10+ Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks in 2020

What is Pay Per call Advertising- It is an advertising model in which the money paid by the advertiser is accordance with the number of telephone calls made by viewers of an ad. The providers charge per call, per impression or per conversion and bears major resemblance to the pay per click model, just that the viewers have to make a telephone call instead of viewing an external website. It is majorly beneficial for it allows customers to talk with the seller before buying a product or service. The communication between seller and customer is of major importance, because that could either make an impression about the product being sold or break it too.

Benefits of Pay Per Call Advertising

One of the major benefits is that it results in a very high conversion rates, because with most calls coming from web, you are looking at a brilliant opportunity and both businesses and customers alike can gain from this method. It is obvious that it brings more revenue and a better ROI. It is quite an easy and simple process too and has a more accurate and better tracking.

Top 10 Best Pay Per Call Networks for Publishers to Earn Extra Bucks


LucraTel is the most reliable Pay Per Call agency I’ve dealt with. They are in every vertical you can imagine and their payment terms are super flexible. LucraTel supports Inbound Calls and Live Transfers. My campaigns always do better here and I think it’s because of their massive buyers network and the way their smart tracking is configured. If you have high-intent calls I would suggest split-testing them here. Quality team.


Lucratel specializes in lead generation and can create customized solutions for just about any industry.


Being in this business for more than a decade has definitely earned them major experience, owing to which you can totally rely on them. Their very experience and global reach, makes them the network of choice for over 2,000 affiliates. They are actually one of the leaders in digital marketing. They run and manage click-to-call and transfer campaigns through direct relationships with advertisers in the United States. They take utmost pride in premium pay-per-call offers across different spectrums like insurance, home improvement, home security, debt relief, and mortgage verticals, amongst others.


GlobalWideMedia is relied on by the world’s leading brands and agencies and is their data-driven digital marketing leader, providing premium media solutions. For the past ten years, they have been trusted by the best and have successfully assisted them to provide the best results for the campaigns. They have marketing campaigns across display, search, social media, email and video marketing to offer, which is the reason for the better results. They understand the brands and agencies to find out their target audience, gauge audience responsiveness, and identify the optimal channels to deliver results and target accordingly.


They have come a long way from being an affiliate network working in several niche verticals into a global marketing agency and now provide a huge list of clients with cost-effective advertising services. Their major winner is their efficiency and the same brings them a good number of clients. They believe in creations and innovation and push boundaries in what they do, to grow and provide better services. Not just that, they have been recognized as one of the best by Performinsider, mThink Blue Book and Mobyaffiliates


They are a Pay-per-call marketplace, where one could browse inbound call categories and connect with new customers. Their inbound sales ready leads help one better revenue, track  ROI and grow client base. They can help you earn the highest payouts in the market. Their self serve marketplace allows one to easily create their own pay-per-call campaigns, or discover campaigns that can be promoted.


Chosen by the world’s most successful internet retailers, CJ Affiliates, is one of the most client  invested networks available. Be it monetizing website traffic, driving more sales or finding more customers, they make their customer’s motive their very own. One of the major reasons behind them being favoured is that they are a global network and their tools are majorly instrumental behind better conversions and performance of the programs.


A marketing services company, RingPartner, onnects qualified consumers who are ready to buy with national brands and businesses across North America. Its major putback is its confinement when it comes to locations. They generate nearly half a million calls each month across hundreds of verticals. They provide you with analytics that would allow you to track your campaigns & make the most of their marketing services. Also, their tech is pretty convenient and efficient, making it easy for you to connect with your customers, whenever, wherever.


They are favored widely because they intent and successfully provide a win-win situation to everyone. They provide high conversion rates, which leads to phone reps being happier and staying longer. The customers are hence, happy and the costs too are very economically effective. They deliver advertising content to specific interest-based segments which assures that ads are displayed to only people who could be potential conversion and that you money is not waster.


eLocal has been in the business of helping consumers connect with local businesses since 2007, and they do pretty impressive work. They accept live calls using their in-house US based call center or through category specific IVRs, where they are intelligently routed directly to the advertisers. Not just that, they have direct relationships with thousands of local, regional and national service providers looking for phone calls and web form leads.


They work hand in hand with experts in Pay Per Call industry to create a seamless process from the initial customer contact all the way to the end sale and drive excellence. They concentrate majorly on quality, consistency, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Both the advertisers and publishers benefit largely from their state-of-the-art Pay Per Call solutions to achieve their demand objectives in record time.

11)Aragon Advertising

Aragon Advertising is already decorated with an award from their excellent services in the industry, and is trusted by businesses from all over the world, for they bring them qualified leads, reach their perfect customers, and increase conversion rates. The PPC campaigns they run generate hundreds of thousands of calls per month across multiple verticals. They filter through sources to find the right opportunities that matches the client’s business goals and help in achieving them.


A publisher network, PayPerCallMarket is dedicated to constant innovation, reinventing the way affiliates build their businesses, redefining the online advertising monetization structure, and simplifying the process. They have the most advanced technology and provide consistent conversions.

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