10 Best Push Notification Service for WordPress Websites

In the age of the internet and such, communicating with your customers or readers is a necessity. You have to keep in mind, that there is a wide range of users, with different interests, location and majorly, they read and surf about different things. It would be quite difficult if you personally try to reach out to each one of them, after going through a hoard of their information. So, to put at ease to these, there is push notification. These are messages that pop up on a mobile device and are sent by app publishers or WordPress websites. The websites listed below would do all the work for you but you need to make a choice.

The Important of Push Notifications in Marketing

Push Notifications are a way to speak directly to a user. It is the most convenient option and does not get caught in spam filters, or forgotten in an inbox, in fact, they can double the click-through rates. Other than that, they could remind a user to make use of the app, or go back to the websites. It could be used to promote something or communicate new offers, improve customer experience, convert unknown app users to known customers and more. It is the most efficient way to reach out to users.

1) OneSignal

OneSignal is known to provide an easy interface to push notifications and email, allowing the one who create the content, concentrate on good quality user engagement, rather than complex implementation. They hold the motive of democratizing communication tools for all, from individual blogs to top-tier apps. They have quite an impressing number of live apps and daily messages sent, which is 2,00,000 and 2.5 billion respectively. Also, they have around 4.85,477 registered developers. They are not limited to just one platform and spread across the web, ios, and android.

Features: Making use of the one signal dashboard, you can add test devices, through the “All Users” panel. Once the test device is added, notifications can be sent directly to one or more test devices from the one signal dashboard. Their SDK detects error cases well when a device is missing Google Play Services. They now support an automatic prompting dialog, which can be made use of by changing the Automatic Registration option to true. They also support action buttons for Chrome Web Push notifications.

Pricing: As alarming as it sounds, their services are for free. For no cost at all, you get real-time analytics, delivery automation, full API, localization, unlimited segments and more.

2) PushWoosh

PushWoosh is one of the rarest of websites to provide a dynamic cross-platform push notifications system that allows marketers, mobile developers, and app owners reach and engage their audience with absolute ease. It will definitely provide the much-needed boost to your efficiency and growth. You do not have to spend much time and effort on push marketing campaigns, thanks to the carefully customized Push Presets. Also, you can increase marketing relevance by running automated behavior-based push campaigns. You can get to your customers on a real-time basis with high-velocity push notifications.

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Features: They allow you to improve what you could evaluate – with the use of detailed campaign statistics with metrics such as application open, push sent/open rate, install numbers and more and they let you engage with your mobile audience in a very personal manner.

Pricing: For a startup, the site is absolutely free, but the pricing varies for the rest. For a developer with over 50,000 devices, the price would be $41.95, monthly. For marketing, with over 3,00,000 devices, the pricing would be $125.95, monthly. For enterprises, you can build your custom package

3) Foxpush

 It is said to be the best thing that hit the World Wide Web since The Hyperlink, that has helped more than 30 million web push notification subscribers in about a year, and their clients have sent more than 7 billion push notifications all around the world, which makes Foxpush one of the most used Web Push notification service providers. Their exceptionally qualified engineers, and continuous investments in R&D, they have the highest push notification subscription rate on the market to offer. With the average CTR of 30%, their push notifications are quite effective and if compared to email marketing and traditional forms of advertising, it is seemingly better.

Features: They offer sophisticated messaging that is really powerful and allow you to communicate with your visitors, anytime, anywhere, even with the browsers being shut. They deliver messages instantly, and they reach out to the subscribers, irrespective of whether they are using mobile, desktop or tablet. They have a quick and easy set up that keeps you away from all the haggling and issues. Also, they have quite an advanced user targeting that assures that you send the right content to the right people at the right time.

Pricing: It might sound unbelievable at first, but all of their services are for free and they vouch that it is how it would be always.

4) Web Engage

It is a marketing automation software that plays a major role in B2 companies driving revenue from existing and anonymous users, by helping the companies segment and engages with the customers in a personalized manner. Considered a transformational tool, Webengage is known to stitch all channels together, to make it one consistent experience. Not just that, it allows you to simply build a nudging communication plan which adapts to user behavior. Once you make use of Web Engage, you can notice the drastic changes in communication with the users, which is affected because of better targeting, personalization, and accessibility.

Features: They provide you with just the perfect kind of personalized, contextually relevant mobile push messages if you use the user behavior and profile data. You can improve user retention with better segmentation, that can contain any group of users with criteria defined by you. Also, you can trigger your Android or iOS push notification campaign based on the correct protocols.

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Pricing: They have different plans and pricing, but before that, they provide a two weeks free trial. For the Solo plan, with over 10K active monthly users, you will have to pay $199, annually and on contrast, for Band plan, with over 50K active monthly users, you will have to pay $899, annually. While for the Choir plan, with over 100K active monthly users, you would have to pay $1499, annually and with the same kind of users, you could build a custom plan too.

5) SendPulse

An integrated messaging platform, with an artificial intelligence system and personalization, Sendpulse is a platform that offers multiple channels of communication with customers: email, web push notifications, SMS, and Viber. They allow you to communicate with CRM and CMS systems through messages, integration with shopping scripts and online services and they also allow you to send notifications directly from your project, track campaigns and view statistics.

Features: They have quite a convenient email editor that is their drag and drop email editor, that helps you create professional email templates in no time. You can set up email send out, web push notifications, and SMS flows, in accordance with variables, events, and the actions your users take, with the use of Automation 360. You can use a personal approach while dealing with your as they allow you to analyze the activity of your subscribers.

Pricing: They have a varying price structure, but for starters, if you have subscribers ranging from 0-2,500, their services are free for you. If you have subscribers ranging from 2,501 – 3,000, you have to pay $23.2 per month, and it goes on like that.

6) AdPush

7) PushCrew

A web-based push notification platform, being used by SaaS and B2B marketers, online content publishers, and eCommerce store owners, PushCrew is the marketing automation solution which helps users in reaching out to their website visitors, subscribers and customers, using the simple method of sending out push notifications and alerts of whatever platform they make use of which using your platform.

Features: They provide some very rich push notifications with emojis and big images and a little tip here is that you can make use of engaging buttons, that would drastically boost click-throughs and bring customers to your website. You can segment and group your subscribers based on their website activities. They allow you to create a series of messages, that is automatically triggered by the visitors’ behavior on the site.

Pricing: For startups with up to 2000 subscribers, it is free. Also, they have offered a 30% discount on the annual plans, which makes the premium plan worth $18 and the business plan $53, monthly. Also, irrespective, they have a two weeks free trial to offer.

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8) Intercom

Description: Instrumental in building a suite messaging-first products Intercom can play a major role in accelerating growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement, and support for the internet business. It is the boost they could really use. At the present, Intercom is used by more than 25,000 businesses, which includes New Relic, Sotheby’s, and Shopify and it successfully helps them connect with a billion unique people worldwide.

Features:  They provide efficient lead acquisition, that is, they make use of bots and live chats to automatically qualify, route and convert leads faster. They send targeted emails, in an app and push messages for better conversions and more sign-ups and also, you get an integrated help desk and knowledge base that would assist in providing quick solutions to your problems, if at all.

Pricing: They have a unique system of pay for what you require and if you need to send targeted email, in an app and push messages to leads and customers, you could get that for $49, monthly.

9) Pushengage

A push notifications platform, that can be used in both mobile and web, PushEngage was created with the motive to help sales and marketing teams categorize and send web push messages automatically. It helps segments target audience based on customs data like their landing page URLs, browsed URL history, and location among others. It helps create personalized notifications according to the segmentation results, that brings higher click rates and decreases the number of subscription cancels.

Features: They have a stunning set of features that allows you to set an auto trigger for abandoned carts in a click, which would help send custom notifications to your customers. You could segment users diversely, and that would lead to targeted push notifications, which would get 5 to 10 percent higher click rates. They provide very advanced analytics that would improve your push notifications.

Pricing: Their pricing varies based on subscribers, so if the same is about 5000, you have to pay $29, monthly and if you have 25000 subscribers, you have got a business plan that costs $59 and for 1,00,000 subscribers, you have to get a business plan, for which, you have to pay $99, monthly.


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