Top 5 Ad Exchanges in India List 2022

Last updated on April 25th, 2022 at 11:15 am

In the digital ad buying space, there is a demand side and a supply-side. Each side is made up of different components that facilitate the whole buying process. On the supply side are publishers, supply-side platforms, and ad inventory. On the demand side are advertisers, demand-side platforms, and advertisements. Most of the components of the ad tech landscape fall on either one of these sides, but there is somewhat of an intermediary: ad exchanges. So where do ad exchanges fit into this whole supply-and-demand structure? Ad exchanges are what SSPs and DSPs plug into to access and exchange ads and inventory from a wide variety of publishers and advertisers. Essentially, they’re the pool in that impressions are taken.

This can seem a little redundant—SSPs make ad inventory available, and so do ad exchanges—it’s like ad inventory-ception. Why? First, it’s important to realize that multitudes of DSPs and SSPs plug into ad exchanges, making many more options available to both publishers and advertisers. Further, DSPs and SSPs can be plugged into multiple ad exchanges, making the landscape that much more vast and ultimately creating many more opportunities for both parties to monetize. Second, ad exchanges serve a different purpose in that they “neutralize” the buying process, in a sense. They use regulations that are meant to make the whole exchange more transparent. For example, in ad exchanges, publishers can post the minimum price they’ll accept for an impression (called the “floor price”) in real-time bidding (RTB) auction. Similarly, advertisers can set the highest price they’ll pay for the same impression. Data like this allows ad exchanges to automatically—and instantaneously—create the optimal scenario for both advertisers and publishers in any given transaction. DSPs and SSPs work with ad exchanges in this optimization process by automatically aggregating advertiser and publisher data before it’s released to the exchange. In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 5 Ad Exchanges in India listed in no particular order to get started with video ad serving and monetization of their ad inventory.

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Why you Should Use an Ad Exchange: Benefits

  • The most important point is Low-cost CPMs. For the most part, most inventory on ad exchanges can be purchased for very low CPMs, often below $0.50. Even banners with a low click rate can deliver a very low CPC.
  • The next important point is transparency. With some ad networks, advertisers don’t always know which sites are serving their ads. With ad exchanges, advertisers can see the sites, and sometimes the pages, they’re running on.
  • Some ad exchanges offer a transparent bidding landscape that lets advertisers see their competitors’ bids.
  • Advertisers also have various targeting options, such as day-parting, geographic locations, site category and rating, language, user demographics, and more, letting you create the optimum online media mix for your client.
  • Last but not least, ad exchanges offer standardization and efficiency. Ad sizes are uniform; the ad buying and selling processes are simple. There will only be a single bill. And everything is done in real-time.

List of Top 5 Best Ad Exchanges for Indian Publishers

There are several ad exchanges and that number is growing across native. display, and video vertical. While there are ad exchanges which cater to all of these ad formats, there are also exchanges which are focused on specific ad formats and are developing robust technologies around them to impart more value to the publishers and advertisers. For traffic that is primarily originating from India and the sub-continent, here is a list of the recommended ad exchanges to take a look at:-

DOUBLE CLICK AD EXCHANGE: Best Ad Exchange Marketplace in India

Undoubtedly, the biggest ad exchange platform buys inventory across all possible SSPs and networks. Doubleclick Ad Exchange has thousands of media agencies and Fortune 500 companies as their advertisers who are buying inventory via programmatic channels. It caters to a global base of advertisers and thus also has demand for any traffic volume.

  • Ad Formats: Display, Instream, Outstream, native
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement:  50 million page views
  • CPM Rates: 30 cents to $5
  • Top Geos: Worldwide, India
  • Payment Terms: Please 30 days, Minimum of $100
  • Addition Info: You will be contacted directly by the Google team or you may work with any of the certified partners.
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InMobi: Best Mobile Marketing Ad Exchange in India

Inmobi is one of the fastest-growing mobile ad network and exchange that has been in the market for almost 10 years and have delivered exceptional results. The network is used by advertisers, developers, and publishers across Asia, America, and parts of the EU. If you’re looking to monetize your traffic with high impact ad formats, inMobi should be your choice.

  • Ad Formats: native, banner, video
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement:  NA
  • CPM Rates: 10 cents to $2 (higher for video)
  • Top Geos: Worldwide, India
  • Payment Terms: NET 60 days
  • Addition Info: Banner CPM rates can go low for tier 2 and tier 3 countries. Should use an ad mediation platform.

MOPUB: Best Monetization  Ad Exchange in India

Mopub is a mobile ad mediation and exchange that connects app developers to 100s of DSPs, Exchanges, Trading Desks and buying platforms. It is one of the most robust and advanced ad mediation platforms offering superior monetization for app developers. It is one of the recommended ad exchanges in India for all app developers.

  • Ad Formats: native, banner, video
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement:  Self-serve
  • CPM Rates: 20 cents to $2 (higher for video)
  • Top Geos: Worldwide, India
  • Payment Terms: Minimum payout $100
  • Addition Info: Good mediation network and high rates  

OPENX: Best Programmatic Ad Exchange in India

OpenX is a popular ad exchange and takes a significant volume of US impressions due to its huge base of advertisers. It has a plethora of products for publishers of which Openx adserver makes more sense to publishers since it has built-in header bidding line item and guaranteed programmatic selling tools.

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  • Ad Formats: native, banner, video
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement:  50 million page views per month
  • CPM Rates: $1 (higher for video)
  • Top Geos: Worldwide, India
  • Payment Terms: NET 60 days
  • Addition Info: Higher rates for US traffic.


Even so, as programmatic gains prevalence, the lines between some of these entities are blurring but the underlying fact remains the same both SSPs and ad exchanges post ad inventory for sale. Also, some platforms provide more than one of these services at once, so there are some redundancies in the ad tech world. Moving forward, we can expect these different platforms to shift and blend, allowing for the most efficient and streamlined programmatic ad buying and serving process possible. We at Blognife provide outsourced ad operations and management that can help you increase your overall ad revenue. We hope this list of best ad exchanges in India was helpful for Indian publishers. 

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