List of Ad Exchanges in 2023: Private, Public, and Marketplace

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Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 07:17 am

The future of Adtech depends greatly on optimizing ROI for advertisers and helping publishers monetize their inventory at better rates. It is becoming important for technology companies and ad networks to understand the value of every impression and serve them to publishers so that the ROI of the advertisers are maximized. Since the media buying is carried out with the help of sophisticated algorithms with little human control over the optimization, the whole process needs a first-hand programmatic approach. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top ad exchanges which are capable of bringing higher ROI for advertisers and helping publishers optimise their yield. We have segmented the list into major ad exchanges followed by video and native ad exchanges.

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  • List of Ad Exchanges for Publishers and Advertisers in 2023

    Take a look at the top and some of the biggest ad exchanges by market share. Most of these ad exchanges offer inventory across desktop and mobile for ad formats like display, video, and native.

    • Google Ad Exchange
    • Openx
    • Appnexus
    • Smartyads
    • One by AOL
    • Smaato
    • Rubicon
    • Mopub
    • Epom
    • Index Exchange
    • Nexage

    Video Ad Exchange List

    Although the exchanges listed above have video inventory and demand, they are not exclusive video ad exchanges. The networks which are listed below are the popular video ad exchanges. Publishers and SSPs can integrate with these video ad exchanges and make the demand compete with other partners.

    • Freewheel
    • Cedato

    Native Ad Exchange List

    Native has become an integral part of today’s advertising ecosystem. Almost every marketer or advertiser is looking for native solutions to boost their ROI. The ad spend on native will continue to grow and by 2025, native will be one of the top ad spending formats. So, further accelerating the growing demand, we are seeing the rise of native ad exchanges in the market. Sharethrough is the first integrated native ad exchange that helps publishers and advertisers make the most of this ad format. Included along with it, there are some other popular native ad exchanges that publishers can take a look at.

    • Revcontent
    • Sharethrough
    • Powerlinks
    • Bidtellect
    • Doubleclick Ad Exchange
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    Doubleclick has reasonably increased its foothold in native to meet the growing demand of the brands.

    List of Private Ad Exchanges

    A private exchange can be said to be much safer for a publisher if the first-party data can be properly utilized to show advertisers the worth of impressions. There are a number of publishers and groups of publishers who have set up private exchanges to ensure that their inventory is sold at premium rates. In fact, most of the big exchanges do have their own private marketplace which is invite-only and serves as what we call ‘private exchanges’.

    Ezoic banner

    If you want to take a deep look at these private exchanges, I would suggest you filter and go through which is the largest database of ad tech vendors.

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