Top 8 SSPs in India List 2022

Last updated on April 25th, 2022 at 11:26 am

A supplyside platform or sellside platform (SSP) is a technology platform to enable web publishers and media owners to manage their advertising space inventory, fill it with ads, and receive revenue. Supply-side platforms (SSPs) allow publishers to make money from their websites by creating and selling ad inventory to marketers on an impression-by-impression, or visitor-by-visitor, basis. By selling ads in real-time, publishers can provide advertisers with better visibility into individual impressions and gain instant clarity into advertising demand. This ensures that publishers sell their inventory at the most optimal price point and leverage their ad inventory to the fullest extent.

SSPs are used in conjunction with publisher ad servers—either as a single product or two separate integrated products—that provide the functionality to manage ad inventory. SSPs, in turn, give publisher ad servers the ability to sell their advertising inventory in real-time through advertising exchanges or directly to advertisers’ demand-side platforms (DSPs). In today’s post, we are going to discuss the top 8 supply-side platforms (SSPs) for publishers in India. Before, we take a deep dive, let us re-run ourselves on the benefits of a supply-side platform and how SSPs can help Indian publishers boost their ad revenue.

Benefits of SSPs for Publishers

SSPs allow publishers to connect their inventory to multiple ad exchanges, DSPs, and networks at once. This, in turn, allows a huge range of potential buyers to purchase ad space — and for publishers to get the highest possible rates. When an SSP throws impressions into ad exchanges, DSPs analyze and purchase them on behalf of marketers depending on certain attributes such as where they’re served, and which specific users they’re being served to. The idea is that by opening up impressions to as many potential buyers as possible — often through real-time auctions — publishers can maximize the revenue they receive for their inventory. Because of this, SSPs are sometimes referred to as yield-optimization platforms. Here are the benefits of running SSP tags for publishers. 

  • Higher yield optimization due to more yield partners.
  • More advertisers result in more competition for your impression and thus higher returns.
  • Widget optimization offers higher CTRs for native ads will increase the overall revenue.

Top 8 Best SSPs in India List 2018

So, finally, let us take a look at the best SSPs in India available for publishers. Using several ad optimization strategies can significantly increase your overall ad revenue and performance. We would like to recommend DFP to all publishers who are using several ad networks to streamline their revenue management and earn better rates.

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DFP: Top Ad Management SSP in India

DFP is one of the most popular ad server which has in-built functionality of yield optimization through dynamic allocation, price floor optimization and DFP first look. It is integrated with Google Ad Exchange and lets publishers earn higher revenue for their ad impression. With DFP Small Business Premium and DFP Premium, you can have a plethora of features along with the implementation of Google Exchange bidding. We have written a number of posts on Blognife about DFP that can help you get started.

  • Formats: display, video, native, in-app
  • PDF Minimum Traffic Requirement:  Free
  • DFP CPM Rates: Based on your setup
  • Top Geos: Global
  • DFP Payment Terms: DFP is a SAS which is free to use till 90 million impressions. You get paid by the individual ad networks and ad partners.
  • Addition Info: Setting up DFP line items and competing them with ADX via Dynamic allocation can increase overall revenue.  

OpenX: Top Programmatic SSP in India

OpenX is a popular ad exchange and takes a significant volume of US impressions due to its huge base of advertisers. It has a plethora of products for publishers of which Openx adserver makes more sense to publishers since it has built-in header bidding line item and guaranteed programmatic selling tools.

  • Openx Ad Formats: display, video, native, in-app
  • Open Minimum Traffic Requirement:  Free
  • Openx CPM Rates: Based on your setup
  • Open Top Geos: Global
  • Open Payment Terms: DFP is a SAS which is free to use till 90 million impressions
  • Addition Info: Setting up DFP line items and competing them with ADX via Dynamic allocation can increase overall revenue.  

Sulvo: Top SSP Ad Server in India

Sulvo is another premium ad optimization company which works with 100s of ad exchanges, DSPs, SSPs and runs price-floor optimization to impart the highest revenue for publishers. It takes into account the first price and second-price auction mechanisms and wins impression for publishers at higher rates than any other network. Thus, Sulvo is one of our favourite choices and can let you earn higher revenue as well. Website approvals generally take 48 hours and once approved, you can get started by creating the ad units. It is one of the recommended SSPs for Indian publishers.

  • Sulvo Formats: display, video, outstream
  • Sulvo Minimum Traffic Requirement:  500k page views with high US traffic
  • Sulvo CPM Rates: 30 cents to $2
  • Top Geos: Global, US preferred
  • Payment Terms: NET 60 days, Minimum threshold: $100
  • Addition Info: Easy setup and on-time payments  
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Setupad: Top SSP for Monetization in India

Setupad is an emerging ad optimization company and not exclusively an SSP. They work with header bidding tags and help publishers monetize their ad revenue at premium rates. If you’re a website with tons of tier one traffic, you may consider signing up with Setupad. Due to header bidding, publishers are eligible for higher revenue and better returns.

  • Formats: display,
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement: 500k page views with high US traffic
  • CPM Rates: 50 cents and above
  • Top Geos: Global, US preferred
  • Payment Terms: NET 90 days, Minimum threshold: $100
  • Addition Info: Responsive account managers

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Rubicon Project: Top Online Ad SSP in India

Rubicon is one of the biggest names in the field of media buying and have a lot of demand. They have removed the buyer fees across their platform to invite more media buyers and thus in a way is showing solidarity to the publishers. However, you would require millions of visitors to get started with Rubicon or shall get in touch with a re-seller to access their inventory. We recommend Gettorevenue for this.

  • Formats: display, video, native,
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement:  40 million impressions per month
  • CPM Rates: 30 cents and above
  • Top Geos: Global
  • Addition Info: Strong SSP for tier one traffic

Xandr: Top Global SSP in India

Xandr is also an integrated adtech company which has its own yield optimization platform, ad server and ad exchange. You need to have more than 100 million impressions to get approved by Xandr. However, you can always work with a reseller to have a seat into the network.

  • Formats: display, video, native, in-app
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement:  50 million page views per month
  • CPM Rates: $1 and above
  • Top Geos: US
  • Addition Info: Robust technology platform which can be used for yield management.   

Vertoz: Top AdTech SSP in India

Vertoz offers multiple ad formats for publishers for a complete monetization opportunity. They have a wide variety of available ad formats and can help publishers maximize their ad revenue through Header bidding, ad optimization and affiliate ads. They also do have requirement for video ad inventory from tier 1 traffic sources.

  • Formats: display, video, native, in-app
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement:  100k page views per month
  • CPM Rates: 20 cents to $2
  • Top Geos: Global
  • Payment Terms: NET 30 days, Minimum: $50
  • Addition Info: You can use a number of their high impact ad formats along with standard IAB ad units for display and video.  
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Xapads: Top SSP Platform in India

You can use Xapads platform for programmatic ad serving. They have integrations with a number of exchanges and networks and offers superior monetization across display and web.

  • Formats: display, video,
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement:  Free
  • CPM Rates: Based on your setup
  • Top Geos: Global
  • Payment Terms: NET 35 days, Minimum: $50
  • Addition Info: Self-serve SSP

The best Supply Side Platform (SSP) Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence). Which one will work for you solely depends on your use purpose and might change for different users. However, the ones that continue to be an all-time favourite for publishers include Google DFP, Sulvo, Rubicon to name a few. Its always difficult to find good SSPs in India since Google Adwords and Google ADX is the top media buying client in India. However, SSPs still provide an additional layer of data and help exchanges bid higher due to increased competition. We would like to have your feedback if you’re using these SSPs. 

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