Outbrain Publisher Requirements

Outbrain is a top performance based native advertising network which is also pioneered the concept of native advertising along with Taboola. The network has an extremely strong presence in the US and caters to publishers and marketers globally. With more than 500 billion monthly recommendations and a cap on 80% of the world’s premium publishers, the network provides quality inventory to advertisers and marketers. The network provides tools like Amplify and Engage to marketers and publishers who are looking to further increase their ROI. Here, we take a look at the Outbrain publisher requirements like– Minimum traffic threshold for publishers, content quality guidelines set up with Outbrain, etc to be approved by the Outbrain network.

Outbrain works with almost 80% of the premium publisher globally making it one of the top native ad networks with 100% fill rates for advertisements. Since the revenue returns from native ads are almost 30% of what you can expect from networks like Google AdSense or Google Ad Exchange, these native ad networks have higher traffic volume limits and only accept publishers who are reaching to those numbers regularly. In this section, we are going to discuss Outbrain publisher requirements. If you take a look at the website, and click on “for Publishers” tab and scroll down to the end of the page, it is clearly written that you need to have at least 1 million page views and a substantial volume of visitors, then you can get in touch with Outbrain to be a publisher.

However, along with the traffic volume, you need to ensure that you’ve run a site which has a substantial volume of US and tier 1 traffic since Outbrain works perfectly well with tier 1 traffic. The page views threshold, although mentioned as 1 million, we believe that Outbrain is currently accepting websites which have at least more than 3 million worldwide traffic or 1 million US traffic. So, if you’ve traffic coming from tier 2 and tier 3 countries along with tier 1, you need to give them the required volume of page views to compensate the margins.

Also, Alexa rank is a crucial factor while approving your website. Alexa is a good metric to understand the percentage of your US traffic, and a better Alexa rank means you have a good volume of traffic and also the quality is high. Thus if you’re running low on Alexa, we suggest you get a paid account with Alexa a few months before signing up with Outbrain so that your overall Alexa rank is improved.

If you can try getting in touch with an account manager at Outbrain, the overall process can be easily simplified. However, the minimum traffic thresholds are only to screen and filter the websites and if you happen to know anyone from the team, they can get your website approved even with much lesser traffic. So, if you’ve any friend or someone who is already a publisher with Outbrain and is in touch with any of their account managers, then you can give a shot by directly contacting the account manager and share your website link with him or her.

Also, it needs to be mentioned specifically here that Outbrain is particularly strict with its brand safety policies. So, every website is scrutinized thoroughly before being accepted into the system. If you’ve got a site which does not provide valuable content to the readers, then it is unlikely that the site will be accepted for monetization by Outbrain’s team.

Along with this factors, it is always good if you apply as a company and not as an individual to ensure that you are more than a blogger or publisher and own a digital media firm. Feel free to be descriptive on the application form here where it says, “Anything else you want to tell us.”.

Here, you can tell about your website audience and your plans to further expand your audience and a look for a strong partnership with Outbrain to show quality content ads.

Outbrain Payments

Payments are processed by Outbrain once the publisher reached the minimum payment threshold of USD 50 for the month. The payments are made on NET 60 and NET 90 days basis and depends on the country of origin of the publisher. In case you haven’t received the payment by that time you can get in touch with [email protected] and request for your pending payment. If you wish to change your payments settings, you need to get in touch with [email protected]. Outbrain is a reliable network and has been paying publishers pretty much on time across all countries.

Outbrain Ad Formats

Outbrain offers in-stream, in-article, interstitial, and pop-up native ad networks which have high CTRs across the websites and publishers are able to make better returns with these networks. The ad formats offered by Facebook Ads or Instant Article ads includes rewarded video, in-stream video, banners, native banners, and native in-app ads for developers. Thus both the network has their own choice of ad formats and publishers can make use of the best-performing ad units on their website to maximize the revenue.

Benefits of Joining Outbrain Native Ad Network

Outbrain offers a host of customizable and flexible solutions to meet all your publishing needs and content types. The powerful insights help publishers manage the most important parts of their business. You can use editorial rules to recirculate the most important content of your site, directing traffic to sections where it is needed the most. This can include affiliate offer reviews and more. With Outbrain, you can showcase great content, build audience engagement and monetize your inventory by showing content recommendations from top advertisers.

  • You can use Outbrain’s API to create a seamless native experience for your visitors and enhance page views per visit, thereby increasing overall ad revenue.
  • Additionally, you Outbrain’s SmartFeed, a first of its kind to help visitors engage with editorial content, native recommendations, and videos.

Thus to wrap up, we hope you had a better insight into the Outbrain publisher requirements and will get things ready before apply to them for approval. If you’ve substantial lower traffic volume, we suggest you apply for the following native ad networks suggested below.

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