How to Monetize a Financial Website or Blog in 2020

While I was going through some data on ad buying, I found that finance is one of the top categories when it comes to ad buying. However, there aren’t a lot of ad networks which are specific to the finance niche. In this article, we going to discuss about the prospects of finance blogs and how to monetize a financial website.

Few Things to Keep in Mind while Monetizing a Financial Website

  1. Ad placements are extremely crucial- It is important that you’ve an optimized ad placement since the CPC for finance blogs are very high, you should miss out on the revenue because of poor ad placements.
  2. Test Different ad networks- You need to test more than one ad network. Along with major ad exchanges, we have listed few native ad networks and others which might be a good match for financial websites.
  3. Call to actions like recommending your visitors an e-book, purchasing a video course related to your finance niche can further increase your website’s revenue, so you should have room for this too.
  4. Using a Google search bar can give you additional revenue. Also, link units tend to perform very well for financial keywords, so make sure you’ve them setup on your site.

Key Ad Networks to Monetize a Financial Website or a Blog

1) is a contextual ad network that works particularly well on niche websites which gets a majority of their traffic from US, UK, and Canada. The network has a huge advertiser demand from Yahoo and Bing and boasts of high CPMs on niche websites which are focused on insurance, health, finance, loans, and more. There are a number of big publishers who are earning good revenue with contextual ads. 

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  • CPM Rates- CPMs can go as high as USD 10 and above
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- Flexible traffic requirement based on website niche. Usually 2,000 pvs/day
  • Payment Methods- They give the money on a NET 30-day basis, and their minimum payout threshold is $100. The payments are made via Payoneer.

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2) Google AdSense

AdSense is one of the high paying ad networks for finance niche. Clicks can persistently fetch you $1 and above if you’ve quality traffic which converts for advertisers. Since most of the advertisers have high budget allocated for finance niche, you can pretty well make good money if you’ve traffic.

What is particularly important is to get your ads optimized for the best placements. I would recommend a plugin similar to WPadvanced ads which can provide a lot of customization and help you increase your overall ad revenue from finance blogs and websites.

Advanced Ads- Must have WordPress Plugin

Alternatively, if you’ve high traffic, you can signup with Ezoic or AdPushup as well. You need to have about 10,000 page views a day or 300,000 per month, to be accepted to their platforms.


 They are a Canadian based ad network and is only interested in financial blogs with Canadian traffic. So, if you’ve a substantial volume of Canadian traffic, you can serve their ads via DFP and make additional revenue from your Canadian traffic

4) MBT Media

 The multi-platform brand dedicated to all things personal finance. MBT Media delivers leading financial tools, sound advice, and a unique perspective to over 6 million unique customers each month. MBT Media consists of, top-tier personal finance publishers, and their own mobile apps. They work with a selected number of publishers who have quality financial blogs.

5) Dianomi

dianomi™ is a global leader in financial content marketing. They are the only native content platform that focuses exclusively on the Financial Services vertical. Through their  natively integrated Financial Content Units, they promote links to the advertisers content across leading tier 1 global financial publishers and stock exchanges. If you’ve a good user base for US, Candanian, UK and EU traffic, Dianomi can perform very well for you. Also, their native ads look quite like content, and is definitely an additional source of monetization for any tier one traffic.

6) is another popular ad network that can provide high CPMs for native video ads. All of Teads ads come from premium advertisers and offer high CPMs.  They follow a strict rule to approve each publisher websites. You need to have good content and substantial portion of your traffic should be from US, Canada, UK and EU. work well for high quality news and finance website.

7) Buy Sell Ads

 Buy Sell Ads is one of the largest marketplace for direct buying and selling of ads. There are a lot of advertisers who are looking to buy ad slots at fixed CPM pricing or monthly. Typically, publishers have to signup with BuySellAds and once approved, they can list the website on the marketplace. If any buyer wants to take an ad slot, they can pay the required price for the ad slot and the amount will be credited to publisher’s account. This really works well for a niche like finance where there are specific products which cater to a certain audience interest.

8) Criteo

 Criteo is not exactly a finance ad network, but a retargeting company. Retargeting ads are costly since they target specific users and publishers are paid a premium price for this audience. Criteo can be an additional source of strong revenue if you’ve got good tier 1 traffic. To get started, test their 300×600, 336×280 and native ad units and keep an eye on the fill rate. You can use adsense as a fack-fill and continue to make good money from AdSense.

9) Taboola

 Taboola is another native ad network that I would definitely want to recommend. They have a strong advertiser base in finance niche and can help you make good revenue from it. Also, Taboola ads are quite appealing, leading users to engage more with native content ads. You can use their in-content and after post ad placement to generate additional revenue.

10) Video Courses and Ebooks

 Finding the relevant courses on your finance niche and listing them on your blog can give you additional income. Also, you can see e-books which are relevant to your niche. Typically, video courses, software and e-books make good sales and you can draw commissions.

11) Consumer Surveys

 Google runs a product called consumer surveys. They surveys are visible to the audience of certain countries (Around 8-9 countries) and if you happen to be a publisher from any of these countries, you can run consumer surveys on your blog. Consumer surveys pay a RPM of $20-$30, so this will be your additional revenue over adsense. Please read our article here to know more about Consumer Surveys.

12) Videos

In additional, you can monetize your site will video ads. If you’ve more than 10k views per day and majority of your traffic is from desktop, the video ads can make you good revenue. Kindly contact me on skype for a setting up video ads (username share below at author bio). Video ads generates around 3-4X of your banner ad CPM. So, this will be additional revenue which you’ll be making. We hope that these following ad networks will open new streams of monetization for your financial website. All the best for your future endeavours.

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