How to Enable Google Ads to Open in a New Window (in DFP)

Publishers often want ads to open in a new window so as to not lose users from their sites. DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) allows publishers to enable Google ads to open in a new window.  DFP is the most-favoured ad serving platform the world over and one of the main reasons is that the server provides widely customizable features and functions. DFP handles the reins to the publishers to customize ad serving according to their needs. Now, new publishers can find the feature-rich interface of DFP a little daunting. We, at Blognife, are here to guide all publishers through the different features. In this article, we are going to discuss how publishers can enable Google ads to open in a new window.   

How to Enable Google Ads to Open in a New Window

Step – 1

First, log in to your DFP account, go to the Inventory tab and then select the ad unit for which you want the ads served to open in a new window.

Step – 2

Scroll down to the Settings section of the Ad unit.

Step – 3

To open an image creative’s landing page in a new window, you must change the target window setting for your ad unit or network.

  • Use _blank to open the click-through URL in a new, unnamed window.
  • Use _top to open the click-through URL in the current window.

You can override your network’s default target window setting when editing an ad unit’s settings. Once you override this setting, the ad unit, and any ad units below in the hierarchy, will not inherit future changes to the target window setting for the network or a parent ad unit.

We hope this article has been comprehensive and will help you in enabling Google ads to open in a new window.

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