How to Make Money from Adnow Referral Program

Adnow is a native ad network offering widget based ads to a network of more than 1,50,000 publishers. It accepts sites with relatively low traffic volumes and has fewer publisher requirements when compared with Taboola or Outbrain. We have used Adnow on one of our websites and has seen good CPC for countries like India, South Asia and the entire Europe. If you’ve EU traffic, Adnow can be a good source of monetization.

For Bloggers who blog on topics related to affiliate marketing, blogging tips, and WordPress; they can make use of Adnow’s referral program to make 1000s of dollars in referral commissions. In this post, we are going to discuss in detail, how you can make money from Adnow referral Program.

How to Apply for the Adnow Referral Program

Go to by click on the hyperlink. Then, Signup as a publisher. Complete the registration form. Make sure you’ve provided all the details and then click on the “Submit” button.

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You need to verify your mail id upon registration and once done, you can log into the Adnow dashboard.

However, to get your sites approved, you need to “Add your site” by clicking on the “Add Site” button. On the top, you can see the referral link button which you can click on to find your referral link. As you can see in the screenshot, my Adnow referral link.

Till date, I have referred 290 publishers and have made around $2000 and more in referral commissions. So, you can also earn good money from Adnow referral program if you have an active base of bloggers and publishers visiting your site.

How to Make Money from Adnow Referral Program

The program offers affiliates to earn 5% of the publisher’s earnings for a lifetime from the date of signup. So, if you refer a publisher who is making $100 per day from Adnow, you will be receiving a commission of $5 per day. This can be pretty lucrative if you can refer 2-3 such publishers every month. However, the problem with Adnow is the low retention rate. This means, publishers tend to go away from Adnow after a period of time and this results in a decrease in referral commissions. To keep getting the commissions, you either need to keep sending sign ups to Adnow or find publishers whose content works well with Adnow ads.

Listed below are few strategies that can help you make money from Adnow referral program.

1. Affiliate Banners

There are banners of different sizes, which you can use to promote adnow on your blog or website. I would recommend you to go for 336×280, 300×250 and 728×90 for desktop and 320×100 sticky banner for mobile. You can create affiliate banners either using tools like Canva or Google web designer. Both the tools are free to use.

2. Affiliate Links

Simple yet prompt call to actions can help publishers sign up with Adnow. It is always better to redirect the publishers to the signup page instead of the homepage. This will increase the number of conversions.

3. Create Native Ads Units in DFP

Creating native affiliate ads using DFP can help you increase the overall click-through rates on your website and blog. Also, it would seamlessly blend with your content and will result in more genuine clicks,

4. Create Video Tutorials

How to tutorials on YouTube can work well. Publishers can gain information on how you’re using Adnow to make money from your blogs. These how-to tutorials can create interest on bloggers and publishers can they can signup with your affiliate link which would help you make money. Along with it, you can talk how publishers can increase their ad revenue from Adnow with the right placements, optimization and color blends.  

5. Provide Ad Optimization Consultation

Adnow performs particularly well for EU traffic. So, you can serve Adnow ads specific to EU audience and use another native network as a backfill. As a consultant, if you can create a good ad stack, it will be beneficial for publishers.

How I Made $2500 with Adnow in Less than a Year’s Time

Although there have been rumors that Adnow doesn’t pay its users and affiliates, they have always paid me on time expect for an occasion where the payment was on hold for a few months. It’s been over a year with Adnow and most of the revenue which I made from Adnow is from referral commissions. So, it’s a steady USD 200 in referral commissions per month which is not particularly bad if you’re earning it from one ad network.

Till now, all of the referrals are through blog posts, and we look forward to experimenting with video tutorials. Keep visiting Blognife and stay updated with new monetization opportunities for your blog.

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