How to Create Ad Units in Bulk in DFP

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Sometimes you’re required to create ad units in bulk in DFP when adding new sites. In this tutorial, we will see how publishers can create multiple ad units in DFP just by upload a CSV file. However, if you need to create more than 1000 ad units at one time, you need to use DFP API for the same. Normally, publishers need to create as many as 40 to 50 or at most 1000 ad units.

How to Create Ad Units in Bulk in DFP

1. Sign in to Doubleclick for Publishers.

2. Once logged in, click on Inventory>Ad Units. Here you can find the option for “Bulk upload new ad units”

3. Click on “download sample CSV file” to download a file that you can use to define your ad units. Open the CSV file and make changes based on the examples and the descriptions in the table below. When you’re done, save the CSV file using your file editor.

4. Click Choose File to find the CSV file you saved in step 2.

5. Click Upload and validate 

to verify that the ad unit settings are correct. If you identify an issue with any of the ad units defined in your CSV file, click Back to re-upload a corrected CSV file.

6. Click Confirm upload to create all of the ad units from your CSV file.

Thus if you have a number of ad units or follow a similar pattern, you can upload the ad units simply via a CSV file which will save a lot of time and effort.

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