries. It is great for affiliates and direct marketers. The tool can track any device which includes desktop, tablet, iPad, iPhone and Android phones. Their 3 days trial starts at $1 and their paid plans are flexible according to the needs of the marketers.

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    5) Anstrex

    Although new, they have a host of features that are available and crucial for any marketers. Their pricing seems to be quite affordable and a comparison graph simply outweighs its competitors. With it’s unrivaled data and third party integrations, Anstrex is one of the recommended networks.  

    Advantages of Native Ads Spying Tools

    There are quite a few advantages of native ads spying tools. Listed below are few of them.

    • It helps you reduce your overall CPC and thus allows more clicks to your site in the same budget.
    • Removes the guesswork by showing the most popular native ads so that you can replicate the winning formula.
    • Gives demographic insights and content development insights. Native ads which are shared and clicked are more likely to get viral. So, you can create a similar type of content articles and share them via social media without waiting for them to create an impact.

    Who Should Use Native Ads Spying Tools?

    If you’re running an existing traffic arbitrage website – Using native ads spying tools, you can easily increase your ROI. Say, for example, you’re buying US traffic at 3 cents. Using spying tools you can further generate more click-throughs thereby reducing your CPC and with the same budget, you can increase visit to your site.

    If you’re planning to start a traffic arbitrage website- If you’re a first timer who is planning to get started with ad arbitrage, you should definitely keep any of the native ads spying tools as a part of your regular business tool. It will give you great insight leading to higher returns in short and long run.

    If you’re planning to promote affiliate marketing products- Correctly promoting affiliate marketing products can make you hugely successful. However, you need to use the right creatives and set your targeting rules to ensure that your ads are displayed to the right audience.

    If you’re planning to do content marketing- Have a great story to share? Created a native video ad which you want to promote across native advertising channels? Native ads are highly effective for any content marketing strategy especially if it is designed keeping in mind the viral psychology. Since native ads are consumed like content, users are likely to have high retention for such branded videos served through native ads.

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    The Future of Ad Spying

    While ad spying can be seen as unethical, it actually makes some sense. There are bigger brands like Adbeat which spies on Adwords and provides competitive intelligence. Ad Spying helps you with better ROI, uncover your competitor’s success and connect you with potential advertisers. Intelligent marketers and affiliates can leverage these data and build campaigns that are successful. Since native ads are getting more widespread, we’re looking at a future where native video ads can be syndicated along with native banners.

    Summing Up

    Native ads are certainly gaining popularity among advertisers, marketers, and affiliates. We all are looking at a future where native ads are going to become the more preferred choice of advertisement. Currently, there are just a handful of advertisers who are opting for native advertisement. As the number grows, the utility of the native ads spying tools will continue to escalate. We wish all the best to these spying tools and urge advertisers, affiliate marketers and viral publishers to use them for better ROI. Interested to read more about traffic arbitrage

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