10 Best Mobile RTB Platforms for Publishers 2020

With the advent of technology everything has become a tad easier, and a lot more convenient. It has also made advertising more far fetching, impactful and fun. That, has led to the increase in advertising platforms which includes Mobile RTB Platforms, i.e. Real Time Bidding Platforms, which is a platform on which advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per impression basis. It allows advertising to manage and optimize ads from a number of ad networks by granting an user the access to a multitude of different networks and also allowing them to develop and launch ad campaigns and more.There are some really good such platforms that you can consider taking a look at.


With 90,000 publishers using Smaato, it is one of the largest RTB exchange platform and ad server that assists game developers and publishers to generate the maximum possible revenue from app monetization. Its unique service groups 90 leading ad networks and 25 DSPs to cater higher fill rates and eCPMs. Its targeting and functioning capability is quite wide and provides better visibility.

  • It has no restrictions when it comes to the minimum traffic requirement and given an in to all the websites.
  • It supports a good number of ad formats, which includes video ads, instream ads, native ads, expandable banner and many more.
  • It works on CPM model and one can set their lowest acceptable CPM rate. It makes use of Dynamic Demand, that enables competition for each impression among any buying model.
  • It sends across payments via PayPal and Wire Transfer based on the term of Net- 60 days with the minimum payout threshold being 100 USD.


A multinational technology company with a brilliant cloud based software platform, which enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising and other than that, it offers infrastructure for online auction and technology for data management, optimization, financial clearing and support for advertising campaigns that have been directly negotiated with and it has also integrated with ad sources like DFP. That, is Appnexus.

  • It requires one to have 10 million page views per month to become a publisher.
  • AppNexus has a competent ad quality and strives to keep up with it and consequently maintain it using the AppNexus Console. It assures that the ad quality is up to the standards of the publisher.
  • AppNexus has a plethora of ad formats from which a publisher can make a choice of what suit him the best. It includes Banner Ads that appear above or alongside content, Expandable Ads that can be enlarged further from its initial dimension, Pop Ads that display in a secondary browser window, Mobile Ads like In-Apps or Web Ads and Video Ads that has immense impact on viewers.
  • Its Revenue Share Model has 8.5% revenue split. Other than that, its payments and earnings have been kept free from all the intrusion and knowledge of networks on internet.


An independent advertising company that takes on it to connect app developers and media companies with advertisers. It works as an SSP, Ad Server, Ad Exchange and Mediation, to assist thousands of the top app developers and developers and publishers to gain business revenue critical profit streams and it helps a billion users, worldwide. Its Publishers List is quite impressive too and includes Cheetah, PikPok, Pixelberry Studios, Melsoft Games and more. It also caters to the demands of excellent video ads.

  • Its fill rates are around 50% and more for tier one traffic.
  • It has no specified any traffic requirement, thus, there is no minimum traffic requirement to become a publisher and anyone can become the same.
  • Its CPM rates starts at $5, which everyone can agree is quite a generous amount.


Pubmatic develops and implements online advertising softwares and strategies for the publishing industry to gather better results and create the  hustle about the products they want to sell or the products in the market. It has a good number of branches all around the world. They vouch to empower publisher and media bouers with powerful solutions across channel, screen and formats to serve to them just what they expected.

  • It has no minimum traffic requirement specified, which allows both the high volume, established publishers and the low volume, low key publishers to become a part of their team.
  • PubMatic has kept its  revenue share percentage absolutely secure and discreet, not letting out the amount that it keeps in a deal with the advertisers and the amount that it gives away to the publishers. Though it has a separate platform, named PubMatic Seven, devoted specially to the management of revenue.
  • PubMatic is known for its far fetching, creative and innovative ads that have an exceptional global reach. It has kept up with its ad quality and has rather set the standards high.
  • PubMatic majorly focuses on Native Ads that are known to have engaged a huge number of the audience and is specially preferred for its feature of blending in and camouflaging rather than appearing totally out of the context. Though, it has more of ad formats.


In Europe, Mobfox is considered the largest ad network, for it is equally generous to advertisers and publishers and provides a good amount of options and features to both. We all know, how prevalent Google’s Admob is, and it, not only is a strongly supported alternative but also the fastest growing network after the former. It has launched a new version, called MobFox RTB Exchange that can connect publishers to over 100 demand partners and use their native ads in their apos and also the options to mediate third party ad networks through the Publisher Platform. It has data enriched ads, a smart mediation platform and auto optimization of ads.

  • It has a variety of Ad Formats that includes Banners, Native, Interstitial, Video Ads that it supported on almost all platforms including iOS, Android, Mobile Web.


OpenX, a programmatic advertising technology company, has created an integrated technology platform that has conglomerated ad server and real- time bidding exchange with with a standard supply side platform that ensures the real high time value for any trade.

  • The minimum traffic requirement for OpenX is that of 10 million page views per month indicating that mostly only high volume pages can make use of this particular ad server.
  • OpenX has a variety of options of revenue model that one can select from. One of those is where the Publisher earns a specific percent of the revenue, and here, the percentage has to be specified too. Another one is where the Publisher earns a fixed CPM that is guaranteed. The third one is where the Publisher earns a fixed CPM with a 100% fill. However, if a revenue model is not chosen, the default model is publisher revenue spit of 100%.
  • Openx’s Ad Quality depends majorly on other networks but it does have many filters to assure good quality ads like- ad quality filters and creative review.
  • They provide a huge variety of ads to choose from which includes- Image Ads, Flash Ads, HTML Ads, Third Party HTML Ads that engage a huge audience,  Linear Video Ads, Third Party Linear Video Ads, and Non Linear Video Ads that is supported with visual aids and sounds that creates an impact. Other than that, they also have Mobile HTML Ads, Mobile Image Ads and Native Ads.
  • It has the minimum payout threshold of $100 and if the publisher has earned less that the given amount, the monthly earning is transferred to next month until the given amount is reached. The options provided to receive the payment includes Bank Wire and Automated Clearing House (ACH).


MoPub, a three piece platform that has an open source SDK, conglomerates network mediation, ad serving, and MoPub Marketplace, a RTB Platform, to assure that you receive the maximum revenues and connects users to around 180 global demand sources and enables dynamic competition for every impression. Their platform is quite easy to use and trusted by leading mobile developers, globally, to leverage rich data signals, to increase revenue on each impression and also assures transparency, control, and the view and results one requires to expand business.

  • It employs a couple of ad formats that includes Video Ads, Native Ads, Native Video Ads, Opt-in Video, Rich Media Ads, Display Ads and more.
  • Its CPM rates varies from $3 to $10 and that depends on the location of the publisher.
  • It Payments Term is a strong Net 60 days, and the minimum payout threshold is $100.

Rubicon Project

An online advertising technology firm with the mission to automate buying and selling for the global advertising industry, Rubicon constantly innovates to serve both the publishers and advertisers. It is used by the world’s leading publishers and applications to connect with top brands around the world.

  • Rubicon requires 5 million page views per month for anyone to become a publisher.
  • Rubicon keeps us with the ad qualities for good, and has certain Guidelines to ensure the same. This helps maintain the fairly good ad quality that it has.
  • Rubicon mostly makes use of Mobile Ads that is In Apps and Video Ads, both of which have proved very impactful and has engaged viewers to a large extent.


Vertoz stands by the idea of generating profits by linking your audience to advertisements they are likely to be interested in. Their unique “ingenious plex” formula stirs large digital media by using both customer data and RTB-enabled technology. It provides personalized attention and is a company dedicated to understanding publisher’s needs individually.

  • It has no minimum traffic requirement and no specified language requirement either.
  • It employs all the conventional ad formats that includes Display, Mobile and Video. It also has Innovative Rich Media Ads and more.
  • It has a network of publishers that is very wide and has more than 5000 Publishers.
  • The payment terms is of Net 45 days and the accepted modes include PayPal and Wire Transfer. The payment threshold for PayPal is $100 and the same for Wire transfers is of $1,000.

These mobile RTB platforms are connected with different exchanges, DSPs, SSPs, and other platforms for an unified exchange. Additionally, in-app header bidding is also helping publishers maximize their revenue through in-app inventory. Hope this article on top 10 best mobile RTB platforms was helpful to all our readers.

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