10+ Best Audio Ad Networks for Publishers 2020

Though ads are mostly considered to be annoying but marketers admit that having a bit of sound can be better to engage readers in one ad among other banners. Audio ad networks will only be a good medium for those who approach audiences with a well-thought-out, scripted, and well-cast audio advertisement.

Benefits of Audio Ads

As one of the most immersive and accessible mediums, audio offers exciting new terrain for brands to reach an engaged audience. More listeners are switching from radio to audio streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Google Play. It’s recorded that in 2018, 1.2 billion people used music streaming services globally. Being able to create an efficient audio ad for these platforms will be vital in this new age of audio.

Why you should use audio ads?

  • Audio ads are more effective as they are supplied directly into listeners playlists increasing information retention.
  • Provide advertisers with online placement too.
  • Supply with more qualified leads, as audio ad networks allow advertisers to embed their messaging among targeted audiences.
  • PPP (Pay per play) does not interfere with other forms of ads.

How to choose the best audio ad network ?

With the increasing popularity of audio ads comes the necessity to choose the perfect ad network for any brand on the basis of:

  • Mostly used devices
  • Targeting options
  • Relevant niche
  • RON options

10+ Best Audio Ad Networks for Publishers 2020 Edition

Here is an updated list on the top 10+ best audio ad networks which can be used by publishers to monetize their audio impressions.


It is an AI-powered platform and an ad exchange for voice-activated advertising founded in 2015 by Michael Ilyichev, Mikhail Paulkin, Simon Dunlop, Stas Tushinskiy, Victor Frumkin.

Instreamatic Features:

  • Integrating effective DSP’s, Ad Networks, Trading Desks, Ad Exchanges to utilize the SSP from all sales channels.
  • The ability to manage every ad format; Alexa flash briefings, companion banners under a single interface.



  • Survey is expensive.
  • Results delay by 1-2 months.


It is a solution for online radio broadcast founded in Nov 17, 2016 by Daniel Wichracki, Krassimir Fotev, Marcin Ostrowski, Mariusz Mierzejewski, Michal Marcinik.

AdTones Features:

  • On-air commercial break replaced with targeted advertisements changing spray-and-pray ATL ads into pay-per-play performance marketing.


  • Data-driven revenue.
  • They have unparallel UX and precise targeting.


  • Specializes only in one channel.


Audio.ad is a digital audio advertising solutions company to serve agencies, trading desks through audio-centric DSP. It was founded in Nov 2014 by Carlos Córdoba, German Herebia.

Audio.ad Features:

  • Carefully crafted audio message allows advertisers to generate added value.
  • Captive audience as sometimes people only prefer the Digital Audio Ads.


  • Allows measure of audience engagement. Measurement and optimization allows effective and efficient investment in advertising.
  • Uses voices and sounds to generate emotion.


  • Inability to boost direct web traffic.


AdsWizz is the leading global provider of platforms that connect audio publishers to the advertising community. It was founded in 2008 by Bruno Nieuwenhuys Philippe-Alexandre Leroux.

Adswiss Features:

  • Provide new interactive audio formats that shorten the path to conversion.
  • AudioMatic, an Audio-centric Buying Platform can access any type of supply like Podcast, SimulCast, or OnDemand.


  • Aggregates audio supply from all over the world across desktop, mobile and digital appliances.
  • Audio-centric campaign management tool for Publishers and Ad Networks enables trafficking teams to create, monitor, optimize, and monetize audio inventory in real-time.
  • Can place ad anywhere in the podcast, with volume normalization for best listening and advanced targeting capabilities.


  • Not suitable for small businesses.


Advoice is a mobile audio ad network that enables Mobile Operators to monetize incoming calls. Nigeria was their first launch in November 2016, followed by India in December 2017.

Advoice Features:


  • AdRBT format is very convincing to any marketer. So fetches guaranteed and measurable listenership.
  • An AdRBT does not require mobile internet hence works even on feature phones.
  • Do not get suppressed by ad blockers.


  • Slow growth rate due to unorganized management.

MediaMath Audio

MediaMath develops and delivers digital advertising media solutions to advertisers in TerminalOne platform. Erich Wasserman, Greg Williams, and Joe Zawadzki founded MediaMath in August 2007.

MediaMath Features:


  • A single workflow to minimize the time spent on multiple platforms.
  • Unified budget management.


  • Difficult environment as the working are quite complicated.


TargetSpot is an internet radio advertising network that uses premium inventory, precision targeting, and various advertising formats founded in 2007 by Adi Sideman, Doug Perlson.

TargetSpot Features:

  • Over 55 million monthly listeners representing 23% of the total U.S. Internet population are present.
  • TargetSpot connects with mobile phones, PC’s or tablets, while consumers are listening to their favorite music, latest News or Sports.


  • Highly targeted messaging.
  • Working with leading 3rd party data providers, delivers granular audience segments at scale.

Spotify Ad Studio

Ad Studio is Spotify’s new, self-service advertising platform that makes it easy to create and manage audio ad campaigns directly.

Spotify Ad Studio Features:

  • Their voiceover feature offers ad creation directly within Ad Studio.
  • It is a free platform where listeners hear 15-30 second ads at naturally occurring breaks between songs.


  • Can build an audio ad campaign from scratch.
  • Impression estimates can be forecast
  • Tracking and management of all campaigns.


  • Available only in a few countries.


Triton Digital provides technology solutions for the digital audio marketplace, including live and on-demand publishers and advertisers.

Triton Digital Features:

  • Omny studio- The comprehensive podcast CMS.
  • Yield-Op SSP- It is a built-for-audio SSP that enables to regulate pricing, establish ad quality settings and configure with specific buyers.
  • Tap advertising Server.


  • Brand-safe premium inventory with precise targeting, tracking and detailed reporting.
  • DSP integration access real-time insights with comparison metrics, multi-dimensional analysis, interactive filtering, and proactive alerts.


  • Frequent problems of Dead-Air and Stream-down.

SpotX Digital Audio

SpotX is the leading video advertising platform that enables monetizing content across desktop, mobile and connected TV devices founded in 2007 by Michael Shehan, Steven B. Swoboda.

SpotX Digital Audio Features:

  • Transparency and informed control.
  • Monetizing inventories across connected devices.


  • Increasing revenue by open marketplaces. SpotX’s Podding and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) multiple audio ads and insert them into a single ad break.


  • Cookie-less ads make a direct sale difficult.


The leading platform for the audio advertising market, supporting free listening with software solutions for advertisers and audio companies.

Jelli Features:

  • RadioSpot is used by 2,300+ radio stations and programmatic DSP- SpotPlan, is used by leading agencies and brands to reach over 245 million listeners per month.


  • Radiospot- The only programmatic SSP for radio broadcasters.
  • Spotplan- The first programmatic DSP for agencies and brands.


  • Raises the cost of products.

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