ShareaSale Review: Best Affiliate Network for Publishers in 2020

Share A Sale is an affiliate marketing network that pays its publishers to promote the products of those merchants registered with them. It is a two way program that serves both merchants and publishers, where the former pays the latter for every sale that has been made through their network.

A Brief About the Company

Share A Sale is an affiliate marketing network, that has been in business since 16 years. The network has one of the best affiliate marketing techniques in place that is known for accuracy, speed and efficiency. It is considered one of the honest businesses in the industry, that pays its publishers the best commission, promptly. The company was founded in the year 2000 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. It pays its affiliate commissions based on the sales made through their websites and blogs. Affiliate marketers could choose from 4,500 programs from their network to realize high commissions every month. Getting started with the network is pretty simple as well, and publishers have to get registered as an affiliate with their network, which would in turn offer HTML referral links and banners to be placed in their sites. It does not charge any fees for its affiliates.

Requirements for Publishers to Join ShareaSale

To Get registered as an affiliate with Share A sales, the affiliate partner needs to be at least 18 years of age and bear a valid tax ID, such as a federal tax ID or Social Security Number. The network does not partner with the following types of websites, such as Adult Sites, Sites that possess adult banners, Sites that promote bigotry, hatred and violence and sites that support illegal content and activity such as hacking and malware.

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Affiliates have to choose their unique username and password, as part of the registration process and offer complete and accurate information for registration. Affiliates are held completely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password and for all activity through their account. Share A Sale formerly sings a bond with all of its affiliates, and thus gains permission to place banner ads of merchants anywhere on the site that best fits in and also in non-spam emails. collects and calculates all statistics regarding affiliate website performance and demands that the site be in English language only. Each affiliate is entitled to have only one single website.

While Spamming is strictly not allowed and would invite immediate termination of the affiliate agreement, affiliates are allowed to place links and banners in their newsletters and content of the website. But banners should strictly not be used in chat rooms, news groups, message boards, hit farms, banner networks, guest books, counters etc. An affiliate account that has not been used for a period of 6 months is considered an abandoned account and would be removed from the network.

There are two levels of membership offered at Share A Sales, namely full and limited. All affiliates would begin at the limited level and are allowed to participate in pay per sale and pay per lead programs only. Full membership is offered at the time of first payment dispatched and are offered access to participate in pay per click programs.

How does the ShareaSale Network work?

Share A Sale is a complete affiliate marketing network where, links and banner ads of merchants products and services would be placed at publishers websites and blogs. Every time a visitor clicks on those links and make a purchase, publishers/affiliates gain commission. This program also benefits merchants with good sales and income for their product. Though the process looks simple, the network makes in working and succesful through its variant tools, and these are described here. Websites that are based on the following niche, works best with Share A Sale affiliate marketing network, Technology, blogging, clothing and fashion, food and fitness, dating, books publishing sites and wedding blogs.

  • Real Time Tracking: Share A Sales track the performance of all of its links real time. Affiliates could thus immediately know when a banner gets clicked and a sale is made along with their % commissions.
  • Segmentation: The network makes use of tags to group and segment affiliates. It also easily tracks the trends of specific affiliate groups, sets up rule based commissions and delivers targeted content.
  • Click Stream reports: This tool helps affiliates to view all recent clicks that have been made by a consumer prior to making a purchase. Through such Timestamp data held in the report, affiliates could generate rule based commissions.
  • The API of the Merchant: Merchant API could be used to retrieve reporting data on an automated basis, edit transactions, update creative and a lot more.
  • Stores Connect: This is a tool that helps to connect multiple websites, so as to run all processes under one account. Affiliates still could enjoy separate commissions, reports and creative from the network.
  • API for Affiliates: Consists different reports pertaining to their sales made and earnings, search for new merchants, and helps affiliates to raise a query for product links and so on.
  • Custom Link Creation: Through this feature, affiliates are able to create custom license plates with links for social media features and links to connect with products directly.

Its Monthly review report offers affiliates clear pictures on duplicate transaction numbers, sales originating from the same IP address and other activities pertaining to fraud and duplicate orders. This helps affiliates to void or reverse bad and duplicate orders and makes Share A Sales the best affiliate network to launch.

Advantages of ShareaSale Program

  • Its Dashboard and user interface is extremely user friendly and easy to use
  • Affiliates are free to sign up for almost any product they wish to start from themes to products from Fortune 500 businesses.
  • The network offers three different types of programs at two levels, such as pay per sale, pay per lead and pay per click programs. Pay per sale could offer 2 tier commission for its publishers as well.

Payment structure and Payout- ShareaSale

Affiliates are paid commissions for sending authorized sales, leads and clicks of merchants through the links. To get links placed, affiliates should first get approved by a merchant to become his affiliate. Payments are auto generated on the 20th day of each month when account balance of affiliates would reach $50. Payments are made on a NET 30 basis, on the 20th of each month. Money that has been credited to the affiliate’s account does not accrue any interest.  For international affiliates (residing out of the US), commissions are deposited through direct bank transfers where ever possible. Otherwise payments are made through check and Bank Wire Transfers.


Share A Sale is one of the best working and a famous affiliate marketing network that operates a network of merchants. The network is a reliable source of income for a number of affiliate marketers who pays them a high commission on pay per sales basis.

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