Adnety Review: CPM Rates, Payment Proof and Earnings

Pop unders ads (pop ads) do not interrupt the user from browsing on the websites they are visiting (except on code with redirects) and are not seen until the browsing window is closed. The advertisment (full page pop under ads) are loaded in the site under window and are one of the most efficient way to advertise your business. When are used with moderation (unique or low IP cap) they can generate good profits for publishers and maximize the revenue for advertisers/affiliates/webmasters.

Pop unders can be used to: increase the traffic on websites to rank better on search engines, load affiliates offers and generate sales, leads or desired actions on website pages, load image or code banners to make your brand known to the online users. And all of that with lower costs than the other advertising models. In today’s post, we are going to discuss about a relatively new pop-under advertising network named Adnety. Adnety is active on the pop under advertising niche from almost 2 years and work exclusively with full page pop under ads.

–          Adult and mainstream traffic accepted

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–          World wide coverage

The fact that Adnety has an Alexa rank of around 30k determines the genuineness of the ad network. Listed below are some basic info about the advertisers and publishers who are willing to join this ad network.


Publisher info

–          Real time reports

–          $20 minimum payout

–          Payment : Net 7 – on request (usually done in 1-3 working days)

–          Payment processors : PayPal ( on request Payoneer, Paxum)

–          100% fill rate

–          Not accepting: paid to traffic, exchange traffic, bot of any kind

–          Email and Skype Support

–          Referral system: 5% (lifetime)

Advertiser info

–          $50 minimum deposit

–          $1.5 cpm minimum accepted bid

–          Payments PayPal (Wire transfer)

–          Anti-fraud system

–          Tracking tokens available

–          100% transparency

–          Email and Skype Support

Minimum Traffic Requirement for Adnety

List below are the criteria to get approved with Adnety. Adnety doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement and thus can be used by newbie bloggers and publisher.

– Accept websites from all countries
– the websites must have a decent design, hosted on private domains( free hosted websites are not accepted)
– there is no minimum traffic limit as long the served impressions are from real online users (paid to traffic is not accepted)
– generated traffic(bot of any kind) is not accepted and all the publishers with fraudulent activities, will have their accounts removed from the network

Referral Structure

– referral link are provided for the publishers who want to increase their income by referring adnety pop under network as a advertising partner
– the referral revenue share rate is 5% from any deposit or earnings registered on the network(lifetime residual income).

CPM Rates for Adnety

There are a lot of ad networks which boast high CPMs and but their CPMs ultimately remain on the floor. Since I haven’t used Adnety, I contacted their representative to give a basic idea of the CPM rates that a publisher can expect from Adnety. John from Adnety has shared some rates which can be helpful for you to decide if you want to test Adnety pop under network.



The lowest ecpm can be arround $0.7 for Tier 1 countries (US, UK, BE, CA, FR, DE , SE …),  $0.45 for Tier 2 countries ( AR, IN, ID, HK, KR, UAE…) and $0,20 for Tier 3 countries (BG, PK, CO, GE , GU , HU…).

A medium can be around $0.9-1$ for world wide traffic if there is 100% fill rate only from direct advertisers on the network. Right now the lowest ecpm registred on the network for worl wide traffic is not less than $0.50.

Adnety Payout Cycle and Payment Proof

As already stated above, Adnety provides a NET 7 day payment upon request once you’ve reached the $20 threshold. Shared below is the screenshot of the payments that are processed by Adnety.


Hope you’ll give Adnety a try. We have covered some more articles related to Pop-under advertising which you may find here.

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