How to Monetize Website without Ads

It’s ads ads everywhere? Are they good? Are they bad? We’ll we don’t know the answer yet and probably we’ll never get to know. It’s about money and even for adblockers. So, today, why not take a U-turn and talk about less ads or no ads on a website and yet monetize it.

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” – Bill Bernbach

Majority of the posts in this blog talks about website monetization through ads- banner ads, native ads, video ads, affiliate ads, in-text ads and more. I literally come across one new ad network everyday, but let us not talk about them today. Much like the adblock users, there maybe some publishers who are extremely repulsive to ads and may not consider monetizing their website through ads.

I seek their attention TODAY!

In today’s post we’ll discuss how you can monetize your blog traffic without ads. Yes, you heard it right! That’s where we’re heading to…. No Ads!

Well, at times, it is difficult to image how can a blog run without those banner ads, but sometimes it does and it works perfectly fine revenue-wise too. As publishers, ad networks, ad optimization consultant, we fear to see a blog without banner ads.

Reality is.. There is still money without banner…A lot of money

However, the key attribute when choosing to monetize a blog without ads is the niche, traffic geo and yes, some more additional factors too. So, let’s take a deep dive and see if we can really monetize a blog without ads?

While you may argue that ads make good revenue. Running a website without ads is more challenging, and if properly planned, can bring much more revenue than what ads would bring.

How to Monetize a Blog without Ads

Listing down here, the top opportunities to monetize a blog without ads. Some are already known to you, but I can’t stop reiterating the fact that  how important they are.

1) Get Started with Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys pay publishers as high as $20-$30 impression RPM. The product is available to only a few publishers from selected countries, but Google is

What is Google Consumer Survey

Google Consumer Surveys is a business product by Google that facilitates customized market research. The product was designed by Google as an alternative to internet pay walls for websites that publish content. The program was launched by several online publishers such as Pandora, AdWeek, and the New York Daily News. From a Publisher’s point of you- Google Consumer Surveys lets you to make money from your site only when an user answers a question. You can make 5 cents every time a visitor answers a survey question. Google charges 10 cents per answer/response for a survey question. Thus it’s a 50/50 revenue share. Google Consumers surveys typically work well if you’ve a very good quality content which users are interested to genuinely interested in and also if your website has a substantial traffic from the following countries:- United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Spain, France, and Germany. Since these are the only countries which are supported under the Google Consumer Surveys’ Network, publishers belonging from these following countries are eligible for consumer survey.

Here is a detail guide that talks about the entire implementation feature and how publishers can make money from Google consumer surveys. Since, the payment is made via AdSense, it is imperative to have an adsense account to get a blog approved for consumer surveys.

2) Sell e-Books Online

People won’t pay you unless there is value. While e-books are a good source of additional income, you need to be extremely knowledge in any niche to write an e-book. Generally technical e-books tend to perform better. If your book can show case-studies related to “making money through affiliate marketing” or anything similar, that sells big. Even, e-books on slimming, health loss and related topics perform well. The touch points to make a successful e-book is to ensure you’re adding value to your visitors and imparting them with knowledge that is not easily available elsewhere. If you can nail this, your e-book is a success!

An e-book typically costs $10, and if you sell 3 e-books a day, you end up earning USD $900-$1000 per month passively.

However, it is very important to create your brand and spend some money promoting your brand so that people see you as someone influential in their field. That’s when you can make people buy your word. Obviously, good presentation is always a bonus.

3) Create your Own Courses and Sell them Online

Teachable is an excellent platform that allows you to create your own school and teach online, collect payments, create coupons and more. Most of the successful online educators  end up creating their own school with Teachable and make good revenue by promoting these courses on their blog, via email list and facebook ads. Udemy is one of the top examples that ascertain the fact that quality content sells and people are happy paying a price if they can learn a topic of their choice.

Having an engaging blog can actually be quite beneficial to sell your courses. If you’re determined to monetize your website without ads, this should be one of your primary monetization source.

4) Build a SAS based Product

A SAS based product give high returns if it can be created perfectly and touch a market gap. SAS products are quick to break-even and can start with low investment. If you’ve a good base of loyal and engaged visitors, some of your first clients will come from these loyal visitors. Even you can do an initial market research to analyse the feasibility of your MVP.

Creating and nurturing a blog, and then developing a SAS based product around the content of the blog is an excellent idea to live you a big lead. Also, it will be one of the highest source of monetization and can make you a millionaire.

5) Native Stories and Sponsored Posts

A lot of blogs engage with brands and products which are similar to their niche and thrive on sponsored posts and native stories. As such, creating a blog of this caliber takes some time, since, you need to have good volume of traffic to promote a product launch, increasing existing sales for a brand or share a story associated to a brand. But, this again is a strong sign of your brand and the fact that brands will collaborate with you defines your domination on a particular niche. I won’t say this is easy, but you should aim to create your blog as an industry example.

Monetizing a website without ads is difficult. But, as we know difficult things have high returns. Here are few crucial things that you need to keep in mind while monetizing a blog without ads.

Adnow- Native Ad Network

Adnow will help you make additional revenue from your existing traffic by simply putting an ad widget anywhere on your content. Suitable for mid sized publishers and bloggers.

6) Personalized Product Recommendations

Welcome to affiliate marketing! A publisher can earn huge without ads through affiliate marketing. Manual hyperlinking relevant products within your post can actually be a great source of monetization. For every post, it is extremely important that you hyperlink relevant sites, products and even inter-link with your other blog post. A natural form of inter-linking and product recommendation works better making provocative outreach. This is our last and perhaps the most significant opportunity for publishers to monetize their blog who hates banner ads.

Things to Keep in Mind while Monetizing a Website without Ads

Content Quality- Your content quality will actually define the quality of your audience. There is a significant difference between a quality website and a pretty ordinary website. While the quality website will drive more than $10,000 in revenues per month the ordinary website will struggle to reach the $1,000 threshold with the same volume of traffic and similar type niche. The difference is pertained to the quality of the audience.

Choose your Topics Carefully- It is of utmost importance to choose your content carefully. The keywords that you’re targeting for a particular niche should correspond to traffic which is engaged and has a high quality. Most of the time, the quality of traffic is defined by the content quality and the niche or topics you’re writing about.

Drive Social Engagement- Social engagement is one of the prerequisites for any blog that has a niche dominance. Specially, a readership and viewership across the blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social channels help boost the blog’s presence along increases the follower list of the blog. Additionally, social engagement is a validation that your content is loved and shared by your visitors. The interaction basically gives life to your blog.

Be Consistent- A blog’s success is time bound. All good things take some time and organic is the best form of growth that sustains over a longer period of time. Till you reach the landmark of fame, you need to be consistent with your efforts of blogging. Running one quality blog is better than running 5 ordinary blogs. Be consistent with one and bring that to success, then you can quickly grow the other 5 as well.

Be the First to Share a News or Topic- While there can be n number of websites of similar niche, what makes your site different is that visitors rely on your site for top news, products, talks and recommendations. Sharing something new and unique with your visitors actually help you drive more loyalty which converts into money.

Ads are not bad, but sometimes ads can be noisy, especially when it’s not contextually targeted and the publisher doesn’t have control over them. Personalized product recommendations stand as a better option to start, particularly when you’re not looking to monetize your website with traditional banner ads. We are eagerly looking forward to see you come up with more ideas to monetize a website without ads…. Do share your ideas in comments and we will put forth your ideas in our list too 🙂

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