Best Affiliate Programs for India E-commerce

Last updated on June 22nd, 2021 at 07:55 am

Earning money in present times in not so tough nowadays. In the age of digitalization, you can earn a lot through the internet- from the web or online. If you are a content creator or blogger, it is even easier with the help of Affiliate Programs. Affiliate Programs lets people earn a lot of money online. It is really simple- you just have to bring traffic juice to the company and through this, you can earn a lot. There are many affiliate programs out there through which you can earn handsome money. But, which are the best ones in the market? That’s why, we have listed the best Affiliate Program for India E-commerce which you can try and earn handsome money:

Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate (earlier known as Commission Junction) is one of the oldest and largest affiliate marketing programs in the market. Having companies over 3,000, CJ has more companies like Home Depot, Apple, TurboTax, and Boden. CJ Affiliate is free to join and you get a variety of tools like various banner sizes and intuitive search tools. You can also keep track of your performances and transaction reports. CJ Affiliate is easy to use and is very simple.  You just have to maintain a minimum of $50 and you will get paid monthly through direct deposit or check.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Competing with the Amazon Affiliate Program, the Flipkart Affiliate Program is another affiliate program which gives you huge advertising fees up to 12%. You can get a handset of tools by the company from simple banners, search tools, widgets to APIs. You can list Flipkart Offers and Coupons and products on your webpage or app. On the dashboards, you can see the link activities, conversions, and performances which your webpage is doing in different categories. You can optimize your campaign performance too by checking the reports.

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Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program is another trustable and an extraordinary affiliate program as far as money and security are concerned. This affiliate program is free to join (free sign up) and gives you up to 12% when it comes to the advertising fees. Not only, a user gets the advertising fees but you can earn from the qualifying purchases too. Every product has different advertising fees which can go up to 12% but some of them might have zero percent of the fees too. So, if you are a blogger or content creator, you can integrate this affiliate program on your webpage and monetize your website.


Cuelinks is another content monetization tool for bloggers and content creators.  Moreover, if you are any other publisher too, this tool might come handy for you- especially deal site owners and coupon sites. If you are owning a webpage or website which give the traffic juice to online shopping, travel or finance websites, then Cuelinks is just the tool for you. You can get all the details at the one place in your profile dashboards like clicks, transactions, conversions, clicks VS earnings and earnings. Also, you can know about the top-performing pages, best earning campaigns and top conversion campaigns.

AliExpress Affiliate Program

Just like the Amazon Affiliate Program, AliExpress Affiliate Program is another free to join an affiliate program which is easy to use. It helps you to monetize your blog as you can get up to whopping 50% commission rate by advertising the products. The catch lies here- the commission rates are set according to the products, but you can earn a lot from this platform- that’s for sure. The number of sales you do, the more you earn. You can create AliExpress Offers based upon products available on your webpages related to it and can enjoy promoting based upon the nature of product, category you are targeting. The company also aids you with incentives and tools so that you can reach the marketing goals. More than 1.5 lakh individuals have joined this program and are earning a lot from the advertising fees itself. So, if you want to be the one amongst them, you can join this program.

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