How to Setup Key-values in DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers)

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is favoured by most publishers, because of its robust targeting tools and the widely customizable experience provided by the ad server. Targeted advertising can be a great money-making tool by delivering the right content to the most receptive audience. Key-values are one of the most sophisticated targeting tools in DFP using which publishers can determine their own targeting criteria based on factors such as age, gender, location and many others. Publishers can define targeting criteria based on common characteristics of website visitors such as interests, demographics etc(To know about key-values in details, click here.). With key-values, DFP handles the controls of targeting to the publishers and lets them customize the criteria in accordance with their needs.

DFP has numerous built-in features to make website monetization seamless for publishers. However, so many features and their functions can sometimes be a bit too much, especially for beginners. We, at Blognife, are here to assist all such publishers in understanding DFP. In this article, we are going to discuss how to set up key-values in DFP.

How to Setup Key Values in DFP

Step – 1

First login to your DFP account, go to the Inventory tab and click on Key-values in the left-hand navigation panel.

Step – 2

To create a new pair, click New Key at the top.

Step – 3

Give a name which is the actual name that will be passed in from a DFP ad tag. The name must be 20 characters or less and must not contain any spaces or special characters.

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The display name is the one viewed in DFP, so it must be indicative of what the key is.

For example, if you are targeting users based on their occupation, the name can be occ and the display name occupation.

Step – 4

There are two kinds of values – predefined and freeform. With predefined, the qualifying values are declared ahead of time. In freeform, publishers don’t predefine any qualifying values. Qualifying values are set up while setting up the line item or creative later on. Select the type of value you want to add and click Add Values.

Step – 5

Add each qualifying value on its own separate line in the dialogue box that pops up. Click Apply after the required values have been added to the box.

Step – 6

When all of the above is done, click Save.

Thus new key-values have been added and are ready for use in ad tags and targeting line items or creatives. Specific ads will now be targeted to ad tags that have matching key-value pairs. Newly-defined key values must be on the page for at least 28 days for the forecasts to be correct.  

Targeting Your Ads

Step – 1

Scroll down the Add Targeting section within the line item you want to target and click on Key-values on the left.

Step – 2

Place your cursor in the Select Key field and a drop-down list with the keys will appear. Click on the appropriate key.

Step – 3

Place your cursor In the field that appears below the Key, and select the Value from the options that appear.

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Step – 4

Locate the Selected Criteria section on the right side of the screen. You will see your Key-value is now assigned to this line item.

Step – 5

Scroll down and click Save to enable your custom target on your site.

Key-values let publishers enable custom targeting which is a very useful way for publishers to customize their audience reach for a certain type of content. It is important for publishers to have a complete understanding of key-values as these let them control a large part of ad targeting. We hope this tutorial has been helpful and will ably assist you in defining key-value pairs and targeting them with line items.

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