Propeller Ads CPM Rates 2018

Propeller Ads is one of the best AdSense alternatives as it offers quite a high rate of CPM. The network also has a very good ad inventory. Publishers need to have real traffic to earn revenue. It is a very good AdSense alternative. They serve around 650+ million ad impressions daily. In this post, we will be discussing Propeller Ads CPM Rates 2018 with respect to its ad units, earning model, and payment proof and earning report to help you decide if it is the right ad network to monetize your website, blog, or mobile app with.

Brief of the Company

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Propeller Ads is a comparatively newer digital advertising network which was started in 2012. It is one of the fastest growing ad networks as of now. It has a 100% fill rate for all countries. Numerous ad formats are available which help monetize the website. Their monetization solutions have been found to be compatible with all other ad networks. Their sign-up process is also simple and completely free. The account gets activated as soon as the email address is confirmed. There is no minimum traffic requirement. But, they do not accept web sites into the network which have adult content, malware, or any other content that violates their Terms and Conditions.

Ad Unit Types

Example of a Propeller Ad

Propeller Ads provide a variety of ad units. They are as follows:

  • OnClick PopUnder Ads – This is most effective ad unit that is offered by the ad network. The CPM rate can go as high as USD 7. Niches like music, games, movies, viral content, etc perform really well.
  • Mobile Ads – The two types of mobile ads offered are Mobile Dialog Ads and Mobile Interstitial Ads. Regular mobile banner ads are also available. Dialog ads are like an alert that shows up to users as a dialog box. It is used to attract the attention of the user and this results in a much higher Click through Rate (CTR). Interstitial ads are full-screen mobile ads and they have a high user engagement. These ads work best in entertainment niches.
  • Banner Ads – These ads can reach a large audience at a minimal cost. The available ad sizes are 300×250, 728×90, 468×60, 120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440, and 320×50. Entertainment blogs and download sites perform well.
  • Layer Ads – This type of ad unit loads the banner ads over the content of the website. Any of the available banner ad units can be chosen.Slider Ad – This is the kind of banner ad which fades in at the bottom of a web page. It remains visible even when the user scrolls up/down.
  • Direct Ads – The direct ads or direct links are a type of unique ad product in which publishers promote a particular URL. It is done by creating own banner ads, text link ads, buttons, or redirects. 404 pages can be monetized with this ad type. It works best for downloads website.
  • Video Ad – The network offers Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll, and Pre-Game video as spots. These are a great way to monetize the video content.

In case you do not want to run a particular campaign on your site any longer, you have to contact the support team with the details. They will take measures to filter out all the unwanted ads out of the site.

Propeller Ads Earning Model

Propeller Ads display only the most relevant advertisements which pay the highest value so that the publishers can get the maximum revenue every time their page gets viewed. Revenue is generated on an eCPM basis. Earning is dependent on a variety of factors like the geographic location of the user, category of the device or the website, type of ad unit, and an individual performance metric which gets set by an advertiser. The payment models for the advertisers are:

  • Cost per Action (CPA) The publisher gets payment on a “per action” basis. When an action gets completed – like a sale, contact information request, or a newsletter opt-in, payment is given.
  • Cost per Click (CPC) – According to this model, the advertiser pays for each click that their ad receives. The maximum amount that they want to pay for one click is set and each time that happens,  they get charged.
  • Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM) – According to this pricing model, advertisers pay a fixed amount for every 1000 impressions that get served of their ad. Every time that an ad gets viewed, it is counted as one impression.
  • Effective cost per 1000 Impressions (eCPM)  – It is also known as effective cost per mile. This is the amount that a publisher earns for every 1000 impressions of their ad units. This method combines all the payment models together irrespective of the actual pricing model (CPC, CPA, etc) that the advertiser uses.

Publishers receive 80% of the revenue that gets generated by the ads that they show on their website or mobile app. The rest 20% is kept by the company in lieu of their services. Thus, it is important for publishers to know that Propellers ads work on a hybrid CPM model which is a mix of CPA, CPM, CPL, and CPC since the network charges the advertisers on these models and then calculate an effective CPM for the publisher.  

Propeller Ads CPM Rates 2018


In order to earn high CPM from Propeller Ads, the major portion of your traffic should come in from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia. Publishers must have effective articles, videos, and other engaging content. This will allow them to get a higher conversion rate. The average global CPM rate lies from a 30 cents to USD 7. It is low for Asian traffic. The CPM earned depends heavily on the type of ad unit that you’re using. High paying niches are gaming, movies, entertainment, viral, and downloads. The highest CPM can be obtained from pop-under ads. Propeller ads work best with torrent and file sharing websites which have high converting traffic. This is a recommended network if you’re not monetizing your traffic with AdSense.

Propeller Ads Payment Proof and Earnings Report


The payment options provided by Propeller Ads to its publishers are Payoneer Prepaid, Mastercard, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer, ePayments, EPESE, and Webmoney. The payments are automatically processed. The company follows a NET 30 schedule, that is, the payments get processed every 30 days. The minimum payout threshold is USD 50 for PayPal, USD 100 for Payoneer, and USD 500 for Wire Transfers.

The dashboard of Propeller Ads shows all the statistics in real-time. Publishers can view the number of impressions or clicks, CTR or CPM, and profit. The date range can also be selected. These data come incredibly useful when analyzing your performance.


Propeller Ads has come to the forefront as an AdSense alternative. The major setback for this network, as of now, is that they don’t have the option of PayPal. The company is working on it and they are looking to provide that option soon enough. We hope that this post on Propeller Ads CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its earning model, ad unit, and payment proof and earnings report will help you to decide if this ad network is the right fit for your blog. Let’s signup with Propeller Ads.

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