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10 Best Push Notification Ad Networks of 2018

What are Push Notification Ads- Push notification is simply an alert message with an icon that appears in your client’s browser or a mobile device. It is the new kid on the block but has made major advances and the major advantage is that people quite knowingly agree to receive push notifications after subscribing to a website’s notifications, so, that instantly means that they show interest and are potential conversions.

The Emergence of Push Notification Ads

Push notifications were previously app driven- where an app can send out push notification messages to communicate with their users. The type of messages can vary from a update to an offer, or an exclusive product launch notification etc. Today, modern browsers support push notification and the same is replicated for desktop and laptops. If you can reach out to the right audience, push notification can deliver great results and is very lucrative both for the publisher and the ad network. Thus, we are seeing the emergence of a wide number of push notification networks lately. Let us take a closer look at how push notification ads work and why is it so lucrative for publishers.

How Push Notification Ads Work?

Let’s assume that you’re having a traffic of 100,000 visitors a day and your subscription rate is 3%. So, you are essentially getting 3000 subscribers a day. With this rate you will be reaching close to 300,000 push subscribers in 100 months. However, there would be some subscribers who would be unsubscribing it too. So, let’s assume it takes you 120 days to reach the first 300,000 subscribers. Assuming the ad network sends one ad everyday to these users, and the CPM rate is 10 cents. So, you will be making $30 a day in lifetime revenue as long as you have 300,000 subscribers. If the ad network takes a cut of 50% of the earnings, they would also be making $30 a day in lifetime revenue only from you. Thus, this has given a rise to a growing number of push monetization ad networks. Now, let us take a look at the key benefits of push notification networks for advertisers and publishers.

Benefits of Push Notification Ads for Advertisers

In the age of internet, with online shopping, blogging and other stuff, it is absolutely necessary for you to communicate with your users. Push notifications does just that for you. It could be made use of to promote something or communicate new offers, improve customer experience, convert unknown app users to known customers and more. Thus, advertisers are constantly looking for means to connect with their users and push notification ads actually does that. Also, it is cheaper than other forms of advertising, but once your audience targeting is matched, you can set an extremely robust campaign with higher ROI with programmatic data. 

Benefits of Push Notification Ads for Publishers

When compared with other advertising formats, the foremost benefit of push notification ads is that they offer lifetime revenue for publishers. However, it needs to be noted that users would eventually more reluctant to enable subscriptions to your site when they realize that you’re using push notification ad network to actually show them ads and not your website content. However, this still makes sense in a case where you’re buying traffic for arbitrage or have referral traffic from other sources. Additionally, you don’t need to use it for lifetime. Once you’ve achieved the desired volume of subscribers, you can just stop using it, but you will continue to receive earnings from it.

10 Best Push Notification Ad Networks

Take a look at some of the best push notification ad networks that can bring you additional revenue. Please note that the listing is not in any ranking order and you should focus on the key metrics mentioned here which choosing the push notification ad network.

1)Push Monetization

They have a massive reach and have reached over 22784116 and have over 150,000,000 monthly notification. They are supported on all  Push Enabled Browsers, be it, Chrome(android or desktop), Safari(Desktop), Firefox(desktop) or even Opera (android and desktop). With an untapped inventory, Push Monetization is one of the bests there is. Their push notification targeting is phenomenal and they let you target by country, city, state, connection type, carrier, ISP, device, OS, OS version, browser, browser version, and category. Also, as an advertiser, you just have to pay for the amount of traffic that you require. Here are the key metrics 

  • Relatively newer push notification ad network
  • Incremental monetization stream for publishers
  • Easy to get started
  • Calculates user lifetime value

2)Propeller Ads

Propellor Ads, based in U.K is an ad network that promises a 100% of international traffic and highest possible CPM. It is a CPM based network unlike AdSense and it outsmarts all other networks in one arena and that is of variety because it offers a very large variety of ad products. Propellor Ads outsmarts all other networks, including AdSense, in this aspect for it offers a good amount of options and no matter which website is yours, if you are considering Propellor Ads, they will provide you with a product. They have been increasingly favored for their ad quality and the options that it provides, which speaks volumes about the kind of ad quality it has. If you’ve a good voluem of social or direct traffic, Propeller ads can be a good monetization solution for you. 

  • Good CPM rates for push notification ads.
  • Lifetime incremental revenue from your ads
  • Popular ad network used by 1000s of active publishers worldwide.

How to Get Started with Propeller Ads Push Notification?

Signup with Propeller ads using this link here. After signup, you need to add your website and wait for the approval. Once approved, you can go ahead and click on the ‘Push Service’ tab on the left. Choose your preferred website if you’ve more than one and then click on ‘Create an Ad Zone’. and follow the steps to create a push notification ad. Once done, you can send it to moderation for approval.


Megapu.sh is the newest ad network with a very original twist for it is the very first ad network that allows you to send ads with push notifications. If you are an affiliate marketer, you must constantly be looking for new, creative, and effective ways to optimize your campaigns then Megapu.sh is just what you are looking for. It is a great tool to engage readers and drive new people to your site. Not only does Megapu.sh provides more control over your ad campaigns than most other networks.


It is one of the best push notification ad networks with a high conversion rate and advanced targeting. Under it almost all niches show good performance, be it nutra, health, gambling, finance, casino, betting, crypto, app installs, etc.


Having delivered over 3,00,000 conversions, Ad Machine is one of the bests to offer push notification ad networks. They get traffic from all the most used platforms, be it, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS. Their features of quick moderation of ads, multi-network advertising, intuitive UI and fast onboarding and real-time reporting, they have faster and better conversions. Other than that, they have up to 300% ROI to offer. They have the best traffic filtering, auto-optimization of campaigns, advanced targeting and performance tracking.  


A mobile advertising company, Ezmob helps you purchase mobile traffic, set up campaigns using self-serve interface and leverage the true power of real-time bidding. They totally enable you-you to spend your advertising dollars more efficiently, make faster decisions and waste less time. They have the unlimited reach and would get you traffic from over 160 countries and also offer a self-serve dashboard that can help you make your campaigns your own or you could even choose a manager to do that for you.


One of the top networks that has grown significantly in terms of popularity and scale, Adsterra,  mainly runs campaigns from affiliates and advertisers who are looking to maximize their app downloads. They were pretty much in the spotlight recently because of Google banning AdSense publishers as Adsterra has allegedly promoted malware and redirects. All of it was to keep in the best interest of the visitors. Other than that, Adsterra is known to have a massive reach, as it serves over 10 billion impressions per month and also has a reach of more than 190 countries. They are growing and expanding further.

8) Ad-maven

A top Push Notification Ad Network, Ad-Maven, has over 25 years of experience and pays you a good margin more than any other network owing to its cutting-edge optimization technology. It is a self serve platform and registering to it is quick and does not take more than an instant. All of will be done in over 5 minutes, where you would also pick your preferred monetization, copy a piece of code and implement on your website, after which, you can begin to monetize your website.

9) Airpush

With over 1,20,000 apps using its Software Development Kit, Airpush is clearly one of the largest mobile ad platforms. It provides the most advanced targeting and optimization technology on the market. It also has a wide range of ad formats that an advertiser can select from which includes Push Ads, Overlay Ads, Video Ads, Rich Media Ads and more. This has a more engaging and impact effect.  Airpush has powered some of the most successful mobile campaigns and has provided great results to some of the most iconic brands that includes Coca-Cola, Amazon.com, Toyota and more.

10) Hilltopads

Hilltopads is a global advertising platform, that is dedicated towards the providing help in enhancement of online business and growth of advertisers, webmasters and ad networks. It guarantees the making of big money from websites and monetization of web traffic with best converting offers and high eCPMs. With international ad serving and a global network, HilltopAds certainly strives to maintain the good ad quality that it provides. For the same, it also provides a good amount of options for ad formats.  

Key Things to Keep in Mind while Monetizing your Traffic with Push Notification Ads?

Push notification ad networks can either pay you lifetime on revenue share based on add impressions or flat subscriber rate. There are networks that offer flat subscriber rate based on audience data, so you should keep an eye on the rates. Most of the ad networks run on a black box as publishers have very limited idea of the transactions that happen behind the scene. We will try to find some the appropriate CPM rates for push notification ads and shall share with our readers. Meanwhile, we hope you will get started with push notification ads for additional revenue stream. On a final note, it needs to be mentioned that web push notifications are not enabled on iOS device, so if you’ve a significant traffic coming from iOS, you can monetize it.

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Additional Monetization Opportunity for Publishers

Push notification ads provide an additional unobtrusive revenue stream for publishers. The rates are significant for tier 1 traffic.

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