10 AdSense Alternatives of 2023 Boost your Ad Revenue

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Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 05:37 pm

In this article, we are going to discuss top 10 Adsense alternatives of 2023 that can be used to boost your overall ad revenue. This article is geared towards publishers who are making more than $3000 in digital ad revenue and are looking to further increase their overall ad revenue. We have listed here some of the top paying ad networks that can give you a reliable source of additional revenue. Some of these ad networks have minimum traffic requirements and we have seen that publishers who are doing less than $3000 in monthly ad revenue may not be accepted in the program. Do take a look at these high-paying ad networks and share your views regarding the same. The ad networks listed here don’t come in any order of priority. Also, we have tried including those networks which tend to have global fill rates.

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  • 1. Google Ad Exchange- An Ad Exchange by Google

    Google Ad Exchange is our first recommendation. Whether you’re setting up header bidding (which we only suggest if your ad revenue is more than $20,000 per month) or serving ads through DFP, Google Ad Exchange is our first choice. However, before getting started with ADX, you should check if it is appropriate for you or not. Here is an article where we have discussed how to choose between AdSense and ADX.

    Publishers shifting from AdSense to ADX typically sees CPM uplift of 20% and more.

    • Google ADX Pricing Model: ADX runs of a CPM based pricing model and shares 80% of its revenue with the publishers.
    • Google ADX Fill Rates: We have seen network coverage of 70-99% and the coverage depends on a number of factors like niche of the website, visitor traffic sources, and the number of adx ad tags currently running on a website
    • Google ADX NET Payout: ADX payments are NET 30 days.
    • Google ADX Payment Methods: Google ADX offers payments via direct deposits, wire payments, checks, and other payment methods as defined by the users. For publishers using sub-adx accounts, the payments are processed by ADX partners and Paypal is also a payment option for them.
    • Google ADX Traffic Minimum: Google directly contacts publishers who are eligible to run ADX. The traffic minimum is supposed to be in the range of 50 million-page views per month. Also, there are a number of other factors which Google checks while requesting a publisher to join ADX. Google certified ADX partners provide sub-adx accounts. You can get in touch with us if you’re look for an ADX account.

    2. Sulvo- Price Priority Algorithm

    Sulvo is another platform which we would recommend. I would suggest you use Sulvo with ADX and run them parallelly in DFP using separate line items targeting the same ad unit. Sulvo uses patent-pending price optimization algorithm that can predict the value of an impression and deliver relevant information to advertisers. We have seen good revenue uplifts on Sulvo. You can use their sticky desktop and mobile banners to additionally monetize your inventory.

    • Sulvo Pricing Model: Sulvo runs on a completely CPM based pricing model.
    • Sulvo Fill Rates: Sulvo takes valuable tier one inventory and rates which are higher than ADX due to its strong price predictive algorithms. If you have tier one traffic, you can expect a fill rate of around 70-80%. If you’ve global traffic, you can expect the fills to be around 30-40%. The fill rates will gradually increase if you’ve more number of Sulvo ad tags.
    • Sulvo NET Payout: Sulvo pays its publishers in NET 60 days. There is a typical delay of additional 15 days since they work with top ad spenders in the adtech ecosystem and some of their partners pay them in NET 45.
    • Sulvo Payment Methods: Sulvo offers payments via Wire transfer (US and International), Paypal and Payoneer. Paypal transaction fee is 2% capped at $20. Payoneer payments is free.
    • Sulvo Traffic Minimum: You need to have a minimum of 500k-1 million page views per month to get accepted by Sulvo. Sign up with Sulvo

    3.Media.net- Second Best Contextual Ad Network

    Media.net is our preferred choice of ad network if you’re having a majority of the traffic coming from US. Media.net is used by top websites like Forbes and alike and can monetize tier 1 US and Canadian traffic. Since 90 percent of their advertisers are targeting US audience, adding a media.net ad unit can really uplift your overall ad revenue. There are some interesting tips on how you can increase your overall media.net ad revenue which you may try considering. It can be one of the best AdSense alternatives of 2018 for websites which are product based.

    • Media.net Pricing Model: Media.net offers CPM/RPM based pricing model where the revenue is calculated on per page view basis.
    • Media.net Fill rates: Media.net fill rates are approximately 100% like AdSense. However, the advertiser base hugely varies and thus the overall page RPM.
    • Media.net NET Payout: Media.net offers NET 25 days payment. You should be receiving payments from Media.net by the last week of the month for earning of the previous month.
    • Media.net Payment Methods: Media.net offers payment via Paypal and Wire transfer.
    • Media.net Traffic Minimum: There is no minimum traffic requirement as mentioned on the media.net website. However, if you’ve at least 5k-10k US traffic uniques per day, you’re good to go with media.net. Sign up with Media.net

    4.Komoona- Delivering the Highest Paying Ads

    Komoona is another ad network which we recommend setting up on your DFP ad stack. By adding Sulvo and Komoona, the overall competition of your ad stack will increase, and this will result in higher ADX earnings. Komoona’s technology involves serving the ad impression which has the highest bid request across 100s of DSPs and ad networks and choosing the advertiser whose bid is highest on an ad network. This is possible since buyer competition is different across different networks and the CPM price of ad units vary accordingly.

    • Komoona Pricing Model: Komoona runs on a CPM based pricing model
    • Komoona Fill Rates: Komoona can take 50% or more of your ad inventory. You need to setup AdSense or ADX as a backfill and update the average CPM you’re getting from ADX or Adsense.
    • Komoona NET Payout: Komoon offers NET 60 days payment and the payment is processed once a publisher earns a minimum of $20.
    • Komoona Payment Methods: Komoona offers a variety of payment options for its publishers. Publishers can choose from Wire Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, and ACH.
    • Komoona Traffic Minimum: Publishers are recommended to have a minimum traffic of 10k page views per day or 300,000 monthly minimum. While this is something which we assume based on the level of optimization required for any machine learning adtech company. If you’ve good tier one traffic. They may accept you at even lower traffic threshold.
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    5.RevContent- Only Accepting the Top Publisher Websites

    We suggest using Revcontent if your website traffic is more than 3 million and have a good percentage of US traffic. Revcontent can be extremely profitable for social sites because of its wide variety of widget offerings. Revcontent provides a revenue share of 80/20 which is one of the highest in the industry and thus can help publishers monetize their US, Asian and Latam traffic. However, the acceptance rate of Revcontent is around 10%. They review every site for minimum traffic requirement and geos, and thus we suggest you to strictly maintain the 3 million per month traffic minimum threshold. Also, they accept sites which have less than 20k global Alexa rank. Revcontent is our preferred AdSense alternative under native ad networks.

    • Revcontent Pricing Model: Revcontent runs on an RPM-based pricing model where the revenue is calculated on per page view basis.
    • Revcontent Fill Rates: Fill rates across Revcontent network is supposed to be around 98-100% since they have a global base of advertisers.
    • Revcontent NET Payout: Revcontent has a NET 30 days payment terms and the payments are processed monthly. You need to have a minimum of $50 acquired in your publisher dashboard to be eligible for payments from Revcontent. If it is lesser than that, it will automatically get credited the following month.
    • Revcontent Payment Methods: Revcontent offers myriad payment options to its publishers.
    • Revcontent Traffic Minimum: Publishers need to have a minimum of 3 millions views per month or 100,000 pageviews per day. Sign up with Revcontent

    6.AdRecover- Monetize your Adblock Traffic

    AdRecover is one of the fastest growing ad networks that can monetize your ad-block traffic. This network has tied up with various other networks like Taboola, Media.net and others whose ads can be displayed on your ad-block traffic, thereby making you more money from your adblock inventory.

    • Adrecover Pricing Model: Adrecover runs on a CPM based pricing
    • Adrecover Fill Rates: The fill rates would typically vary based on the traffic geos and as such it is difficult to approximate fill rates since the traffic is adblocked.
    • Adrecover NET Payout: NET 30 days.
    • Adrecover Payment Methods: Paypal and Wire Transfer
    • Adrecover Traffic Minimum: You need to have a minimum of 50,000 page views per day to get started with Adrecover. However, the traffic requirement is a bit flexible and you need to signup with the network and wait for one of their account managers to get back to you.
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    7.Teads- Native Video Simplified

    Teads is one of the fastest growing native outstream video ad network with a strong presence in EU. If you’ve good traffic coming from UK and parts of Europe, I suggest you get started with Teads right away. However, Teads is quite picky while choosing their publisher partners and maintain a high standard of content screening. If you’re reputed news sites (big or small) you’re likely to get accepted on the Teads platform. Otherwise, it will be difficult. We suggest news and magazine publishers in EU to apply for their outsteam ads.

    8.Audience Network- Mobile Driven Network by Facebook

    Audience network is the adtech solution from Facebook. Facebook monetizes millions of visitors through audience network. While their mobile web offering has been discontinued for some time, Facebook now offers Audience network ads via Instant articles. They are typically called instant article ads and are 300×250 rich ad formats that can generate good CPMs on your page.

    • Audience Network Pricing Model: Audience network works on a CPM pricing model.
    • Audience Network Fill Rates: The fill rate for audience network ad tags are around 90-100%
    • Audience Network NET Payout: Audience network makes the payment on the third week of every month for revenue accrued on the previous month.
    • Audience Network Payment Methods: Audience network offers payments in multiple methods and includes Paypal, Wire, Direct Deposit, Checks and more. The minimum payout for audience network is $100 which you need to reach every month across all your apps and properties to be eligible for payment.
    • Audience Network Traffic Minimum: There isn’t any mention of the traffic minimum. However, you need to have a page with a good number of likes and engaged users if you’re going to apply for audience network. If you have an application with a good number of downloads, you can accept the audience network for the same as well.
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    9.Spoutable- Native Ad Network for Mid-Sized Publishers

    We found Spoutable to be another reliable native ad network that helps publishers monetize their website revenue with native ads. They specialize in displaying native ads in a non-obtrusive format to the visitors. They have strong CPMs for US traffic and may not perform quite well for other geos. If you’re not accepted by Revcontent because of minimum traffic requirement threshold, I suggest you try Spoutable ads. Spoutable has partnered with Revcontent for ad delivery and you can see Revcontent ads served via Spoutable. We recommend Spoutable as a preferred native ad network for mid-sized publishers.

    • Spoutable Pricing Model: Spoutable runs on a RPM pricing model where revenue is calculated on per page view basis.
    • Spoutable Fill Rates: The network offers close to 100% fill rate for its recommendation ad widgets.
    • Spoutable NET Payout: Spoutable runs on a NET 45 days payment method. Earnings for the month of December will be credited to you by the mid of February.
    • Spoutable Payment Methods: Spoutable offers multiple payment options like Paypal, Payoneer, and checks.
    • Spoutable Traffic Minimum: Publishers need to have around 5k page views a day to be approved on the Spoutable network. You need to have a good volume of US traffic to generate good revenue from Spoutable. Sign up with Spoutable.

    10.Viglink- Content-Driven Commerce

    Viglink is basically content-driven commerce. Viglink offers additional monetization opportunity to its publishers. You just need to put the Viglink ad code and install it in the page footer and header and automatically Viglink will hyperlink keywords on your website which are relevant to their advertiser pool and monetize your content. They perform well for niche sites with a good volume of traffic. Sites like health, fashion, beauty, home décor, clothing tend to perform best with Viglink in-text ads. Viglink is one of our recommended Adsense alternative of 2018 under in-text ad networks.

    • Viglink Pricing Model: The network runs on an EPC model (estimated cost per click). The EPC is calculated based on the user activity with the merchant website which may include a small purchase, subscription or any other user-initiated action.
    • Viglink Fill Rates: The fill rates are almost 100% since Viglink’s smart algorithms are able to find ad links on most of the pages in a website.
    • Viglink NET Payout: Viglink offers a NET 90 days payment option.
    • Viglink Payment Methods: Viglink offers multiple payment methods for its publishers like Paypal, Check and Wire transfer.
    • Viglink Traffic Minimum: There is no minimum traffic requirement as such. However, each website is screened for quality by the quality assurance team at Viglink. Sign up with Viglink
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    Here are the top 10 AdSense alternatives of 2023. Additionally, you can monetize your inventory via SSPs. Here is a list of Top SSPs you should consider while monetizing your ad inventory.

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