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Responsive ad units are a great fix to show ad based on the device size. Also, the responsive ad units from Google experiment with a number of ad sizes. ...


A lot of publishers use 4 AdSense ad units and still compare that their earnings are not as expected, and in fact, it's on a decreasing trend. We have seen a ...


In this post, we'll focus and discuss in-depth; the art of intelligent ad placement, ad unit performance analysis and how this can lead to an increase in ...


A lot of websites uses paid advertising like outbrain, taboola, facebook, nster and others to acquire traffic. While this is completely in compliance with ...


What is Taboola Taboola recommends editorial and sponsored content across many of the world’s most highly-trafficked sites. It help publishers monetize their ...

As we continue optimizing publisher websites for ad revenue, we try different things, some work and some doesn't. AdSense introduced ...


Native content ads have become one of the most interesting advertising formats to promote viral stories around the web, and also product based advertisements. ...


Mobile traffic is on the rise. Prioritize your efforts to optimize your blog for a better user experience for mobile! Notably, ads tend to have a higher RPM ...


Over the years, AdSense has become one of the most reliable ad-network that has a fill rate of 95-100%. Most publishers rely on AdSense for their ad serving, ...

Optimization is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to increasing your AdSense revenue. In this post, I'll discuss a few key metrics and tips that will ...

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  1. Hi,

    Facebook audience network has a low fill rate for web traffic. So, you can use FAN in addition to Adsense to monetize your site. Simply, shifting to FAN won’t do any good. However, if you have an app, you can try it. I have heard FAN pays more than Admob.

  2. It works with global traffic but fill rates are not very high.. So, you should run it along with adsense…

  3. Hi Roland,

    I understand how frustrating it is for affiliates to drive all the energy for a sale and not get paid for the dues. Also, the NET 90 days payment policy sometimes become too heavy on affiliates and publishers. There are other affiliate networks, and I hope you will be successful with them.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience!

  4. Adnow is fine…. use 336×280 ad units instead of 468×60,

  5. Thank you, Sujata for your feedback! Means a lot 🙂

  6. Please download the Blognife app.

  7. Please get in touch over Skype. My id is ronniedey

  8. You need to have atleast 500,00 monthly visitors for approval!

  9. John,

    Available both for desktop and mobile. There are a lot of sites which are using We don’t use on Blognife because our audience is very niche and advertising is not our primary source of monetization.

  10. It’s not mandatory to have ads.txt but always recommended. You can get in touch with them for example sites. There are a number of websites where native widget is running.

  11. Thank you so much Taher. I hope to meet you soon as well.

  12. AdSense works best on Insurance niches

  13. Yes you can! AdSense is a default option for publishers irrespective of page views.

  14. Gagan,

    For arbitrage website, make sure to invest heavily on good content since you will have a selected number of articles.

  15. you need to have a minimum of 500k page views.

  16. wont work for such traffic!

  17. Revenue is good for EU traffic. However, the US traffic rates are pathetic with Adnow

  18. What is the revenue from Adgebra ads?

  19. Hello Daolm,

    Auto refresh is allowed for both desktop and mobile for AdX demand. It requires custom coding. What you’re seeing is the DFP (Google Ad Manager) feature for in-app mobile inventory.

  20. We are also waiting for someone to share their CPM reports since we haven’t used Adgebra yet!

  21. Yes Priya, you’re correct!

  22. It depends on a variety of factors. AdSense performs best for niche websites.

  23. Yes, you need to create an app but no additional work is required. Website url can be used to create the FB app.

  24. AdSense pays on clicks. works on an effective CPM model which is a mix of CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPS

  25. Depends on niche.. AdSense pays more

  26. Hello,

    Please get in touch on skype. My id is: ronniedey

  27. Hello Naisser,

    Quite difficult to predict since I son’t have much traffic from there.

  28. Hello Florin,

    Glad you liked it!

  29. The data is from Appodeal ad mediation network.

  30. Please get in touch for a consultation. My skype id is: ronniedey

  31. works on a double-click mechanism similar to Google link units. Clicking on the keyword link takes you to the page where sponsored ads are visible. Upon clicking on links there, the visitor is taken to the actual advertiser website. Hope this helps!

  32. You cannot use Adgebra with Instant articles.

  33. Hello Sharjeel,

    If you’re talking about the ads on the recommendation list! Those are matched content ads!

  34. Glad the content was helpful for you!

  35. Thank you for the update!

  36. Please refer the article above!

  37. Hello Dave,

    Can you connect with me on Skype? My id is ronniedey

  38. Not very certain but i believe it can be done by methods/functions since GPT offers a library of such functionalities.

  39. Sulvo pays around 26th of every month on NET 60 days basis!

  40. I suggest you focus on building your traffic and try Google ADX (pays in CPM) along with AdSense. Typically, if you have 10,000 page views per day, we can get you through the signup process! Get in touch with me on skype: ronniedey

  41. Great Asad! works best with US traffic!

  42. Hello,

    CPC rates for Taboola are high for US traffic… around 20 cents per click!

  43. Right! Adnow rates are good only for EU traffic!

  44. Can you share your query here?

  45. Kindly check the payment proof article

  46. Focus on building your blogs traffic to a few 1000 page views per month. Then reapply for AdSense!

  47. Sukumar,

    The performance of the native ad network depends on your website traffic sources and CPC. Since the advertiser base of these content networks vary from country to country, it is best to use more than one content ad networks for your blogs. Taboola for US traffic, and Adskeeper for EU traffic, Mgid for the remaining audience! No individual native ad network will work well if you’ve mixed traffic.

  48. I don’t the rates provided by Adnow is good these days!

  49. Subhendu,

    Both infolinks and popads work well for tier one traffic! For best user experience, you should still be using banner display ads!

  50. The percentage mentioned above is the fill rate! Since the data is sourced from Appodeal which is a mobile mediation network, they shared their network fill rates

  51. Ankur,

    The CPM mentioned here is the NET CPM. It means, all the deductions are taken care of and you will be getting what you’re seeing here.

  52. You might check Adskeeper..They perform well for download sites..

  53. Put the ad code on all pages and wait for sometime… It should start appearing!

  54. Robert,

    Using native ads will not lower your sites SEO!

  55. We suggest you stay away from such networks that do not pay!

  56. We have been receiving payments from Taboola on time!

  57. Glad you liked the article!

  58. Raj,

    Glad that you liked it!

  59. Yes.. Provided it gets significant US and Canadian traffic!

  60. Yes, the advertiser demand for US traffic in Adnow is very low and thus the low CPC rates!

  61. Kelvin,

    Glad you liked the content!

  62. Try using both the networks and see which works best for you!

  63. Anuj,

    It needs to be enabled by Google! You need to get in touch with them!

  64. In-app inventory is better managed by mediation networks. Admob is recommended for only in-app inventory and not for mobile web.

  65. Glad to know you’ve found Ad-maven helpful!

  66. Increase the ad density.. There is not much option to tweak for Facebook ads..

  67. Glad to know that the article was helpful to you!

  68. Criteo has closed the marketplace.. Unfortunately, you cannot signup to Criteo as a publisher anymore

  69. Thanks for liking our content..

  70. You can find the banners and codes in the “Programs” tab on affiliate account! Makesure you have applied for the affiliate acccount and not the publisher account

  71. Debbie,

    You can find the banners and codes in the “Programs” tab on affiliate account!

  72. Thanks for the info Abhishek. How much CPM are you getting for under ads?

  73. Sundeep,

    What CPM rates are you getting from Propeller ads?

  74. Hello IAK,

    Please wait for the first payout with Adnow. There are publishers who have issues of non-payment from Adnow due to false clicks as conveyed by Adnow.

  75. Daniel,

    Yes Daniel. Both of them can run in parallel!

  76. Bikas,

    The network doesn’t have good rates for Indian traffic. You should use Taboola for Indian traffic.

  77. Srivas, runs a mix of CPC and CPA offers. If there are less demand for your traffic, and low click through rates, the algorithms end up in an eCPC which is zero. I suggest you try some other network like Spoutable or Taboola which is best for Indian traffic.

  78. Great! Keep Creating engaging content!

  79. Thankd Vijender for the heads up!

  80. Hello Bijough,

    You need to get in touch with Ad-maven with your inquiry.

  81. Raman,

    Try to scale your traffic! Then get a sub adx account and use native ads.

  82. Definitely you can use both of them!

  83. Glad that you shared this information with our readers!

  84. Approval generally takes 48 hours of time at least. So, I suggest you wait till that time 🙂

  85. All the best! I’m sure you will go a great way ahead!

  86. Hello Fred,

    They mostly take tier 1 traffic. I would suggest you the keep the floor pricing to what you are currently making from adsense per impression RPM. If you’re making $0.30 per 1000 impressions from adsense on a particular ad placement, set the floor price to $0.30 for that ad unit tag in Sulvo and make sure you place the Sulvo ad code on the same location where you’re particularly receiving that revenue!

    This would increase your overall take rate/fill rate from Sulvo. If you’re not using separate ad unit tags for Adsense per placement, I suggest you do so and then set the Sulvo floor CPM accordingly! Happy monetization!

  87. Thanks Harsh for giving a thumbs up!

  88. Hello Rich,

    Certain yes! But for Audience Network you need to setup instant articles first and the monetization can only happen with Facebook’s ecosystem. So, the same website/domain can be monetized with AdSense and Audience Network, but not simultaneously! Hope this helps!

  89. Devandra,

    After going through your blog, I suggest you stick to AdSense since the revenue per click from will be quite less. The network performs best for EU traffic. Hope this helps! Focus on writing about topics which can generate you affiliate revenue.

  90. Glad to hear that Siya

  91. Deval,

    Try using AdSense in-article ads and AdSense link ad units.

  92. Please get in touch with their support team and explain your issue.

  93. Great that you liked the post!

  94. Sujata,

    They don’t have any minimum traffic requirement.

  95. Hello Cilla,

    Adnow has processed payments of $1000 per month to publishers. However, they have been blocking accounts of publishers which I have already mentioned in the post, which to certain extent happens as their campaigns don’t convert for the advertisers.. I suggest you get in touch with Adnow team and discuss more on this!

  96. Thank you for the feedback!

  97. Jitendra,

    Yes… You can use along with AdSense

  98. Cilla,

    There have been cases of non-payment from Adnow, but that is mostly with Asian publishers where the traffic doesn’t really convert well for there advertisers. Adnow do pay publishers $1000 every month but that is mostly for EU publishers. While it is completely wrong from Adnow’s point of view to claim publishers are sending bot traffic when their advertiser offers don’t convert. However, the case with Adnow is they do pay publishers. You can raise a ticket and wait for their reply!

  99. Hello Rangan,

    You need to get in touch with your Taboola representative since Taboola’s TOS discourages running any other native ad network alongside.

  100. AdSense is the best network for mid sized publishers… Here are we discussing some alternatives..

  101. Daniel,

    Spoutable works well with US traffic. What is your traffic volume per month?

  102. Thank you for appreciating it. Means a lot!

  103. Cici,

    Taboola pays well for US traffic. It’s nice to know that you’re monetizing well from Taboola.

  104. Thanks for the information! Appreciate it 🙂

  105. Karthik,

    That’s possible but would require custom coding!

  106. Diego,

    Most of the ads which are synced to the ad exchange are CPM based and not CPC based.

  107. The CPM rates will optimize with higher traffic. Kindly wait for some time to see the actual CPM rates and earnings.

  108. Thanks for giving a heads up to the writeup

  109. Thanks for showing your interest! Keeping visiting our site for more unique information!

  110. Hello Raj,

    Have you tried

  111. You might consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. We will be coming up with a series of video tutorials on DFP very soon! Here is the link to the channel.

  112. Atleast 1 million page views

  113. You can directly go their website. However, your site should have at least 1 million page views to be accepted by them

  114. Since the earnings are incremental, you need to have substantial page views to earn good revenue from Carambola.

  115. Anoop,

    Thank you for the feedback! I’ve also noticed that the rates are pretty low.

  116. We already have a review of Malta CPM

  117. Jelena,

    It would take around 48 hours for a representative to get back to you. You can connect with me on skype if you’ve any issue. My id is: ronniedey

  118. Try AdSense display and in-article ads. You may also use Adnow ads!

  119. I won’t be able to help much since I can’t debug your issue at the moment. You can try checking out the FB help section.

  120. Hello,

    You can get in touch with me over skype. My id is ronniedey. Will suggest you some more ad networks!

  121. Susan,

    Rightly said.. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of testing and research. Well, finding the sweet spot is sometimes difficult.

  122. Chandra,

    AdSense is the best. However, affiliate marketing can get you much higher revenues. Apart from that, video ads are going to play a crucial role in web monetization in the days to come.

  123. Thank you Jayanta for the kind words. Means a lot!

  124. It’s been an year since I am getting paid by them!

  125. I had mixed experience with Adnow! They did withhold the payment! However, after a few months, the released the payment and the incident occurred only once!

  126. Difficult to make any comment right now! AdSense works better for niche keywords and Facebook is more for the masses, so early adopters can be brands..

  127. You can raise a support request!

  128. You need to get in touch with Sulvo.

  129. None that will provide a CPM rate of $1 and above

  130. James,

    All the best! Keep blogging

  131. Srihari,

    This was the scene almost 2 years back… I saw reduced CPC after switching to https

  132. Atanu,

    It’s perfectly safe 🙂

  133. Melissa,

    Thanks for informing me about this! Shall be updating the ad unit 🙂

  134. Unfortunately, there aren’t any!

  135. Create two widgets and paste the code in the necessary locations. For sidebar, you may create a 1 column/4 row ads widget.

  136. Sure Muhammad.. Keep testing and all the best!

  137. Really sad to hear about it! Do let us know if they reply back to you!

  138. Thanks Anika for liking it 🙂

  139. Try Facebook Audience Network, Criteo and MGid. We have our own ad network in case you want to test. We accept sites doing more than 5k page views per day! Skype me: ronniedey

  140. They do require some traffic minimum…

  141. For viral content sites, Adsense CPC is low, and these ad networks are instrumental in driving good additional revenue.

  142. Sometimes this issue comes up.. Kindly contact support!

  143. Thanks Iosif for the feedback

  144. Fabio,

    Need to audit you site… Please get in touch on skype.. My id is: ronniedey

  145. Refer to this article Troian

  146. I have no idea of that. Please contact them directly and see!

  147. Andrew,

    Please connect with me on Skype… Will suggest optimization tips. My skype id is: ronniedey

  148. Depends on a lot of factors including the niche of your site and ad placements. I need to have a look at your site. Adnow doesn’t have any specific approval requirements.

  149. You need to hire a digital marketing company

  150. Troian,

    RevContent doesn’t approve sites unless you have 2-3 million page views per month…

  151. Please follow YouTube vids… I don’t have the required expertise

  152. You can do that as long as the website you’re driving traffic from abides by Adsense TOS.

  153. Getting traffic from pop-under networks can lead to adsense disapproval. Buying traffic at very cheap rates result in junk. Social media traffic is not considered as junk and the best option to buy adsense safe traffic is through Facebook.

  154. Ryan,

    We have seen a lot of publishers making good money from traffic arbitrage and viral content. Some of the publishers I have worked with earns more than $30,000 per month in ad revenue. All content is not quality, but as long as they pay!

  155. I am good bro.. Hope you’re doing well!

  156. Greg,

    We’ve seen Spoutable to peform well for tier 1 traffic.

    Also, you can try Signup with the link above will give you 10% bonus for 3 month on top of your regular earnings. All the best!

  157. Taboola is the best.. But they require you to have 1 million page views… Adnow works well!

  158. Unfortunately, there isn’t any solution for it or none I am currently aware of.

  159. Samir,

    Kindly get in touch with me over skype. My id is ronniedey

  160. Great! All the best Chibuzor!

  161. Glad you liked the list Imran!

  162. Yes.. we will update the list

  163. They may use a mix of CPC and CPM.. The reports are shown in CPM. Thanks!

  164. Mostafa,

    I am not sure, but I guess AdRecover has an onboarding process in place. Once an account manager contacts you, you’ll given a brief about the process and the revenue share.

  165. Did you receive any payout with them?

  166. Engaging and niche content with regular social media shares.

  167. Hi,

    Auto-refresh is only allowed for ADX ads or your in-house ad inventory. Using auto-refresh for AdSense is a policy violation!

  168. I don’t have a skimlink account…

  169. Hi Natalie,

    You can use Criteo along with AdSense.. There isn’t any issue with it..

  170. Hi Stefan,

    Auto refresh of AdSense ads is not allowed. However, you can auto-refresh AdX ad tags. So, if you want to compete AdSense line items with ADX line items for a particular ad unit, then also, you cannot auto refresh those ads since, it would mean you’re auto-refreshing adsense as well. You may auto refresh ads from other networks provided they allow the same, along with in-house ads. Do let me know if this helps. Do get in touch with me on skype if you’d like to discuss more about it. My id is: ronniedey

  171. is worth trying if you have good US and Canadian visitors..

  172. Glad you liked it! Thank you!

  173. Hi Edward

    Adnow pays only on a CPC model. I can suggest you more networks once I have a detailed understanding of your site and traffic source. You may connect with me on skype at ronniedey

  174. Hi Edward,

    They are not scam for sure. However, they forfeit the earnings if publishers use fake traffic, clickjacking etc. I wont say that they are one of the best paying native ad networks, but they do pay! You can also consider taking a look at Spoutable

  175. Hi Jim,

    What is the avg CPM rate you’re getting with UberCPM?

  176. Hello,

    I haven’t heard of Adnety. Can you please mail be a detailed info about your ad network so that i can review Adnety in my coming blog posts.

  177. The earnings displayed is what you will be getting at the end of the month.

  178. Harry,

    Congratulations for starting your new blog! From here, there is no moving backward. Keep posting interesting articles and find a niche that interests you! Success will come for sure. It’s just the time you need to devote. Thanks for stopping by and all the best!

  179. Great.. Would be waiting to hear back from you….

  180. Don’t think there is any requirement..

  181. Thanks Alex for liking it 🙂

  182. Taboola
    Fork Media
    Tribal Fusion

  183. Hi Dan,

    You can place any link… Affiliate link will work absolutely fine as well..Thanks 🙂

  184. AFhuk,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 All the very best for your blog too!

  185. You can try Spoutable! It will be supplement your revenue in addition to


  186. Utsav,

    There isn’t any approval requirement for Adnow. So go ahead and apply. It takes them 2-3 days to approve an account.

  187. Gaurav,

    I am using Sulvo and so far happy with their CPM rates!

  188. Hi Rajpal,

    How much are you earning from and from Is the CPC of Adnow better for Indian traffic?

  189. Joseph, Feel free to try other ad networks along with AdSense.. If you have more than 1 million visits a month, try Sulvo!

  190. Thanks Guntaka…. Glad that you liked the tutorial 🙂 keep browsing through the blog for some really insightful articles..

  191. Adnow is good…. Additionally, you can use Spoutable!

  192. Francesko,

    Definitely Criteo is worth a try! It is one of those ad networks which can consistently pay higher than AdSense. Fill rates will vary a lot based on your content niche and traffic!