How to Open Adsense Ads in a New Window

A lot of publishers are interested to know if they can open Adsense ads in a new window. While Adsense doesn’t allow ads to open in a new window, but there is a legit way to do so using Doubleclick for publishers. Doubleclick is an ad server maintained by Google that is free to use for publishers who are having an active adsense account and can serve ads through the platform up to 90 million impressions. In this article we are going to discuss the steps to get started with Doubleclick and how you can display Adsense ads which opens in a new window.

Why Google Allow Ads to Open in a New Window in Doubleclick

Doubleclick is created to help publishers sell their own ad inventory and traffic various line items so that the winning ones get the priority and gets displayed. AdSense or Ad Exchange serves as a fall-back for the impressions which are unsold. As a result, doubleclick offers the flexibility of ads opening in a new window. The entire architecture of doubleclick is created to ensure publishers make the maximum of their ad revenue. AdSense and ADX fits in as a nice newtork to fill remnant inventory. Under such a model, it becomes important for Google to offer features like- ads opening in a new window.

How to Open AdSense Ads in a New Window via Doubleclick?

Firstly, you need to link your AdSense account in the settings. Here is a tutorial that can help you with linking your Adsense with Doubleclick. Once the AdSense linking is done, there are two ways through which you can run Adsense ads via Doubleclick.

  1. Directly running the ad unit
  2. Creating an Adsense line item and trafficking it with the ad unit

The first way is a more formal way to display Adsense ads in a new window in doubleclick and requires less expertise.

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The second way is to create AdSense line items and then associate an ad unit with that line item. It is beneficial if you’re running other ad networks along with AdSense. This process will increase your overall ad revenue. Now let us discuss stepwise how you can get started with these ad units.

Once you’re logged into your DFP dashboard, click on Inventory tab and then click on Ad units tab. This will open up the ad unit settings page where you can create a new ad unit. You need to choose the ad size and give a name to the ad unit. The target window option is set to _blank by default which means that the ads will open in a new window. You need to ensure that adsense inventory settings are enabled. Then click on the “Save” button to generate the ad code.

Next, you need to click on the generate tags button. Now you have the option to select the tag type and essentially it will be Google Publisher tag which is selected as default. Click on the continue button. Continue with the “Enable single request” checkbox and enable continue. Once done, you will be showed two scripts. Just copy them together and place it where you want to show the ads. Your ads will be loading in a new page.  

The other step is a bit detailed where you also need an Adsense line item. The difference will be that you are not enabling Adsense in the ad unit, and rather you are creating an Adsense line item.

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Hope this tutorial will help you get started with the basics of DFP. We have more tutorials on Doubleclick which you can check to get started with here

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