Traffic Arbitrage Techniques and Tricks 2017

What is Traffic Arbitrage:Traffic arbitrage is a business model where you buy traffic at a lower cost and make money out of it. The difference in revenue is the profit. Ask.com has been using this model to monetize its paid search results for over a decade. There are many success stories on traffic arbitrage and today, in this article, we are going to discuss how you too can create a successful traffic arbitrage model and make money from it.

Traffic Arbitrage Techniques and Tricks 2017

Here are some of the crucial pointers you should make a note of before getting started with online arbitrage model.

List Ad Networks which you will be using to Monetize your Website-

A lot of publishers only rely on adsense which doesn’t really work well for sites working on traffic arbitrage model. So, it is important that you list down your primary sources of ad revenue. Here, I can give you some recommendations.

ADX- Google ad exchange runs purely on CPM basis and hence is a good bet than AdSense where a visitor has to actually click on an ad network.

Media.net- Media.net pays good CPM rates if you’ve US and Canadian traffic. While Media.net works with specific niches, if your content fall in any of those, you can make a good amount of additional revenue from Media.net ad program.

Taboola- Taboola is a good addon to your overall ad networks as this has some good rates for US and Canadian traffic.

Adnow- If majority of your traffic is from Europe, I would recommend Adnow since they have high CPC rates for Eu traffic. You can earn as high as 0.50 – 0.70 cents per click for EU traffic.

Underdog Media- Underdog Media lets you monetize with sticky ads on desktop and mobile and have high CPM rates for the same. Thus, it can be an additional network to monetize your overall ad revenue.

Building your Content- Getting Started Guide

A lot of publishers who are running traffic arbitrage or cpm arbitrage sites actually don’t focus on building good quality of content. This is something where you actually go wrong. The success of traffic arbitrage depends on creating unique and well research content which people are willing to read and share. Good quality content with good images can help you make higher profits in traffic arbitrage business model.

Also, Google frowns content with shallow traffic. We have seen a lot of publishers getting banned because their content was shallow with little text and the entire model was based on arbitrage. So, you should focus on engaging content and have a separate set of viral articles related to trending topics or evergreen ones. You can build the traffic from those

The right trick to run an online traffic arbitrage business model without getting banned is to provide unique and quality content to your users. It shouldn’t look like all of your posts and content are built to drive traffic from paid sources and monetize it from AdSense. Instead, a section of your site’s content should be focused on content which can be related to arbitrage.

How to Buy Cheap Traffic for Arbitrage

While getting started with CPM arbitrage or traffic arbitrage, it is important to know that buying traffic from a lot of sources can actually get you banned from Google. My recommendation would be to build your plan and content which is viral in nature. Listed below are the sources you can buy traffic from

Taboola Taboola is an native ad network and is a good source of cheap traffic for certain geographies.

Facebook Driving social traffic from Facebook by promoting posts can be quite useful in the long run. It can not only help you drive good amount of traffic but you can also monetize from audience network ads if your traffic falls in the geography where Facebook has higher number of advertisers and demand.

Adnow Adnow has low cpc rates for Asian traffic and can be a good source of buying traffic.

Few Things to Know while Buying Traffic for CPM Arbitrage

The entire model is to buy traffic at a lower price and make revenue from the ads which are displayed on the website. As we all know, majority of the revenue will be coming from Google AdSense or Google ADX, you should be very clear about the policy violations in regard to the same.

  • Let your blog age for at least 6 months and put unique content initially.
  • Focus on buying traffic from Facebook. That can help you better your ROI.
  • Try to build a brand and just don’t focus on traffic arbitrage. While you’re buying traffic, let your brand grow along with.

Recommended Themes to Set up Traffic Arbitrage Website

In order to make money from traffic arbitrage, you need your visitors to view more page views on your website. Say, you buy a traffic for 3 cents, then you at least need to make 4 cents from that visitor to ensure you’re making profit. They key here is to make that visitor retain on your site and make him view at least 5-6 pages or even more. This is typically possible only when you’ve slideshow type articles where users are intrigued with the content and keeps clicking on the next button to load the next set of image and content associated to it.


Socially Viral


Initial Investment Amount to Run a Traffic Arbitrage Website

You need to have at least $3000 in your kitty to get started with. You would be spending around $500-$1000 to build the content. Keep aside around USD 1500 to USD 2000 for buying the traffic for the next 2 months. The remaining amount will go in setting up with website, optimizing it for page load speeds, buy plugins and do other necessary integrations which can help users or visitors share your content smoothly. Also, keep an additional $1000 as a backup if the break-even point takes a little longer to achieve and once you see a profit margin of about 25% or more, start scaling the campaigns for quick returns.

List of Tools Required to Run a Traffic Arbitrage Sites

There are a few tools that you will be requiring to spy on advertorials and the best ad campaigns so that you can replicate those for your content. This typically works well on Facebook and native ad networks and thus these are the two segments which you’re going to spy on. List here are the tools that can help you get started with traffic arbitrage.

Roundup: Traffic Arbitrage Tips 2017

You need to choose a viral niche for your website content and build unique lists and articles related to it. Also you can focus on languages other than English to target local audience and promote the post links on Facebook. This would ensure better spread and share of your content. Keep the initial budget low as you will be experimenting with the headlines of the articles, the CTR and the overall conversions and return on investment. Once you crack a niche, you can build more content around it and promote and share the content on Facebook. Also, feel free to experiment with the ad networks so that you can maximize the revenue and there is a good cash flow.

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