Realkai Review 2021- High Paying CPM Ad Network

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About Realkai– A standard banner advertising network which put Publisher’s benefits on top of priority list. This network has been widely recognized by 300+ happy publisher since they started operating in the market. The wise business strategy and dedication of the all team member to bring out the best services to customers growingly assure Realkai’s position in the market.

Realkai offers an outstanding monetization platform for publishers with both mobile and desktop traffic. Publishers are able to enjoy effortless monetization as Relkai leverages Real-time Bidding technology. Every piece of ad impression, be it premium, can fetch a maximum price. Publishers can also take advantage of different sizes of static, animated, vertical, and horizontal banners. Popular sizes include 300×250, 728×90, 300×50 while floating and some unique ad formats which Realkai focuses on are also ideal options for Publisher.   

Realkai claims to provide the best quality and safe ads as by high accuracy detection for malicious advertising such as malware. On the other hand, as far as the quality of ads are concerned RealKai offers non-adult, friendly and non-intrusive ads to publishers.

Another important feature worthy to mention is their Publisher’s Dashboard. An uncluttered, friendly and eye-catching interface that naturally urges publisher to continue pursuing it along with an intuitive and granular report will definitely offer a great experience. Realkai also has the policies in saying no to other unprofessional activities such as Ad-Fraud (which generates fake ad impressions, clicks and conversions, simulate seemingly desirable traffic, hide ads, place them on undesirable sites, hijack mobile devices, simulate app installs, and more).

Benefits for Publishers:

  •  Real-Time Bidding bring you the right demand for Publisher’s inventory with the highest CPM rates
  • Getting more money at RealKai with optimization algorithms which are continuously optimized for Publisher’s best of benefits.
  •  Publishers are connected to direct premium demand side and can get all the money that is meant to them.
  •  Keeping track of revenue with an up-to-the-minute dashboard.
  • Getting payment in-time easily happily.
  • Problem-Free with our dedicated personalized support team.
  • Passback tags (backup code) allowed to let you take advantage of every single impression.
  • User-friendly interface with innovative technology offers efficient ad inventory customizing.

Benefits for Advertisers:

  • Accurate bot detection and prevention by leveraging collective bot intelligence machine learning techniques.
  • RTB solution makes it efficient for having an access to a wide range of diverse inventories.
  • 95% Ads viewable by floating ad format & optimized display ad for desktop and mobile.

Publisher Requirements to Join Realkai

Realkai approve websites which are written in English, except:

  •    sites under construction
  •    blank sites or sites with no content
  •    sites with 5+ banners and pops on a single page
  •    Adult, pornographic content
  •    Alcohol
  •    Adware/Malware
  •    Violence
  •    Hate speech, offensive language
  •    Illegal downloads (piracy)
  •    Illegal drugs
  •    Anything illegal activities whatsoever

Realkai Dashboard Overview

Realkai provides an intuitive dashboard which helps publishers take an easy look at the reporting- revenue, impressions, fill-rate, earnings balance and more.  With Realkai, you can expect a fill rate close to 100% and you can enjoy high CPM rates for your tier 1 traffic. You can create ad units by clicking on the Inventory tab on the top left and then “add inventory’. You can include your targeting keywords for the inventory for higher CPM rates if you have a niche website. Additionally, you can select a floor CPM to ensure you’re not losing on your ad revenue and Realkai will respect your floor CPM and will only fill those impressions which it can pay above the floor CPM. Additionally, Realkai offers the flexibility of blocking advertiser urls, domains, and categories.

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Realkai CPM Rates 2018

Now, let us take a look at the CPM rates offered by Realkai CPM ad network. The network runs on a real-time bidding technology that values the impression at the maximum rate and provides the highest yield to the publishers. Here, let us take a look at the CPM rates. As you can see here that the network fill rate is around 90%. The average CPM of the publisher is close to 70 cents which are decent enough and you can easily earn $3 RPM if you happen to use 4 ad units on your website. The CPM rates offered by Realkai depends on the content niche, traffic sources, audience quality and more since it values the impression at first hand. Typically, tier one rates are higher and Realkai prefers to work with publishers who have a good volume of tier one traffic.

Realkai CPM Rates

How to Create an Ad Unit on Realkai Ad Network?

If you wish to create an ad unit on Realkai, go ahead and signup with the ad network. Once your domain is reviewed and approved by the system, you can log into your account and head over to the inventory section. From there, click on “Add Inventory” and then add the domain name, daily impression available for the inventory, keywords, top, floor CPM and responsiveness of your website. Once done, click on the Submit button and now you can add placements for this inventory.

This pop-up box appears and you need to fill the following details. You need to name your placement, define the position of the ad unit on your website, choose the size of the ad unit- 300×250, 728×90, and also define if you want the ad to float on your site or not. Once done, you can see the ad tag if your domain is already approved. If not, you need to wait till your domain is approved which usually takes around 24 hours.

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Realkai Payment Proof– Screenshot

Realkai is pretty consistent in paying its publishers on time and has a good online reputation. As you can see from the screenshot, the network made its last batch of payments on 15th of January 2018 and attached here is the Paypal payment screenshot of one of its publisher partners. We can definitely vouch for this network and can say that it pays its publishers on time.

Realkai Payment Proof Realkai Payment Proof

Realkai Revenue Share

Realkai offers a 90% revenue share to its publishers which is above the industry standard of 75-80%. Thus with Realkai, you are getting more value of your ad impressions in terms of revenue. Additionally, you can get 15% bonus revenue for 2 months if you happen to signup with Realkai by February.

Realkai Payment Methods

Currently, Realkai is offering payments to its publishers via PayPal and Wire Transfer. The team is looking forward to adding more payment sources in the near future which are convenient to publishers. Publishers can currently encash their earnings through PayPal and Wire currently. You can check your Payout Information and Payout History by clicking on the Payout tab. You need to connect your Paypal account if you wish to receive payments from Realkai via Paypal.

Realkai Payment Cycle

Realkai offers a NET 15 days payment cycle and the Payment is made monthly. So, you will receive your earnings for the month of January in the mid of Feb (i.e. 15th Feb). This is again beneficial for publishers since the average payment cycle for Adtech companies tend to be around NET 30 to NET 45. Realkai offering a payment on NET 15 is appreciable.

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Realkai Point of Contact

If you wish to get in touch with Realkai ad network for publisher/advertiser inquiry of network partner inquiry, feel free to connect on the following email ids.


Realkai is one of the fastest growing ad network in South Asia and is committed to helping publishers make the most of every ad impression. If you’re looking to monetize your ad inventory through RTB, this is a perfect network to get started. Also, its one time payments and NET 15 cycle help publishers to cash out faster than any other ad network. We hope this Realkai ad network review has been useful and we would suggest you try this network and share your experience/feedback with us.

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