5 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Sports Venues

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Last updated on April 6th, 2022 at 09:38 am

Live events and sports are back, and fans are eager to get back to sports venues. But stadiums are always playing a tug of war with sofas. With high-definition displays and increased game broadcasts, stadium operators must enhance the overall fan experience to increase attendance at live sports events. Digital signage is a solution that delivers a dynamic response to sports fans’ needs in real-time, allowing you to increase fan engagement and provide an unmatched advertising experience for your sponsors.

Considering stadiums can attract thousands of spectators at a time, what’s the best way to utilize digital signage in sports venues?

1. Wayfinding

Amidst all the noise, bright lights, and excitement, it’s easy to lose your way inside a large stadium. Wayfinding digital signage helps sports fans orient themselves within a stadium and find what they’re looking for in no time. In addition to improving user experience and minimizing confusion, wayfinding allows for more effective crowd control. Integrating wayfinding signage solutions with IoT (Internet of Things) means you have more value to offer effectively:

  • Manage queues at team stores, concessions stands, and washrooms
  • Create and display detailed directions and building layouts for more straightforward navigation
  • Faster crowd dispersal in-stadium passageways or parking lots
  • Path optimization for fans depending on their seat assignment

Wayfinding digital signage also allows you to gather and track important metrics, such as areas with the most foot traffic. Such data comes in handy when targeting brands and creating marketing strategies.

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2. Advertising

Digital signage is an investment that will bring in money through ticket sales and advertising. Stadium crowds number in the thousands, creating a coveted advertising opportunity most brands can’t resist. Using digital signage in sports venues presents a massive opportunity for sponsors and advertisers to boost brand awareness, launch a product, or run an advertising campaign.

The one inimitable advantage of digital signage is the fact that it’s incredibly dynamic. You can tailor advertising messages to audiences depending on their seating locations, interests, or demographic characteristics like age. Stadiums in themselves provide great advertising mediums as brands can display their brands at several key locations, including food stands and at wayfinding kiosks.

3. Menu Boards

Running a stadium means dealing with hungry crowds. While it’s an American tradition to get a hot dog and soda at the game, you’ll want to offer guests more options. Many arenas rely on food and drink sales to boost the bottom line and digital menu boards can help increase these sales.

A digital menu board improves the presentation of your menu items and can prompt customers to buy more. Additionally, you can present combo meals to customers, increasing your sales while reducing concession stand lines. Digital menu boards have the advantage of versatility – you can adjust your menu items based on what you have in store or even the weather. For instance, if it’s cold, you can promote hot chocolate and tea instead of soda.

4. Create Premium Viewing Experiences

Make every seat feel like a first-row seat using digital signage. Digital signage solutions excel at creating enhanced and memorable fan experiences. In your executive suits and personal viewing rooms, digital signage can take the fan experience up a notch and allow patrons to enjoy the game up close and personal.

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Integrating social media can help keep crowds entertained and engaged. Display live feeds, comments, and photos to create an interactive atmosphere that leaves the crowd yearning for more.

5. Increase Merchandise Sales

People attend sports events with the intention of spending some money. Don’t let people leave empty-handed when you have stores filled with kits, equipment, and homeware. Whether it’s an official club store or a pop-up merchandise stand, using digital signage in sports venues is a great way to promote your products.

Sports fans are amongst some of the most engaged customers. They want the opportunity to purchase merchandise to support their favorite sports teams. All you have to do is provide them with the creative and engaging content that entices them to the point of purchase. Stadiums host millions of sports fans each year, make the most of this traffic to boost merch sales and generate additional revenue.

The Ultimate Fan Engagement Tool

Stadium digital signage is a versatile tool that fills a variety of roles, from enhancing fan experiences to improving the operation and performance of your arena. The modern sports stadium is data-driven, and digital signage provides the perfect medium to merge those stats and visuals to create a fan experience that will draw large crowds and drive revenue.

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