Ezoic Review – Best AI Driven Ad Management Platform for Publishers

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Last updated on July 29th, 2022 at 05:57 pm

Ezoic is the first and of the kind technology-based certified partner of Google Adsense. It is a website improvement program that would help its publishers earn 50-200% revenue through Google Adsense by optimizing ad placements on websites automatically.

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    A typical Ezoic outreach mail would look like this,

    The reason I am writing is to let you know about Ezoic. Ezoic is the first Google AdSense certified partner headquartered in the US that helps sites increase AdSense earnings through layout improvement. Have you ever considered testing your site’s layout and ad placements? I know it sounds implausible, but testing new layouts of the exact same content can increase your ad income 50-250% and significantly enhance the user experience, which is one of the most important ranking factors!

    However, they ensure to visit your website and go through the content matter before mailing you to add a personal touch, which is way better than cold emails.

    Ezoic: About

    Ezoic is a website development platform, headquartered in Camino Real, Carlsbad, California, United States. It is one of the first automated testing platforms for content publishers. This technology-based Google Certified Publishing Partner helps its publishers in gaining amazing results through online ad optimization and helps them realize good revenue.

    source: ezoic.com

    Ezoic is a multivariate venture-backed testing platform that improves the layout of the website automatically based on user actions on desktop computers, tablets, and mobiles. We offer our publishers the best tool to get scientific testing effortless and fruitful. 

    Ezoic is passionate about building a better web presence. It spends its time working on a platform to help site owners transform their sites in the best way possible. Ultimately publishers gain a daily increase in ad earning with more traffic, more page views, more page ranks, and improved user experience.

    Ezoic: Publisher Requirements

    Ezoic follows a technology that mediates between the website and its visitors. It takes less than 5 minutes to signup with the platform by simply filling out a registration form in its web portal. I don’t see any minimum traffic requirement for a publisher which needs to adhere to get accepted on Ezoic’s platform. However, since the entire process is automated, testing with 1000s of ad combinations, I’d suggest your site have at least 5,000-10,000 views a day to see substantial revenue uplift.

    Ezoic: How Does it Work

    Optimizing blogs are just not sufficient to maximize Adsense revenue, but publishers need to optimize their slots, ad placements, and formats to realize actual income. Ezoic is the best platform that allows its publishers to gain extra earnings through ads without affecting website performance while concurrently enhancing user engagements. Most bloggers concentrate on on-site content, content marketing a content optimization, but fail to concentrate on ad sizes, location, format, and color on the web page. This is where Ezoic takes over and performs all ad optimization by itself and also tests it automatically to improve the click-through rate of the website.

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    source: performics.com
    source: performics.com

    Ezoic offers an ad testing platform for its publishers, using this platform a publisher is powered to test both layouts and ad positions of the website to maximize their revenue. Here is how it works,

    • It helps publishers to test thousands of ad positions on the publisher’s website layout and on new layouts so helping them earn double the average.
    • Testing new layouts helps in enhancing the user experience through page visits, page views, bounce rates, etc.
    • Improved user experiences result in improved search engine traffic and rankings.
    • It uses the best practice to enhance the speed of e website through its servers at 4 data centers worldwide and CDN at 28 locations.

    The system is non-intrusive and is completely automated, publishers do not have to do much work as Ezoic caters to all the technical aspects. If a publisher is not happy with its service, they are free to quit the service and their website would return to its normal layout, they would also get their fee refunded for the remaining time.

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    Ezoic: Tools You Can Use With Ezoic

    AdTester- Utilize the advanced ad tester tool to find the best ad locations and sizes. According to Ezoic, this can increase your ad revenue by 50-100%. However, if you have an already optimized ad layout, an ad tester may not help you reach a 50% increase, but definitely, a 25-30% increase which is again great! Ad Tester lets you create ad placements (each ad placement might test 100s of combinations of ad sizes, types, and colors). You may create 8 ad placements and let the system test the various placements. Additionally, you can set Google anchor ads and enable in-line ads (Infolinks).  The Ad tester also lets you create native ad units (vertical/horizontal) along with link units.

    Layout Tester

    DoubleClick AdExchange- Since this gives you access to access to a pool of premium advertisers, you can achieve a CPM uplift of 30-40%.

    Ad Mediation- Link your existing ad network accounts and direct ad deals and have them all compete for your inventory.

    Apart from these, you can have multiple numbers of apps, (mostly created if you’re going to opt for layout testing)

    source: ezoic.com
    source: ezoic.com

    Ezoic: Publisher Signup Process

    While it’s easy to say that the signup takes less than 5 minutes, you may not get started showing ads in 5 minutes. The process requires enrolling in a few programs. During the signup process

    • You may be asked to complete a link. This is to get you approved for the Google ad exchange program (and give permission for Ezoic to act on your behalf and handle ads/bids for you in the ad exchange). This is a Google form and is hosted by them.
    • You will be asked to join the Certified Publishing Partner Program. This program is built exclusively for AdSense partners (Previously called Google AdSense Certified Partner Program) and is highly recommended. It will help the system optimize more quickly and enable us to serve your original site with your original ad tags – which will be used as the experimental ‘control’.

    Also, you may be asked to grant google analytics access.

    Ezoic: Patience is Key

    As a publisher, if you’re looking to increase your ad revenue through optimization, remember- Patience is the key! Since the entire learning curve is data-driven and depends on how many page views you can feed into the system, the process takes some time. It won’t be overnight. If you have a daily traffic of 20,000 to 30,000, you should wait for a week for the optimization to work best for you. Typically, the system can pick up placements (and ad variations) on a typical page type once it has faded with 150,000 page views. So, if you have a blog that gets 5,000 views a day, you should consider testing the system for a longer time.

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    Ezoic: How to Set up Ezoic Lite

    The way Ezoic lite works is you select ad units and place the Ezoic ad tags on your site. The system will then test out the different units in the various locations to see which ones improve your revenue. Here is an article on getting started, and here is one on best practices. I want to point out that the best way to use the system is to select many ad units for each location so that the system has a lot of options to work with and test out. The system won’t show more than one ad per location, so you don’t need to worry about having more than one unit per location.
    I would suggest you test their Ad Tester first and if you see good results, then you can try their ad layout.

    Ezoic: Pricing Structure

    Ezoic offers a 30-day no questions asked trial followed by very competitive pricing.

    Ezoic’s pricing model works like this: After a 30 days of a free trial (when you keep 100% of the site’s earnings), Ezoic then keeps the revenue from adding a single ad at the bottom of the page.

    Our system is therefore ad supported (paid for by ads generated by the system). And because most publishers still make 50-200% more ad income (net – even after the Ezoic system keeping the revenue from a single ad), Ezoic is paying for itself and is essentially free.

    There are no out-of-pocket costs, no contracts and no tie-ins of any kind. You are free to come and go as you please.  The reason we don’t ask for any tie-in is because we are confident that the results will speak for themselves.  If you’re unsatisfied you can leave the platform at any time. If you do not want to opt for using the ad supported version, you can opt for a fixed monthly fee as well.

    Getting an ADX account

    With ADX, you can run up to 5 ads on your site and have access to the premium advertisers and the whole  Ad exchange network. AdX typically allows you to earn high CPM rates. Also, the revenue share for Google ads via AdX is 80:20 and via AdSense, it is 68:32.
    Ezoic Lite can definitely work to improve your revenue, but it will take time just like using Ezoic full. With Ezoic Lite you can also set what percentage you want to test with as well.
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    Ezoic: Pros

    • Its CDN servers help in improving the website loading speed.
    • It helps publishers to recover their lost revenue through its ad position testing tools.
    • Ezoic creates and tests new page layouts to improve the page views of its publishers.
    • Its website optimization techniques help in enhancing the user experience.
    • Its Asynchronous Ad loading techniques help to improve user integration
    • Its automatic ad monetization and optimization techniques help its publishers earn double the average.
    • It offers more page views and a better user experience to its publishers to drive more traffic towards the website and improve its search rankings.
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    Ezoic: Cons

    • Publishers have to wait for at least 30 days to see positive results from the Ezoic ad network
    • By altering the site layout, there are chances of the network making the website look clumsy.
    • Publishers need to pay fees after the free trial service to continue their service.

    Ezoic: Payment Structure and Payout

    Ad monetization tools of Ezoic make use of artificial intelligence to optimize the website CPMs and display the highest paying Adsense Ads on the website. All empty boxes and blank spaces on the website are removed to not lose even a single impression. Thus it helps in enhancing the website’s Ad revenue and helps its publishers earn through its affiliate program as well. Publishers would be credited with a sale immediately when somebody starts using Ezoic on the publisher’s website.

    The minimum payment threshold is $20 and it accepts several payment methods. The Preferred payment portal is Payoneer where money gets deposited into the recipient’s domestic bank account, Through PayPal, Check, and through Dwolla ID.

    Ezoic: Referral Program

    Ezoic has introduced a new affiliate program for its publishers to promote the Ezoic platform among its users and get compensated for its efforts. It is possible to earn a monthly commission by referring people through a publisher’s blog or website. Publishers will earn 3% of their affiliate’s Ezoic earnings in their lifetime and they would be able to track their progress through its Tapfiliate interface. From the first minute a publisher starts using the Ezoic platform and starts collecting revenue through the system, their referrer would formally be credited with the conversion and start earning the commission. There is no referral limit as well and a publisher could have as many converts as needed.

    source: alpinesbsolutions.com
    source: alpinesbsolutions.com

    It is easy for publishers to become a part of Ezoic as they have to promote Ezoic with their testimonials, reviews, and Adwords campaigns. Publishers have to include the ‘referral link’ at some place on their web pages. These links would carry a unique tracking ID, to trace back who signs up with the website. Ezoic offers text links and creativity for its publishers and they only have to publish them on their page. All applications would be reviewed and approved by its team before partnering with them. All publishers are auto-approved as affiliates.


    Ezoic banner

    Ezoic is the first certified partner of Google Adsense headquartered in the United States that helps websites increase their Adsense earnings with the help of layout improvements. It helps publishers to test their website layouts and ad placements to increase their ad income up to 50 – 250%. Publishers are also able to significantly enhance their user experience and rank high online to generate additional revenue.

    Our Recommended Tools for Publishers:

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