8 Best Push Notification Service for Android and iOS

A new system of App Push notification was started back in 2008, by Apple, when they had introduced iOS 3. The same went on to get adopted by Windows and Android. Push notification is basically a technology that allows to deliver content from an app to a different platforms without a specific request from the app, that is, an app does not require to be launched to receive a Push Notification. Here, we have listed some of the best push notification services that are available for Android and iOS.

The Importance of Push Notifications in Marketing

Push Notifications have become increasingly important in today’s age and time, because they are being used to deliver all sorts of information to app users, be it the ones communicating about the latest discount offers, or location based information, or even about the changes. Push Notification creates the much needed communication bridge between the users and an app. If you purchase things online you must be hogging for messages like “your order is out delivery”, “your order has been packed” and more. Push notification enables the delivery of such tracking messages.

8 Best Push Notification Service for Android and iOS

1) OneSignal

With the objective of of democratizing communication tools for all, from individual blogs to top tier apps, OneSignal has become a total start for apps. They provide simple and straightforward interface to push notifications and email, which helps concentrate on good quality user engagement, rather than complex implementation. With 2,00,000 live apps and 2.5 billion messages being sent out regularly, and 4,85,477 registered developers, it is easily one of the most preferred platforms. Also, one reason for the same is that it spreads out rather than being confined to one platform and can be used to deliver content to Windows, Android and iOS.

Features: They allow you to directly send notifications to one or more test devices from the OneSignal dashboard, that lets you add test devices, through “All Users” panel. When a device is missing Google Play Services, their SDK detects error cases well. Also, now they support automatic prompting dialog, which can be made use of by changing the Automatic Registration option to true.

Pricing: They provide you with real time analytics, delivery automation, full api, localization, unlimited segments and more, all for free.

2) PushWoosh

With a diverse cross-platform push notifications system, PushWoosh enables marketers, mobile developers, and app owners reach and engage their audience easily. Not just that, they also give you the required efficiency and growth boost. With carefully  customized Push Presets, one does not have to spend much time and effort on push marketing campaigns, it will become a cakewalk. If you run their automated behavior-based push campaigns, you can in a simple manner better and increase marketing relevance. Their high-velocity push notifications, will help you get your users in not time and quite easily.

Features: Making use of the  detailed campaign statistics with metrics such as application open, push sent/open rate, install numbers and more, you do not just engage and communicate with your mobile audience in a customized and personal manner, but you also evaluate and segment better.

Pricing: If you are just starting out, their pricing would look the best to you, because for you, it would be absolutely free. But if you have over 50,000 devices, you would be charged  $41.95, monthly. If you have over 3,00,000 devices, you would be charged $125.95, monthly. Also, there is another plan, that is you can get everything customized too.

3) PushBots

A push notification service founded in 2012 in Cairo, Egypt, Pushbots allows developers to deliver messages on both mobile and desktop platforms. They provide you with a light messaging kit to plug a single SDK to their iOS, Android and web apps. They are excellent tool if you wish to analyze your user base, get to them on both mobile and web, track every message performance, as well as schedule and automate messaging.

Features: They provide you with a detailed engagement surgery, which would in seconds help you learn how well your messages engage people in average and on every platform. With engagement charts, you can track the performance on your message over time. They easily let you integrate your back ends and infrastructure with their APIs in whatever language you prefer.

Pricing: They have four plans to offer-   Starter which would cost you $29/month to support up to 10,000 devices, Basis, which would cost you $49/month to support up to 50,000 devices, Plus  which would cost you $129/month to support up to 150000 devices and Ultimate which would cost you $199/month – up to 300000 devices.

4) Carnival.io

Carnival.io is used by some of the best companies like AB InBev, OREO, CNN/Time, DreamWorks Animation, Random House, and Coca-Cola, Air New Zealand, Thrive Market, Sephora, Six Flags and more, they offer a mobile marketing automation platform that helps engage mobile app audiences with the use of creative, personalized notifications. They convert apps into an ongoing, owned marketing channels, with their rich in-app messages and a branded Message Stream. They help automate personalized messages based on the users behavior, demographic, technology insights and more.

Features: They provide you with three channels to engage your users with rich messaging that is, push notifications which would drive app opens; in-app notifications that would increase conversions; and a customizable Message Stream which helps deliver rich, full-screen content. Also, they allow you to segment users based on a variety of aspects and insights. They help trigger messages at the perfect moment for each user.

5) Amazon SNS

A convenient, fully managed pub/sub messaging and mobile notifications service, Amazon SNS is one of the bests to coordinate the delivery of messages to subscribing endpoints and clients. They can help you deliver messages to a huge number of subscribers, including distributed systems and services, and mobile devices. It is quite easy to operate and set up and can be relied on to deliver messages to big crowds too.


Description: A simple, scalable and reliable delivery API, Catapush is an excellent web and app push notification company. It is your ideal choice if you wish to deliver data-driven transactional messages and targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages. They are highly instrumental in empowering corporations with a 2way communication system, that bears benefits for both the company and the users. Not just that, they give you a delivery conformation, and a real time status for each of the sent messages.

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Features:  They provide a real time background connection using a certain protocol named XMPP that results in more reliable and faster message delivery and statuses tracking. They absolutely assure the delivery of a message with the message store, forward and retry mechanisms that enables the delivery of push messages even under critical situations.  They provide a detailed delivery status on each message and literal timestamps for message sent, delivered, opened/read, clicked. Most importantly, they personalize messages on the basis of information which definitely caters a smarter and better experience.

Pricing: Their pricing in accordance with the number of recipients that your messages would have. If the mentioned is about 1,000, you would be charged $24.75 monthly and if the same is 10,000, you would be charged $222.71 monthly and lastly, if it is 20,000, you would have to pay $395.94 monthly.

7) Intercom

They help you build a suite messaging-first product, and are highly instrumental in increasing growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to engagement, and support for the internet business. They provide with the kind of boost all businesses could use, no matter what. It is used by New Relic, Sotheby’s, and Shopify, among other 25,000 other businesses and they really help connect with  a billion unique people worldwide.

Features: Their best feature is their targeted emails, in app and push messages that very successfully leads to better conversions and more sign ups. Apart from that, they are known for efficient lead acquisition, that is, making use of bots and live chats to automatically qualify, route and convert leads faster.

Pricing: They provide with quite a custom way of pricing, that is, you get get charged only for what you avail. For an instance, if you wish to send targeted email, in app and push messages to leads and customers, you would have to pay just $49, monthly

8) Pushengage

Created with the motive to help sales and marketing teams segment and deliver web push messages in an automated manner, Pushengage, is one of the few push notification platforms that can be used in both mobile and web. They help profusely with segmentation of  target audience based on custom data like their landing page URLs, browsed URL history, and location among others. Also, they create personalized notifications according to the segmentation results, that successfully brings higher click rates and decreases the number of subscription cancels.

Features: They let you put auto trigger for abandoned carts in a click, which would help send custom notifications to your customers, which also makes these quite personal. Other than that, they provide exceptionally advanced analytics and segmentation of users diversely which would get you 5 to 10 percent higher click rates.

Pricing: Their pricing is in accordance with the number of subscribers, so if you have about 5000, you have to pay $29, monthly and if you have 25000 subscribers, you have get a business plan that costs $59 and for 1,00,000 subscribers, you have to get a business plan, for which, you have to pay $99, monthly.

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