How to Increase your Revenue from Native Ads

The adoption for native ads is growth. Every year thousands of brands are moving to native ads- be it for banners or video ads. Native ads provide a better opportunity for brands to engage with their consumers and thus is on the rise. As web publishers, you should make use of this growth ad type to incorporate on your website for additional revenue along with AdSense or banner ads. In today’s post, we will assume that you’re already running native ads and our topic of today is “how you can increase your revenue from native ads”. Why native ads?

Well, there are a lot of posts that talks about how you can increase your AdSense revenue but not many posts tell you how you can increase your ad revenue from native ads. Since the native ads do not run on CPM model, the scope of revenue optimization and an increase is in your hands. In order to increase the revenue from native ads, you need to ensure that

  1. You’re getting high CTR for your native ads
  2. The ads are optimized for higher CPC

How to Increase the CTR of Native Ads

Native ads like Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, Adnow etc run on CPC basis and hence, for higher revenue from these networks, you need to increase their CTR. There are some obvious ways of increasing the CTR of native ads.

  1. Like, for Taboola, you can have an after article widget, a sidebar widget, and an in-content widget.
  2. You can additionally have a RevContent widget above Taboola bottom article widget
  3. You can serve Adnow ads as a pop-up.

The main idea behind getting more click-throughs is to ensure the ads are visible for a longer time. It can definitely increase the overall ad revenue.
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How to Increase the CPC of Native ads.

If you follow the technique which I am sharing here, you can increase the CPC of native ads with your existing traffic. Unlike AdSense, native ad networks are not capable of providing high CPC rates across all geos, although they claim 100% fill rate. So, if you’re going to use multiple native ads, your revenue will increase for sure. The trick here is to stick with each native ad widget for first 500,000-10,00,000 impressions to get an idea of which countries are getting the highest CPC rates.

Note: I would like to emphasize that this is for blogs having at least 10k pageviews a day. Anything lower than that would result in substantial revenue increase.

Now, in the reports segment, filter the data with the country performance. You would be able to see the top performing countries in terms of CPC rates. As you can see here, the CPC rates for US traffic is quite high for Taboola. So, whenever a US audience comes to your site, let the Taboola ad widget load for that visitor.

Adnow seems to be performing particularly well for EU traffic. So, we can setup Adnow or even which is also known to perform quite well for Eu traffic. As you can see here, the RPM rates for Italy, Spain, France are quite high compared to other geographies. So, you can have Adnow widget running on these visitor sources. 

How to Show Different Native Ads to Users based on Geo-Targeting?

The Advanced Ads Geo-Targeting plugin lets you target ads with geo locations. You can use any one native ad network as a backfill and target the primary geos with the native ad network which are paying you the highest CPC on those particular geographies. This strategy will boost your overall revenue and you can eventually earn more from native ads.

Increase your Revenue from Adnow

Publishers making $15-$20 a day from Adnow can easily increase their ad revenue by over 50% with this technique. All you need to do is get the Pro Bundle of Advanced Ads plugin. The pro bundle has a feature that can display pop-up ads.

You need to create two different Adnow widgets- one for desktop and the other for mobile. Serve them as Layer/Pop-up placement once your install the Advanced ads plugin with the extension of Layer/Pop-up plugin.

The Adnow widget will appear on the screen on exit-intent, or after 5 seconds or after a certain scroll depth. You can customize these settings and keep the one that works best for you. Using this technique, I have experienced a revenue uplift of more than 100%, so I expect you should be seeing a revenue increase of at least 50% or more.

We recommend you to use at least two native ad networks simultaneously. For US traffic- Taboola, Outbrain, AdBlade are the preferred options. For Indian traffic- we would recommend MGID, Adnow and Taboola. For European traffic- we would recommend and Adnow. For Russian and Latam traffic- we would recommend MGID. RevContent can be used as a back-fill native ad network or you can also use them specific geographies. In that case, Taboola would be your backfill network.

Wrapping up- Increase your Revenue from Native Ads

There are a few native ad networks which are getting started with programmatic native video ads. Connatix is one such network which you can give a try. Though the minimum traffic requirement is quite high with them, but we’ve seen some good publishers using native video ads served by them. Taboola also has launched its native video ads which are currently running on beta and certain publishers are invited to the program. We look forward to more interesting monetization opportunities with native ads and will continue to share our experience with you.

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