Coinzilla Review: Best CryptoCurrency Ad Network of 2023

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Last updated on April 28th, 2023 at 06:24 pm

Coinzilla is one of the best advertising networks from the crypto industry. With its headquarters in Romania, this company works towards promoting websites and projects related to the crypto niche. 

About Coinzilla’s Services

Coinzilla’s suite of features includes standard IAB banners & native banners along with CPM and CPC pricing models. Through these pricing models, advertisers are able to claim revenue for both clicks and views. 

Other unique features of the network include self-serve services which empowers advertisers to create and customize their campaign however they see fit. If advertisers are lacking the time to undertake campaign developments, Coinzilla provides support agents to take care of the matters.

Benefits for publishers: 

  • Publishers receive different rates, based on the site’s content and quality;
  • SEPA, SWIFT, BTC, ETH & Bank Transfers are accepted as payment;
  • Statistics are updated every 5 minutes;
  • All visits on the site are paid (given that we have inventory);
  • Regular payments made each day;
  • A minimum withdraw limit of €50;
  • Swift support response/

Note: Coinzilla has several requirements for a website to qualify as a publisher: the website must not be hosted on free hosting platforms, it must be at least below 1 million in Alexa Rank, and domain age must be of at least 3 months.

Benefits for advertisers:

  • Relevant and qualitative traffic;
  • Publishers are approved after they pass the necessary criteria;
  • The minimum deposit is €50;
  • Anti-fraud structure;
  • SubID included;
  • Campaigns are quickly approved;
  • Budget Capping, Advanced Campaign Creation and Optimization, Native Ads;
  • Fiat and crypto payment options included: SEPA, SWIFT, BTC, ETH & Bank Transfers.
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Referral Rewards

Advertisers can make additional income by promoting Coinzilla’s business. Their referral program gives out a commission of €50 each time a deposit of at least €500 is made.

More details regarding Coinzilla and its advertising services can be found at, in addition to many reviews and portals posted on other sites.

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