The Most Unpopular Sports for Betting in the World

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Looking for a new sport to bet on? Check out these five less-popular sports for online betting. Learn about the history of each sport, and where you can find exciting competitions!

What’s being said about unpopular sports now?

In this article we will talk about less popular sports, both professional male and female sports are included. We will also tell you about the not so popular Olympic sports and sports teams for online betting. The passion and desire for sports is the most common factor that unites people around the world. 

The world’s most popular games like soccer, basketball, cricket, hockey, gymnastics and many others have their true and devoted fans. However, there are quite a few sports which, despite being spectacular and large-scale, are not well-liked among professional sports. These unusual sports require great skill and precision, but for some reason do not get the proper appreciation and attention.

We have studied the lists and rankings of all the sports that never became popular, although they are considered professional and have their own awards and cups. It is them that are not so often noticed among other sports, but from this they do not cease to be interesting. It was not easy, but we are ready to show you in the form of a list of the 5 most unpopular professional sports in the world. 

Check them out below:

  • Kabaddi;
  • Fencing;
  • Water Polo;
  • Darts;
  • Bowling.


Is the oldest and most popular team game in Asia, incorporating elements of wrestling. Kabaddi originated in India, and the first international game was played in Dhaka in 1985. It is a game that is a mixture of no-ball rugby and red rover. Despite this, it is still relatively unpopular, although it has its own World Cup. International competitions, including world championships, are also held in kabaddi. A total of three world championships have been held in the history of this sport – in 2004, 2007 and 2016.


Fencing competitions first appeared at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens and since then have been included in the program of each subsequent Games. Initially the competitions were men’s, women’s disciplines appeared at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris. The essence of which is to fight with the use of cold weapons. There are the following types of sport fencing: on rapiers, on sabers, on epees.

Water polo

Water polo is a water-based ball game in which two participating teams aim to score the most goals against their opponents. This game, whose rules were developed by W. Wilson, emerged in the mid-nineteenth century and became one of the first sports to be included in the Olympic Games. The game first appeared in the Olympic Games program in 1900. Women’s water polo entered the Olympic program in 2000.

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Men’s & Women’s Less-popular Sports

We also found out which sports are less popular among men and women. Introductions to sport usually start with the high-profile disciplines of world-famous sports. On the other hand, what about those who like to see something new and a little different from what is regularly shown on sports channels? The world of sports, it turns out, has a lot to offer and the least popular sports in the world. Maybe these games may not have million-dollar prizes and crowds of enthusiastic fans, but they sure are different.

Unpopular men’s sports:


There are many championships being held today. Players can compete against each other in different types of billiards – Russian, English, French. Billiards-professional have high indicators of physical fitness, a calculating mind, a marking hand and sharp eyesight. If there is a balance of these qualities, then even in a difficult fight can be won. It is important that the player is characterized by coolness and calculation. But strangely enough, this sport is not as popular as the others. 


An Olympic sport in which athletes compete in archery accuracy.  The winner in archery is the athlete or team that scores the most points, according to the rules of the competition. Archery competitions are held both outdoors and indoors. Shooting at the competitions is done in a series of 3 or 6 arrows. According to FITA standards, a series of 3 arrows takes 2 minutes and a series of 6 arrows takes 4 minutes. Nevertheless, it is also considered not as popular as the others. 


Today, chess is included in the registers of sports in one hundred states of the world. Two decades ago, a similar decision was made by officials of the International Olympic Committee. But chess tournaments are still not part of the Olympic Games program, despite an attempt to organize exhibition competitions in 2018. The intellectual nature of chess requires players to have outstanding physical fitness. The ability of chess players to maintain concentration over the course of long games and tournaments is the result of hard training.

Unpopular Women’s Sports


An Olympic team sport in which teams must take turns launching special stones across the ice at a target while trying to push their opponent’s stones out of the way. A team consists of 4 players. Each player performs two throws at each end in a specific sequence, alternating with the opponent. 

Table Tennis

This is also one of the Olympic sports, in which two players or two teams of two (doubles) compete, trying to throw a special ball (through the net on the playing table) to the opponent’s side so that he could not reflect it. The ball must touch the opponent’s half of the field at least once.

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Horses sport

This sport attracts fewer people, but that doesn’t make it uninteresting or boring. Equestrian sports are activities with horses, different types of riding, sports competitions and exercises. Regular sports are those in which you can compete. Equestrian sport disappeared from the program until the 1912 Stockholm Games, where dressage and triathlon and show jumping competitions were held for the first time.

Fun and Exciting Sports Today

If you think that there are only popular and boring sports, you are wrong. Fun sports that take place as competitions on different continents are quite a lot. They can be traditional sports as well as international ones. We have studied quite a large list, and in our opinion, based on reviews and descriptions, we have chosen the most fun sports for today. Here they are:


Volleyball is probably the most social sport. It is another example of a game where you can not only compete, but also have a great time at the beach. It is a great recreational game, especially if the competition takes place outdoors in hot countries. A dynamic, beautiful and at the same time fun sports game.


It is an exciting and challenging competition in agility, strategy, talent, mental and physical strength. It is an incredibly beneficial game for health and fitness. In addition to the health benefits, squash can be played all year round, in any weather and with any skill level, making it a favorite and fun sport for everyone.


This is a fun sport that anyone can play. You don’t need any special equipment or skills to enjoy bowling. All you need is a little patience and practice. From the sound of falling pins to the squealing of teams between players during team tournaments, nothing beats this pastime.

If you’re interested in this topic, you can refer to any browser on demand, and find out what other fun sports there are in the world.

Which Olympic events do sports fans enjoy the least?

Sports events and competitions are followed all over the world. When a country hosts the Olympic Games, millions of sports fans join groups and teams of fans. This happens both in summer and winter. Such spectators do not just watch them on TV, but long before the start buy almost the most expensive tickets. And all for the sake of a real, live spectacle, which is so lacking in the daily lives of many residents of the megapolis. But there are sports that are not so popular against the background of “STAR” sports. 

Here is the list of unpopular Olympic sports:

  • Equestrian sports;
  • Badminton;
  • Synchronized swimming;
  • Canoeing;
  • Archery;
  • Handball;
  • Boxing;
  • Sailing;
  • Trampoline;
  • Weightlifting and others.

But despite this anti-rating, these sports are also watched and cheered by participants, just like other competitions. It’s just that, apparently, most fans still prefer more colorful and large-scale events in the world of sports.

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Fans and haters of opposing World sports teams

Sports teams want unconditional love from their fans and loyal fans. If they strive for greatness and victory, they will be hated by their opponents. The more success such teams achieve, the more brash and fierce their opponents become. 

Perhaps there is one thing sports fans love more than cheering for their favorite team, and that is hating other teams. So we decided to take a look at the most unpopular pro sports teams that draw the most ire from opposing fans. For example, if we take Football teams from around the world, these are:

  • Juventus;
  • Barcelona;
  • Real Madrid;
  • Manchester United;
  • Chelsea and others.

Like any other sport, soccer generates passion and mixed emotions among all its participants. Fan clashes are quite common in soccer, especially when it comes to local clubs that have long been rivals. Nevertheless, if it were not for such great love and devotion of fans to their favorites, there would be no such “LOUD” sporting events in the world.

How to consistently increase attendance to unpopular sports games?

First, viewers need to know when and where a particular event or less popular sporting event will be held. If people don’t know the basic details, it’s not mentioned on the news, online or in advertisements, how will a fan or casual fan find out about a sporting event? There are a number of factors that affect attendance, and here they are:

  • How interesting the upcoming event is presented;
  • The location of the event is also very important, usually some meaningful place for the fans or the team;
  • The day and time of the event should also be considered;
  • How convenient it will be for local and international fans to get to the venue.

One thing that should also be touched upon is how and through which platforms tickets for not-so-popular sporting events will be sold. Price can affect sales, so organizers need to carefully weigh how many spectators the hall, stadium, field, etc. can accommodate, as well as how many actual spectators are projected to be interested in attending the event.

Which sports are becoming unpopular?

In 2023, we estimate that the NHL playoffs, Major League Baseball regular season and playoffs, U.S. Open tennis, U.S. Open golf, Kentucky Derby, Preakness and college football will decline significantly.

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