What are Full Page Ad Units?

Driven by the rise in M-commerce, currently, advertisers tend to have a strong preference for full-screen interstitial ads. In fact, it is chosen 41.6% of the time. That data comes from the 2016 Q3 Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report issued by mobile ad platform, Smaato. While interstitial ads come in various dimensions, a Full page ad units display across the entire screen of the user. The Full page ads are interactive ads that often pop while an app is loading or after an app exits.

These ads have the potential to offer the audience a chance to participate in high-level engagement with the advertised product, often featuring attractive and innovative call-to-actions.

Why Full page Ads?

Given the hyper-competitive market conditions, every marketer’s utopia is to gain undivided user attention. As the attention span gradually declines, it is difficult to hold the user from not getting distracted.  The Full page ad units allow the advertisers to amplify the audience awareness by capturing most of the available space on the screen, whether laptop or Smartphone. Besides, it boosts engagement, retention rates and ultimately, leads to conversions. The fact they cover the entire screen makes it more catchy and stimulating. You can certainly consider these two major reasons for choosing Full page ads again and again:

  • Contrary to other ad formats, full page interstitial ads have bigger click-through rates because of their higher user impressions. These ads require the user to take some action – either click on the ad to view it or skip the ad to continue to the app.
  • Also, developers now have access to bigger screen space for persuading audience to take an action on the ad, thanks to the convincing and high-quality creative visuals.
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Advantages of Full Page Ad Units

  • Consumes entire screen
  • Engaging rich media content
  • Visually gripping
  • Broader message, exposure and interaction rate
  • Clicking out or clicking through the ad generates higher user impressions
  • Attention grabber hence facilitates high conversions

Better Alternative to other Mobile Ad formats

Mobile advertising poses greater challenges given the limited screen space. Full page ads offer an attractive yet effective alternative to banner advertisings and other techniques, which are not sufficiently conspicuous or big to capture a user’s attention on mobile devices. For advertisers who are looking to drive the audience to install apps, this technique has indeed proved to be extremely popular, with 92% users using them. Though too many of these ads during a user transaction can lead to a negative impact on user experience. However, with proper employment, full page marketing can yield powerful results in mobile app engagement, sales, and conversion rates.

List of Full Page Ad Unit Networks

There are ad networks which provide full page ad units for both desktop and mobile. Listed below are some ad networks which you can get in touch with. Most of the ad networks provide high CPM rates for full page ads. However, the rates may hugely vary based on the geographic location of the user and tends to perform better for US audience.

Say Media– Say Media has full page mobile and desktop ad units in its media kit. The company was formed in 2010 and is fueled by a mission to make the Internet a better place, Say Media continues that legacy of innovation through our comprehensive publishing platform, Tempest.

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Undertone- Undertone is a popular ad network which works best for tier 1 traffic. They have myriad ad formats, the most popular being the Page Grabbar which is like a full page ad unit- an immersive, highly engaging, full-page takeover. Built with responsive design, this unit ensures a seamless and scalable experience across devices that empowers brands to break through the clutter.

Undoubtedly, the Full page video ads are really effective when it comes to consumer interaction. Popular mobile ad networks such as Youyield, Admob, Adcash, Appnext, AppsUnion, etc. use full page ad videos for successful engagement. To ensure success, To ensure success, it is important to tailor an approach that caters to both organization’s value proposition and the specific needs of the customers.

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