Hilltopads CPM Rates 2018

While there has been a major increase in advertising, owing the same to its far fetching effectiveness and results, there has also been  a major development in creation of advertising networks. A huge number of networks and platforms have been created over time to reach to the greater audience and technological and other innovations in the same allow the prevalence of the same. One such platform is HilltopAds, which is a global advertising platform, that is dedicated towards the providing of help in enhancement of online business and growth of advertisers, webmasters and ad networks. It guarantees the making of big money from websites and monetization of web traffic with best converting offers and high eCPMs. This articles studies the given platforms’ pros an cons to calculate the probable results and if it is the best for both advertisers and publishers. So let us take a look at Hilltopads CPM rates and other traffic eligibility factors for the same. 

Hilltopads Minimum Traffic Requirement

HilltopAds have no minimum traffic requirement specified and have no publisher language requirements. This allows both high volume and low volume developers to publish ad content on their websites. It accepts different websites like micro sites, entertainment sites, gaming sites and more, making it seem ideal for both the newcomers and established Publishers. The network has a number of quality advertisers across the globe and thus is able to provide higher CPM rates to their publisher network. 

Hilltopads Ad Quality

With international ad serving and a global network, HilltopAds certainly strives to maintain the good ad quality that it provides. For the same, it also provides a good amount of options for ad formats.  With over 100 million impressions daily, the network provides solutions like anti ad-blocking and has some of the top advertisers across its network like AliExpress, Avazu, Clickdealer, and many others. It maintains good ad quality for its mobile and desktop pop-unders, native ads, and in-video ads. 

Hilltopads Ad Formats

HilltopAds has a variety of options provided for one when it comes to Ad Formats that includes In-video Ads, desktop banner, mobile popunder and desktop popunder. One of the most used and popular is mobile popunder that is less invasive and reaches the users and also, is one of the best paying format. All of these help monetize websites and assure engagement of the user.

Hilltopads CPM Rates

The mobile and desktop pop-under rates for tier one traffic like US, UK, Canada, Germany are in the range of USD 3 to USD 5. For tier 3 traffic countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the CPM rates are well below 50 cents. Most of the sites which are in the downloads niche tends to perform well with Hilltopads. Since the campaigns are performance driven, publishers who have good converting traffic are eligible for better rates when compared to publishers who have lower volume of traffic.

Hilltopads Payments and Earnings Report

For Publishers’, HilltopAds provides a varying share of revenue and the payment frequency to them is set to being weekly that is Net-7. The accepted methods include Paypal, Wire, Paxum, ePayservice, Webmoney, ePayments and Bitcoin, with the minimum payout threshold being $50. It also provides the Publishers an opportunity to earn extra income by participating in the network’s referral program, where 5% extra is paid for every client that client referred.

Hilltopads Final Verdict

With ad-blocking feature enabled on Chrome, Hilltopads have come up with additional ad units like display banners, native banner ads,in-video ads and many more that help publishers with incremental ad revenue and also compensate for the mobile pop-unders and redirects. Hope this article on Hilltopads CPM rates for 2018 was helpful to publishers and webmasters who are looking to supplement their ad revenue with additional ad formats and are in the journey to explore more promising ad networks.

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  1. Pathetic network don’t deal with them they are scammer they take your money & when you asked them for refund they denied for the first payment refund……DON’T DEEL WITH THEM.

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