Getting a 255% ROI by combining Push Notifications and a Dating offer [CASE STUDY]

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This time we have another successful case of a clever combination of EvaDav’s Push Notifications and a Dating offer. 

Starting with a piece of overall information:

Ad Format: Push Notifications from EvaDav


Campaign Period: 15/03/2019 – 28/04/2019

Affiliate Network: ProfitSocial
Targeting specs: Chrome browser on Android mobile devices

Total budget: $1506

Total earned: $5355

Net earnings: $3849

ROI: 255%
We’ve also got the advertiser speaking for himself this time, so you get a chance to learn of his experience firsthand.

Choosing an offer. The unknown territory

I’ve never had experience working with neither a Dating offer nor a CPL model, but I heard that this combination can be extremely profitable if you play your cards right. I stumbled upon an offer from TopOffers and ProfitSocial and chose to work with EvaDav. I was positive that their traffic and Push Notifications will do perfectly for me.

First thing I did was talking to my friends and colleagues who are more knowledgeable about this combination. Knowing all the common pitfalls before I started working was crucial for me. 

I’ve been told to make my first steps on a predictable and stable GEOs. That was the main reason why I chose this offer and targeted basically the first GEO on the list – France.

Next thing they told me was to be ready to invest money. My own experience taught me that going into an uncharted territory requires time and money investments, so I was ready for it.

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The last thing I’ve been told to focus on – was targeting Android devices. I knew that iPhones don’t support Push Notifications properly yet, but why target mobile devices and not desktop? Well, to be honest, I didn’t just want to believe it, so I promised myself to test this out: Chrome/Windows vs. Chrome on Android devices. The test proved me wrong. Just take a look at this (clicks by device):

Creating Push Notifications and a Landing Page. The “usual stuff”

Since I already knew how to work with Push Notifications with EvaDav, I followed the known path: created 2-5 different Push Notifications creatives that matched the Landing that the offer had. 

Below are the two most successful Push Notifications:

You don’t really need much from a Push Notification, just make sure it’s short, attractive for your TA, and works correctly.

The offer had a pretty well-designed Landing: minimalistic, with pics and GIFs of the girls,  and with a very simple 4-step ‘personal data gatherer’. I’ve been advised that GIFs actually work better than plain pictures for a Dating offer Landing page, so that made me optimistic as well.

Take a look at the Landing page:

Results. The joy of hard work paying off

I was more than satisfied with the results I got. Here’s a screenshot from the cabinet that shows the overall situation at the later stages of my campaign:

I can’t really show you more, as it contains some sensitive information for me. My first weeks weren’t as profitable as the last ones as I was still testing the proper targeting, black- and whitelisting, updating my pushes, etc.
Here’s what I got at the end:
Clicks: 351 273

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Leads: 1 392

Total earnings: $5 355

I spent $1506 on this campaign, which brought me to a $3849 of net earnings and a stunning 255% ROI. This was actually the highest that I’ve ever gotten!


I just want to list all the major things that I’ve learned throughout this campaign:

  1. Ask for advice: This is especially important if you’ve never done what you’re about to do.
  2. Be ready to invest time and money: Don’t want to sound like a broken record, but there’s really no way to achieve anything in affiliate marketing if you’re not willing to give in.
  3. Don’t be afraid of uncommon decisions: I didn’t believe that targeting Android devices would do the trick, but it had an insanely good outcome. Who would have thought?
  4. Don’t forget the basics: Especially when creating Push Notifications and Landing Pages. There are things you simply must do unless you want to fail badly.
  5. Work with proven partners: Find yourself a network you’re comfortable working with, as I found EvaDav.
  6. Relax and enjoy the flight: Once you’ve done all the hard work and it’s all just working by itself – relax and watch the money flow to your pocket.

That’s it for this time. Thank you for reading this, and I hope this guide has been helpful.

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