How to Monetize Junk Traffic?

Junk traffic generally refers to visitor packages which you buy from website at very low rates. Such traffic are not particularly defined by any niche. Examples of such traffic can include traffic from pop-under sites, email blasts, social media traffic, twitter traffic and more.

The entire definition of junk traffic comes down to one idea that these visitors doesn’t have any interest on your site. So, likely, they are not going to sit and read your content. Also, traffic on sites like download sites, wallpaper sites where visitors doesn’t actually have any inclination towards the site can also be termed as junk traffic (although a major part of it is from search).

Using AdSense to monetize junk traffic is not a good idea. AdSense works best for niche sites. The RPM rates that you will be getting on such traffic/site will be very low around 30 cents or so. Additionally, buying traffic packages keeps you at a risk of flagging your adsense traffic. So, we have listed down a number of ad networks that might work better than adsense to monetize your junk traffic.  

1) Spoutable

Spoutable is our top recommendation if you’re looking to monetize junk traffic. Spoutable is an native ad network whose ads are triggered on exit intent and help publishers make more revenue because of your unique ad solutions. Spoutable works for global traffic and specially for tier 1 traffic. You might consider using Spoutable as your first choice. The minimum payout is USD 100 and the network pays once you reach the threshold. In order to make maximum revenue from Spoutable, I recommend to you enable the top, bottom and overlay placements. The system will intelligently show the best performing placements based and optimise with for revenue and user experience.

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2) Propeller Ads

Propeller ads has a number of ad formats and help publishers make good revenue. They have direct link ads, mobile redirects and other forms of ad types which are highly vigorous and thus get you high CPMs. You can get CPMs as high as USD 3 even from junk traffic. So, I would recommend Propeller ads network and especially their direct link ads. Propeller ads media has been one of the top choice for a lot of publishers in 2016 and their advertiser base is growing.  

3) Adnow

Adnow is one of the fastest growing native ad network helping publishers monetize their traffic. While adnow pays publishers on CPC basis, the ads shown on the publisher widgets are mostly CPA based. So, if the ads aren’t converting, you may see a decrease in overall CPC rates. However, Adnow has good rates for tier 1 traffic and can be recommended to any publisher. Though Adnow can monetize international traffic, I had a talk with Adnow’s advertiser team and they said that they work best for traffic from Brazil, Vietnam and Thailand.

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4) Poptm

Poptm is another popunder ad network which runs decent quality pop-unders. Publishers are paid once you reach a minimum of USD 50. You can run poptm along with AdSense. I have been using Poptm on one of my site and so far I am satisfied with their revenue. Unlike other ad networks, the advertiser base is quite good and the RPM rates are quite promising for publishers.

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5) Chitika

Chitika works if you’ve traffic from US and Canada. That too on certain niche. Getting approved on Chitika network is relatively easy. You need to have a well designed site with some traffic. You can place 1-2 Chitika ad widgets

6) Viglink

Viglink is another in-text ad network which is recommended only if you’ve substantial global traffic. If you’ve good US traffic, Viglink will work well. For Indian traffic you may try Cuelinks instead. While Viglink may not be a very good option for junk traffic but you can always test this network and see if it is working for you.

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7) Criteo

CPM rates from Criteo is particularly good. Criteo works on retargeting technology, so even if AdSense is not working well on your site, Criteo should. Although the take rate will be very less, but you can expect 3-4X CPM rates of what adsense will pay you, so it’s always recommended using Criteo for monetizing junk traffic. You can take a look at our detailed Criteo review here. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Monetizing Junk Traffic

  • Make sure you use an aggressive pop under ad network since making money from banner ads would be a bit difficult.
  • If you have lots of visitors coming in on your website, you should regular test new ad networks and discard the ones that aren’t performing well.
  • Don’t use too many pop under ad networks in one go.
  • Try using native ad networks if you’re not making substantial money from google adsense.

While it is always better to focus on quality traffic than quantity, but sometimes experiments work and there is good traffic opportunity for certain low paying niches. While it is difficult to monetize such traffic from adsense, these alternative ad networks can work for such traffic packages or search traffic as well. Also, do share your experience of using ad networks to monetize junk traffic.

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6 thoughts on “How to Monetize Junk Traffic?”

  1. Hi Abhishek,

    Neat opportunities. Because I always thought of junk traffic as….junk, LOL.

    But if you see value in any moment – and you certainly do – these ads can give you some revenue while giving these visitors something useful to sink their teeth into.

    I signed up for VigLink and Chitikah a while back but never pursued these opportunities deeper. May merit a second look after reading your helpful post.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Ryan,

      We have seen a lot of publishers making good money from traffic arbitrage and viral content. Some of the publishers I have worked with earns more than $30,000 per month in ad revenue. All content is not quality, but as long as they pay!

    • Getting traffic from pop-under networks can lead to adsense disapproval. Buying traffic at very cheap rates result in junk. Social media traffic is not considered as junk and the best option to buy adsense safe traffic is through Facebook.

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